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  1.  Ive loved every AC game but this is AWFUL


    the controls suck
    the camera angle sucks
    the graphics are no improvement from AC revolutions
    the storyline is poor, the start doesnt follow on from revolutions whatsoever
    there is no development on the free running
    counters have been replaced by a new system which doesnt work as fluidly as you have to make a secondary choice during the move
    the weapon selection is poor


    ive loved each and every other AC game, and have been looking forward to this one for along time but its just dreadful in everyway
    theyve managed to not improve anything and the changes theyve made have ruined it completely

    this is a late review because ive tried to give it a chance to improve and it simply doesnt

  2.  Its AC..did you expect anything less?


    As per usual with AC creed games...AMAZING!
    Storyline seems good thus far, less repetitive than the previous games too
    Graphics are as always very good
    Gameplay is smooth and fun

  3.  Great for the price, but not the best out there.


    Fantastic product for a fiver but there are others which are better
    Its small and lightweight which is great for traveling/using on the move.
    But it struggles when you put it up to max volume and the battery life isnt great.
    Well worth a fiver tho.

  4.  Avoid


    Not a great product.
    Music is very quiet, i mean VERY quiet. I used them while i was walking through town and on full blast i could hear every word conversation of the guy walking next to me.
    It cant handle much bass at all.
    Vibratation isnt that great. Its actually so loud at times it makes hearing the music even harder.
    On fast pace songs the vibration cant keep up and sometimes it just stops until the next track.
    Not uncomfortable to wear but they arent the best either.
    For a similar price you can get much better in ear headphones.

  5.  A must have - based on demo only


    Fantastic game
    Yeah it has a few glitches
    but im sure they will release patches to fix them
    roster looks very good
    career mode has been vastly improved, which was needed!
    whoever gave this 1 star must be crazy OR a huge EA Sports fan, either way dont pay attention to their opinion because this is a fantastic game

  6.  get what you pay for


    shame its only comes in small
    material is quiet cheap and thin
    printing doesnt look great
    but its abit of a laugh
    not bad for 5 quid but uve bought better

  7.  Best EA Sports game EVER!


    What an amazing game...just...amazing
    graphics are really good
    knockdowns look really good
    gettin up from a knock down is really cool
    the healing in the corner has been improved a great deal
    fantastic roster, although mike tyson should of been better and they should of included at least one of the klitschko brothers :/
    never the less an amazing game!
    anyone who says the controls limit the game and stop you making combos are stupid, its really good, takes some getting used to but its really good after about 5 fights (i think they only dont like it bcos it actually requires skill and timing and not just button bashing!)

  8.  5 star rating for a 5 star camera!


    A really good camera!
    its got everything you need in one small camera! and when they say small, they mean small! :)
    Here are a few of the really cool features which i think make this camera 5 star:
    Really user friendly
    Amazing quality photos AND video
    Good battery life and its rechargeable
    Takes standards SD memory cards which are really cheap
    The "scene recognition" setting is really good (adjusts the camera automatically as you move it around so you dont have to chang the settings every two mins! - useful if you want to talk a long distance shot then dark shot etc)
    Has a "sports" setting for capturing fast moving objects without blud - and it works!

    PERFECT camera for young and old.