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    This show is just awesome. ER has everything you can want from a tv drame series. The cast are great and the scripts are excellent, even with so many cast changes the show keeps going and you just fall in love with the new set that come in. Carter, greene, benton and romano are you best characters, oh and of course the legendary Doug Ross. I recommand this to everyone, even if you think you won't like it because its in a hospital, try i guarentee you'll love it.

  2.  Have to read the book!


    This film is the only one so far when u have to had read the book to understand it! although its better to have read all of them this one and i guess the next film u wont get it unless u read the book! this one is more focused on Voldemort! even though u don't see him, he is the main focus, the others are all about Harry getting used to his powers and the connection when this is about using them on Voldemort, so i delves into Voldemorts past and ways to defeat him. In the film they only show a couple of memories but in the book its a lot more detail and u get a better understanding of whats going on. Ina way its my fav book, it took me a few reads to get it but once u do its awesome., Basically all im saying is u may love the others but this is so different to them that i dont think u will like it as much or u may enjoy it but u wont have a proper understanding of whats happening hence u wont really get the 7th/8th installments of the films. So i highly recommand that u read the book!

  3.  Non-stop action


    This season didn't quite get the praise as the others, but i don't know why! It was hard at first as there was a huge cast change but as long as u have Jack it dosen't matter! Its action right from the first hour to the 24th! This season gives u something different from the others and i think it is absolutly fantastic! recommand it highly!

  4.  Slight problem!


    Series 7 was so close to perfect but came up short just!
    I feel this was a sign of the problem why ER isn't as good as 1-6 an that is the personal lives of the characters being brought into to often! in previous most of it was inside the ER but the story with Abby's mum was to long and took away the excitement! I feel that Abby is to focused upon for someone who isn't a main character! Apart from this the series is great with some excellent stories(within the ER)

  5.  A lot missing!!


    I feel that in season 12, ER lost a few bits on why we love it! At the end of the 22nd episodes i felt i had watched nothing happen! Season 11 was the end of ER for me with the two remaining cast members from season 1 left ER(Carter+Lewis)! in 12 it was different, they focused to much on personal lives outside the ER, but in previous series they balanced it a beautie! I feel that their wasn't much trauma action than in the others which is the biggest shame because that is what ER is all about! Also With losing Benton,Romano+Corday they lost the balance between ER+OR which is a shame! They also lacked a big cast! When Greene went it was different but Carter carried it on, with him now gone i feel the reaminig cast don't quite cut without Carter or Greene! Still watchable but for me ER is season 1-11.