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  1.  My Guilty Pleasure


    I havent read the books and I hadnt heard of them before the film, however I decided to give the film a try because of all the hype. To be quite honest its one of the best films I've seen in a while and its not my type of film as I like films like Snatch and Bond. Twilight is a huge change and I've already watched it three times!

    If you like Potter or general fantasy adventure stuff you'll probably like this.

  2.  Pretty good


    If you liked Casino Royale you'll like this. Admiitedly its not as good, but worth buying. Furthermore all those who say that its not James Bond, then remember that this is about the beginning of bond and isnt really meant to have the far fetched gadgets. Expect the gritty, brutal and realistic Bond you saw on Casino Royale.

  3.  9 out of 10 will love this.


    No matter who you are theres a pretty darn good chance you'll like this game. Although it looks like a childish platformer (which it is) its cute, cuddly and scrumptious and will make everybody smile. Its great fun throughout and has a highly polished multiplayer that lets you connect to friends in seconds. This means you can play with your mates on random levels that someone in Switzerland has made then change to a level by somebody in Russia, its that versatile. LBP also allows you to create your own levels, be it a star wars themed one or metal gear solid. You can then invite all your pals and play through your level.
    Like everybody I know, I was slightly sceptical at first about getting this game, but soon after playing for about an hour or two, I knew exactly what I had been missing, all my mates who enjoy COD4 and COD5 who have got this have had nothing but good comments for it. If you know someone with a ps3 who doesnt have this or you yourself dont, then stop right here and order it!

  4.  Spideysassin


    Assasins Creed probably one of the most anticipated action games of 2007, and to tell you the truth Ubisoft have pulled it off quite well. They have taken good graphics, a decent storyline, awesome climbing capabilities and a neat combat system then soldered it together.
    Incase you didn't know the game takes place in the 'Holy Land'. Invaders from England have come to take over. Our main man, Altair and his Assasin buddies have different ideas, and basically you work to bring down the 'Templars'. The game is very similiar to Spider-Man 2/3 in the way it is set out. You get to roam the 5 cities to your liking while at the same time fitting in your single player campaign.
    Overall the game is good and is worth £40, however if you don't already own it get Call Of Duty 4 first. Assasins Creed should be on your wishlist this christmas.

  5.  The Best FPS, But Still Flaws.


    The COD series has finally infiltrated the 21st century. Modern Warfare has a totally new selection of missions and weapons plus the essential online play. The single player is awesome, you get to play a variety of different types of missions. Sniper, infiltrations and then there's the plain old run around and shoot. This presents an exciting way of playing and suits any preferences you may have with FPS's. In my opinion the single player is the best to be seen in any FPS so far. Basically, dieing is a pleasure, because you get to play that amazing level again! However, the single player mode is very short and becomes boring after you have played the whole thing through once
    Online play. WOW. The online multiplayer mode is a breath of fresh air. It uses a search and join a game system similar to that of Ranbow Six, for those who have played it. The gameplay is addictive and exhilerating and would be sure to make any gamer pee their pants. However, there have been ranking problems, but im sure Activision will clean those up in no time with any luck.
    In short the single player is second to none, however it is easily completed in no time. The multiplayer, amazing apart from the dodgy ranking.
    Good Work Activision, you made the best PS3 game yet, now BUY IT!

  6.  A Top Class Masterpeice


    Hell, if you thought this was a crappy japanese game, boy you were wrong. If you cut out the gameplay i'm sure it would be number one in the box office by far. The game combines addictive gameplay with amazingly realistic cut scenes and voice acting. This may seem second rate to you but try it before you bash it! Its THE best ps3 single player in my mind and although i was disapointed at no online features as soon as i played the game i was hooked. So shut up fool and buy this game!