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  1.  X Files I want to leave !!!!!!


    Ok I am not the biggest X Files fan, however I went to see this at the Movies as I have the 1 X files movie on DVD which wasn't the worst in the world, and all I would like to know is where the heck is the X files in this movie, and Billy connoly I am afraid was in a word rubbish I could have acted better (and believe me I can't act) BORING BORING BORING, one of the very fews films I wanted to get up and leave half way through don't waste your time on this one folks.

  2.  Wii Fit is the Future.


    Lets be honest the Nintendo Wii has cornered the market when it comes to Interactive game play, and more importantly sociable game play that includes the whole family (Wii Sports). The Wii fit is a toy yes, and does form part of a gaming console. But don;t be fooled this can give you a serious work out, and will get you fit and in shape (although if you don;t use it for a while it does tell you off, but in a fun way) or you can simply have fun with it, it's up to you.

    Personal trainer a system that tracks your wieght and BMI, able to work out any time you wish 24/7, get taught different excercise's, from Yoga, to earobics and muscle work outs. and has a skiing and snow boarding sim chucked in as well, name a gym that can top that, buy this now it's a no brainer.

  3.  NOT FOR KIDS !!!!!


    This is a good film with good action sequence, and the CG looks superb. However not for Kids, took my son to see this at the movies, and was suprised at the amount of violence. it is wasn't a CG movie it would definety be a 15, possibly an 18 rating, so be careful if buying for 12's and under.

  4.  fantastic Box Set !!!!!


    If you are into 60's and 70's Sci-Fi and Horror Classics then this is the box set for you, sit back put the lights out and enjoy Chritopher Lee and Peter Cushion work there magic on screen. The Devil rides out, The Blood of Dracula, Quarter Mass and the Pit, are just a few of the gems you wil find in this treasure trove of a box set....buy it you wn't regret it.

  5.  BUY THIS GAME !!!!


    This game was my first Zelda experience, and boy was I pleasently suprised. The graphics are nice and on the Wii it brings the experience to life as you swing the remote as your sword, and use the nun chuck for your sheild, if you have just got a Wii and are looking for a game to show of its potential then buy this game now, heres hoping for a follow up to ths fab game.

  6.  Not what you think!!


    This is a good film,with some very touching moments, brings to mind the film "My Girl" and I did enjoyit. But I was very disappointed in the way it was placed by the trailer, this is not an all action fantasy film, the trailer is very deceiving and basically only shows about 25% of the actual storyline, so do be careful when purchasing.

  7.  A fitting end to a terrific franchise


    Although not the best of the rocky films, this is still a very good movie and a nice way to tie things up and put an end to the rocky films. Thirty years on and the training montage and fight scenes have lost none of their punch.

  8.  Excellent


    what can I say one of my most favorite trilogies and one that has stood the test of time, if you are looking for a movie with loads of action, good one liners then this is the box set to fill a weekend, and in 5.1 surround sound it is fab, a great box set and a fantastic price, has to be one for the collection.

  9.  Fantastic Sequel


    This film is just as good as the original, special effects are excellent especially the chase sequence between , the human torch and the silver surfer . This film has alot more humour than the original . Well worth seeing .