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  1. Diva


    Annie Lennox (Eurythmics) - CD

    19 New from  €6.03  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €2.09

     A classic


    Having invested the price of a Ford Ka on a pair of Grado headphones I revisited my CD collection and confirmed the genius of both Dave Stewart's faultless production and Annie Lennox's powerful and passionate vocals. This album has stood the test of time and genuinely deserves 'classic album' status.

  2.  Out of the box...


    It's bigger than I imagined, the lens is superb and so is the sound quality.
    I will be writing again when I have used the camera extensively, but in terms of value for money the machine is in a class of one so a must-have if HD is a priority. You can also record in HD to a Panasonic BluRay recorder as it uses the AVCHD system-you could not do that with the previous generation Sony HDV Camcorders, and you can use the universal SDHC cards too as well as Sony Memory Sticks.

    Niggles - the main controls are hidden behind the screen -opening the screen shuts down the viewfinder - not very clever.
    Hard to believe the strap is an option and currently not available in the UK. The battery sits inside a cave, a poor piece of design, and you should invest in a pistol grip as the lens is so front heavy it is hard to keep the camera level, without a tripod.
    The purpose-built case is also not yet available in the UK.

  3.  Guitar or Piano


    I have just bought this book as I borrowed one and have used it so much I cannot give the old one back. The bonus is that all the guitar chords are here as well and it is packed with classics..Arthur's Theme', 'Over the Rainbow', Hotel California' and 'Stairway to Heaven'..so for 15 pounds this is a steal... There are 100 songs in all.

  4.  Show off your television


    There are superb colourful backdrops to the action in this lovingly crafted film. The soundtrack has been painstakingly mastered by people who know what they are doing using all 8 channels of sound and the action sequences keep even cynical adults glued to the screen. Scrat the squirrel is back, and has he got a love interest? and Simon Pegg turns up with the most peculiar English accent as a new character 'Buck' is introduced..think 'Pirates'..The story line is not expected to be lined up for an Oscar, but as pure escapism this film is a ray of sunshine for the whole family.

  5.  Finally out on DVD


    This has always been a bit of a sleeper, i can't recall it ever being shown on UK television, which is a pity as it is a fine film with a story head and shoulders above the calibre of the actors, but that somehow adds to the charm of this film. The first time round we got our hands on a VHS HI -Fi print and played the soundtrack through a club system-fantastic...there be 80's pop gold buried here and I can't wait to play it through a modern system. To us, then, the idea of a PC being able to communicate with other PC's had not entered our consciousness...I won't spoil the film but suffice to say 90 minutes well spent, a fun story with chilling overtones..

  6.  Nice Start


    For a Debut Album, this is sensational, what a great year we've had with Calvin Harris hitting the decks in similar fashion. Why only 4 stars not 5? Because this duo haven't even got started yet. They performed a cover version on Radio 1 Live Lounge with just a 'Snap/ I've Got the Power' sample with Miss White doing a stonking vocal performance which is equal or better than anything on the album, so you'll need to buy this as a reference for how awesome the next album will be.

    If you haven't heard this music because you lost your radio 12 months ago, they're a bit like Blondie but more raw, more punky - bizarre even. You could do a fantastic mash-up of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall' with the Ting Tings 'Shut Up and Let Me Go'. You can see 10 year old kids sucking helium on 'You Tube' and singing along to this (Fact-please check it out).

    Star track : Great DJ

    Why? the drums, the drums, the drums !!! It's so simple, it's brilliant.

  7.  Worlds Best Music Concert, Various Artists Wembley 2004


    I'm not usually a great fan of concert videos, whilst they are visually superb e.g. Kylie, Madonna, most of the music is pre-recorded on a backing track - it's a visual karaoke. NOT this one. Re-read that NOT this one....

    Trevor Horn, the superb bespectacled producer of Seal, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ABC, etc etc has managed to assemble all the backing singers, session musicians, string sections and horn sections either used on the original recordings or just the best in the world PLUS ..the original acts are here -12 of them (and the Buggles aka Trevor Horn).

    The sound is brilliant, the performances are excellent like you have never seen the artists before, and are unlikely to see again. Seal has never performed in public with the people who played on his records until this magic night. See the Pet Shop Boys meet and sing with their backing singer for the first time.

    No music collection should be without this gem.

    Further notes - Concert Recorded 2004, Released 2008

  8.  Nice One


    Thanks to Andy for his objective review, I bought this with your recommendation and as a fan from the first albums.
    Brilliant to see they used film for this concert, non of the smearing you get when seeing other concerts from the eighties. it's like being on stage with the group. I was astonished to see how much effort the drummer, Roger Taylor, put into this performance and the excellent soundtrack brings this to the fore. Mr. Mercury is totally irreplaceable. John Deacon looks at odds with his plodding steady nature sporting one crazy blue jump suit, Brian May is let loose on a classic solo guitar trip. All very nostalgic, entertaining and magnificent.

  9.  Blu-Ray wins


    I had the ordinary version of this and I got bored watching it, it is afterall a kids film - however everyone in the press raved about how good the pure digital transfer was on Blu-Ray. I bowed to peer pressure and got a copy from Play.com and fired up the Projector.

    What a revelation, the cars come up 'super-glossy' and the colours are sensational. You are left completely in awe of the animators art and the technical skill and time that was invested in this picture. Having now watched the film all the way through the story is better than I'd hoped for.

    This is an easy 'must buy' for your collection. you can thank me all later. 'Smug Stars' 5/5 for showing off to your friends , Story Stars 4/5.

    Now is Finding Nemo out on Blu-Ray yet?

  10.  A genuine classic album re-released at last


    I will never forget, many years ago, my room mate stopping dead in his tracks when he heard the introduction to 'Eyes Waterfalling', pure fusion and a massive shame Level 42s later work departed from this style. The original cassette long since lost, the tracks are still burned in my memory. This is a slow burner of an album and an essential addition to your collection.