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  1.  Brilliant!


    This shirt is a delight! the print is nicely done, i'm a medium and the shirt fits brilliantly! :) i recommend it for fans!



    And he's better than ever! Forget the other sonic game for the 360, this one has gone back to being exciting, thrilling and totally addictive!
    The levels are long and fun! Its a rush to speed along with sonic, and its brutally amusing slashing, bashing and climbing with the werehog! This a must for fans! And new comers alike!
    Sonic is back on top once more!

  3.  Laugh Out Loud Funny.


    This game is one rare find, yeah it can get repeatative but at somepoints some stuff they come out with makes you laugh out loud seriously, its better than any recent season's of the simpsons, cause tbh it is going down hill atm, but this game lifts it back up.

  4.  Good Enjoyable


    This Movie Tie-In is surprisingly good! yeah it can abit what the hell, why are there soo many enemies trying to blow my ass to hell! but once you've got passed the annoyance its fun to buzz around in the sky, mod the suit and take flight as iron-man, its good for Fans and people who want to blow stuff up as a crazy iron man



    This game is brilliant, i reserved it at work a week before it was officially released, but downside.
    This game is a must for fans and probably fans alone, most of my friends who have played this have no enjoyed it, because they don't know the comics and are questioning every characters, references.
    Graphics are amazing! Storyline is BRILLIANT as it is written by the director of the films Guillermo del Toro and Mike Mignola creator of hellboy!
    all around Brilliant game!



    This film is awesome! i'm a huge turtles fan have been ever since i was little and i love the comics and this film is soo close to the original comics its awesome!
    its not just a film for kids! infact theres more adult themes to it than your'd suspect!
    i loved it and you will too!!!



    This Film is by far one of the best comic book films ever!
    I enjoyed this film every step of the way!
    i hightly recommend this film! i can't wait for the sequels which have now just been announced!

  8.  Pathetic


    The Hills Have Eyes 2 is an extremely disappointing film.
    The first remark was brilliant! but as usual with these franchises this sequel is appalling and i highly suggest avoiding it!