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  1.  SkullCandy INK'D Earphones


    I recived these headphones yesterday and i was eager to try them out. First thing i came across was that my ears where too small for them! And what was on the smallest ear peices. And my ears arn't exactly small. The second thing i noticed was the comfort, this might just be because of the size but i find them to be quite uncomftable...
    But omg screw all of that! The bass is just so amazing! Think i might find myself death by the age of 30 ;)

  2.  Better Than The First But Still Not Great


    The game impressed me...compared to the first game.
    It can be very fun, especially when you have a few friends round. But playing by yourself the game can get very boring very quickly. The game is so repetitive, easy and not a lot to it.
    Cash is easy come. Blow up a building and there basically handing you enough to be settled for life.
    But i suppose if you liked the first one, you should get this one, better than the first but i'm still not a fan.

  3.  Love or Hate...Like The Sims? You Should Enjoy


    There is so many different comments and views of this game i found it very hard to decide if i should purchase it or not. But i went ahead anyway just to get it out of the way.
    Basically its a game were you either really enjoy it and have a blast,
    You get bored within 1hour and leave it in the case for the rest of its life.
    So basically i found if your a fan such games like 'the sims' then i think you might enjoy this game, however this game obviously has far better graphics and the game play is much better.
    So just try it out,
    You either love it or hate it!