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  1.  Great Value


    200 sheets for a good brand photo paper. Very good value and great prints from my inkjet.

  2.  Works well on my Canon ixus 100 IS


    Less than £20 is currently a great price. Works well on my Canon ixus 100 IS digital camera. I was concerned the encryption protection thingamygig mentioned in the discription that's built into the card wouldn't let my photos and video from my camera be used elsewhere, but I transfered my photos and holiday videos from my camera to my PC without any problems and put them onto dvd for my family without issues.

  3.  It's HUGE


    A Massive Book. Arrived with a heavy thud, and shook the whole household. Loads to read, masses of full colour pics, probably more pictures and photos than actual reading content. Excellent.

  4.  loads of pics, ooer!


    Lots of pictures, full color on every page, a good fun easy read, quite a small light book, great for a quick flick through during lunch or breaks and will fit a you bag without weighing you down so you can take it with you. covers lots of stuff you know about & many things only available in Japan.

  5.  Beefy Stick!


    Excellent arcade stick, does the job. Heavy weighty feel to the whole unit. Light to touch buttons and stick for for extended play. Works on my PC and gets recognised straight away through the USB as a PC controller. Great for MAME gaming. It's worth noting that the box it comes in gets damaged very easy, especially in the post, so if your a collector and are keeping the box locked away, be warned. The description says it comes with some swappable cards. IT does not, all it comes with is an a4 sheet of paper with basic instructions, poorly printed I'd might add and very small writing to read. the instructions detract from the overall quality of the package really. I would have expected a full color booklet for Street Fighter fans at least. The USB cable is hard wired in to the back.

  6.  Slippy fingers, Sweaty hands, You'll need these


    Cheap and simple product, easy to clip on & off. If you or your kids have sweaty hands during play & your fingers slip off, you'll want these triggers.

  7.  Great Sci-Fi


    It's worth mentioning, , if you want to complete the series, you'll want to buy the film " Serenity "

  8.  Crom!!


    Excellent figure.
    Comes with a figure stand which is not currently pictured. The stand is of the cream coloured marble steps and part of the wall from where conan tips over the big pot of human soup in the film. Also comes with 2 accesories, a severed head and a severed hand to place on the stands steps. They don't clip to anything, you just place them loose on the stand, so it may be worth investing in some blue tac to stick them down or they will get lost easily.
    This figure itself has movable joints at, the Neck, Wrists, Waist & just below the knees (boots). Some joints are very stiff indeed and may require a little force to move.
    The pose is from where Conan is recognised by one of the villians in the film and says "YOU!!". A point in the film that gives me goose pimples every time.
    My only small niggle is that the sword seems a tad smaller than I remember, it is also too silver in colour rather than a duller steel colour & it has no blood on it what so ever, unlike the picture. Other than that, the only problem I initially had was fitting the sword into the closed hand. The sword pulls apart at the hilt (very end of the sword handle) You then slide the handle in to the hand and push the end back on, Also the pose from straight out of the box means the figure doesnt stand up by itself. Not a problem as you can adjust the pose, but it wasnt obvious that the boots swivel without some force. A little daunting to do when you just open a new item as there are no basic instructions.
    If your a fan of the film, this is a great display figure to have in your collection.

  9.  good all round card


    Works with PSP, no problems. No different from the standard memory card as far as I can tell, other than being £1 dearer and a different colour. This one is Red, standard is blue. Only seems to have 3.9 GB, Not 4 GB. Back of packing states Transfer and playback of secured music is not possible. Does not come with any adapters.

  10.  Does the job


    If you're going to be using your PS3 to watch lots of films on, then this remote is much more user friendly than using a joypad controller, in which case I'd highly recommend it.
    If your only using your PS3 to play games on, then this would be a pointless purchase. That said, This is a bluetooth remote, not infa-red like we're used to, so it must be "paired" to your PS3 prior to using. To do this, you have to access you PS3's main set-up menu options (easy enough), then hold down the central button on the remote. Having big fingers/thumbs, this prooved a little frustrating, but eventually acomplished by using a pen to hold the button down as my fingers were pushing the circular surround button down too. Once "paired" it's a useful addition to have for all your movie watching. Comes with batteries too!