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  1. FIFA 12

    FIFA 12


    9 New from  £6.99  Free delivery

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     Great potential but...


    For me career mode is everything so my review is based on this primarily. Fifa 12s gameplay on a basic level is adventurous, but my god after 2 weeks of trying I couldnt take being beaten 5-0 in each game just because I couldn't get used to their new defence control system. I tried remapping the buttons which helped but just a waste of time. Once I changed back to the 'normal' controls I enjoyed it alot more.

    As soon as I started playing this game I realised that I now had to wait up to 3-4 seconds for a player to actually do what I tell them to. This is the single most annoying thing for me. In real life if I decide to kick a ball I do it almost instantly. I often find myself screaming at the TV asking them to please kick the F***ing ball. Fifa 11 was better for this. I could honestly talk for hours about this game but I'm going to make my own little twist on this review.

    I honestly feel that EA sports purposely give and take from each Fifa title so they have something to add to the next. I suppose they probably think that if they made the perfect title people would'nt be as pushed to buy the next one. I just dont get it. Certain things like removing the ability to buy and upgrade stadiums as one example just seems daft to me otherwise. Why remove cool features from a game?

  2.  Excellent Garment let down by totally incorrect sizing


    As the title says, great hoddie that really has alot of quality but these things must all be american sizes or something because they are way off. I normally take a large if I want something a little loose or a medium if I want something a little tight. However, even though I ordered the medium it was like an XL on me. I'm re-ordering to get a small size. I'd reccommend buying at least a whole size down from what you are.

  3.  Finally a movie that lives up to all the hype!


    What can I say? It blew me away! I was expecting it to be good and I wasnt let down for once. I wasnt mad about the last batman but this one is excellent and not just because Heith Ledger died. I want to make that very clear. Yes you do feel drawn to his every move during the movie because of it but I've got to hand it to him hes done an amazing job. Oh and by the way I heard today that in the next one 3 or 4 big actors are going to play his parts in turn throughout the movie in dedication to him. That should be interesting no doubt.

    The movie is well timed and directed although I did think it was going to end twice before it did but I suppose that was a good thing because it made it unpredicatable and more interesting as to where it was going.

    Nice ending that gets you talking with your mates too.

  4.  4 Stars


    Without writing an unnessasarily long waffle review for you i'm going to highlight the main points of this game as honestly as I can:

    - Game play is very fluid and more so than PES 08.
    - Ledgend Mode is a game in itself and is highly additive albeit a little hard to master plus you'll need to fix the camera work or your passes wont be accurate.
    - Randomness is simply fantastic. E.g. My goalie slipped kicking a ball while wet!
    - Graphics are good but not great.
    - Game runs very smoothly (a problem PES 08 had)
    - You now have the UEFA Champions League included in the game.

    - No you dont have all the kits, licenses and team names and not all players have been updated which I was really disapointed by. However you can always do what I did and edit the teams, but yes not a good thing.
    - Takling and corner kicks have issues

    Best pointer for this game though is the ability to score in any way imaginable! The ball is so much more 'RAW' than PES 08 in that anything can happen which gives unique situations in every match.

    Worst thing about this game - The animation could be alot better and the issue of the players not been updated to the correct teams.

    - Please note I am not comparing against FIFA 09 but more so PES 08.

  5.  Addictive but lacks some depth and length


    First impressions were great graphics. Second impression was great gameplay. Third was decent story line.

    I was worried it would be like the previous Brothers in arms but strangley it doesnt. Yes the same basic structure of teams, positioning and flanking is there but the AI has improved alot and theres so many new elements and improvements which really sold it for me such as the more realistic shots and chance of a hit combined with destructable cover.

    One major downer is you fly through the game quite quickly and unless your into repeating games the multiplayer is not as good as COD4. I really like it now but how useful will it be to me once i've completed it? Maybe renting would be better if your up for rushing through the game.



    Have you ever gotten that shiver up your back when you hear a song that you just love from the depths of your heart?? Well this album does this for me the whole way through. So good I bought it 3 times! just so I could have a spare copy in the car, my room and downstairs and I could read the lyrics as the album played.

    Claudio's voice is something that I've never heard before and my god its like an angels. Needless to say I have all of their other albums which are good but this is in a class of its own. Bear in mind though that to truely get the most from this album you must give it a chance. I nearly made a big mistake by writting it off after only 5 or 6 listens when I first got the album but then one day it just hit me and I loved it! my dad didn think much of them at the start either and only started to listen to it when I'd play it from my room. He then came in one day and said could he have a copy and now he's rated it the best album of 2007 for him. Hes even given copies out to his friends to listen too.

    The melodies are simply brilliant and pieced together so so well. Its just simply an album that was'nt afraid to try new things and is what makes this album and Coheed and Cambria so original. I've honestly never heard anything like this sound before. The closest music that people could compare this to (that I can think of off hand) would be a mixture of emo-rock/progressive-rock/rock-alternative. The singing of Claudio would be closest to 'the Darkness' lead singer Justin Hawkins but yet still different (you'll understand what I mean if you hear him sing).

    A MUST BUY for anyone who looking for something different, rock-like or simply liked the sound of how I explained this album above. Enjoy!

  7.  Addicitive but slow


    A great game ruined by the speed of the PSP. At first you think its not the worst but if your to get anywhere in the game you'll start getting very frustrated with the loading times. The graphics are not bad for the psp so thumbs up here. The gameplay is very good all the same and quite funny in ways too. The idea of the game is very original to the gaming world also. Think Cast-away meets the sims and thats it in a nutshell.

    I'm going to wait and then trade it in my local store for the PC version when it comes out, I'd recommend you do the same.

  8.  4.5 Stars


    This album is truely great. I have been a huge Coheed and Cambria fan for over a year now. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth was my first album of theirs which I picked up for nothing one day and after listening to it I feel in love with about 4 of the tracks giving it a good 3 stars for the album. However, I dont think even this album can or will ever match the greatness of 'Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV' - that album was pure perfection. Every single song was nailed perfectly.

    Claudio Sanchez's voice is so unique. I've never heard anything like it. Hes like a mix of the Darkness's singer and Prince in the sense that he adds such strong emotion and variance (like that of the Darkness's singer) to each track.

    Tracks 1 - 7 of this album are better than 'Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV' with only the last few numbers letting it down in very small ways. Track 13 even sounds like Pink Floyd which I was adoring until I find they ruin it after 3.30 minutes into the track.

    If your new to Coheed and Cambria I would not be surprised if you dont like them straight away. The reason I say this is because Claudio's voice and style will come as rather strange to many. However! If there is any band that you really have to give a chance to its these guys, but if you do it'll eventually hit you like a tonne of bricks (like it did me) and you'll realise how amazing this band really is and how good 'Good Apollo 'IV' and this album really sounds.

  9. PES 2008

    PES 2008


    4 New from  £12.88  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     Better than the last Pro Evo


    Konami have really improved this game in terms of the player reactions to the controls. i.e. I found that I kept having my players tackling the ground instead of the man I wanted but they've fixed this by making the game a little smarter.

    I also love the A.I and how they will try and time waste if their wining or push harder if their losing. The A.I also adapts to the way to play and identfys your weaknesses which makes every game you play that more different to the last and forces you to become more creative which I love.

    Yes the gameplay is very jumpy but only during the replays people! and does not affect the actual gameplay which is what you want.

    The graphics are better but not as good as Fifa but their perfectly fine for me.

    Its unfortunate that Fifa have a monopoly over the team names but at least now your able to change them back manually if it bothers you.

    The little things that annoyed me are things like the referees being a little harder on you than the last pro evo's but the little things I've liked are the improvements on different ways to score like 'nutnegs'.

    All in all a fantastic game which I'd recommend over fifa simply because of its better gameplay realism. Only lacks on the little things.

  10.  Overrated


    Its basically a first person version of gears of war. Its longer but not as enjoyable.

    I enjoyed the co-op multiplayer, especially on the driving missions. However, if your expecting smart gameplay and amazing graphics then its just not gonna be up to your 5 star expecations. Graphics are good but not next gen. Controls are not bad but definately feel very 'bricky' and 'clumpy' when aiming and was the first thing I noticed.

    AI especially with the friendly units is very bad and they offer very little support to you.

    All in all its an entertaining game which is overrated although may be one of the best from a bad bunch at present. If I was deciding on my starter pack again i'd probably still go for this game as I'm into first person shooters and good multiplayer. However, if your not then go for Motorstorm.