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  1.  Brilliant


    This nerf gun is very good. The range isnt brilliant but is still good :) When you first buy the gun and load it, the darts that come with the gun might get shredded or bent. When i bought some more, they wre fine, but i also modded the darts so that they go faster, have a better range and dont shred using the straw down the tube method and filling the tip of the gun with glue. The accessories are great, although the sight is better used while it is flipped down. The laser doesnt go very far although is good when it gets darker. The stock holds onto the gun very well, and the barrell adds to the awesome looks of the gun. I wouldnt recommend modding the gun itself, as all the springs inside becoe very complicated! However if the gun goes wrong and you decide to take a look inside, then why not?! Very good gun and a must buy :)

  2.  Online Demo - awesome!!


    the demo of this game was brilliant, with great graphics, easy to use controls and very entertaining gameplay. Large range of weapons and attatchments, lots to customise!! great game!
    Graphics - 9/10
    Gameplay - 10/10
    Controls - 10/10
    Customisation - 10/10
    Overall - 10/10 - Great Game!!

  3.  Great


    Great film for a laugh, but unrealistic though! Funny, action-packed and exciting. Well Worth a watch :)

  4.  Brilliant Game!


    The gameplay is very expanded, with plenty of campaign missions to do, and the offline cpu system, which lets you play against computer opponents on mutliplayer maps. awesome game with loads of detail and different upgrades. must buy

  5.  incredible!!


    this film really is the very best. What seems like a slightly strange and uncomfortable start, it turns into an awesome, action-packed film, with a brilliant storyline. bUY bUY bUY

  6.  WOW!


    I am quite a fan of rock and that sort of stuff and this is amazing!
    For me the best song i s legends, and never take us alive, all brilliant songs though
    well worth a fiver buy buy buy

  7.  Out standing


    Seriously this game is amaing. I have had it now for just under a year, and my god it great. I still play it about four hours a week, when im not playing my newer games. Vast vast vast vast vast vast vast game. buy it now

  8.  Beastly


    woww what a game.. Ive been on it now for thirteen hours and gamplay is vast, huge map and still not bored. I would give this game 93%. Although its amazing and so so huge, guns are a bit limited, but then i dont have xbox live, so im not sure if you can get stuff from there. A bit glitchy, but one of the best games i have been on in months!

  9.  Brilliant


    this is a brilliant game. i got it for my birthday and i am glad i did.
    The graphics are brlliant, the gameplay is awesome, and the different epople you can be are amazing.
    you ccan lead a different civilization for each person and go from stone age to the future.

    Its a must!!!!

    Over six months i think now, i am editing this review. I have periods when i start to play a game and play it non stop for a week. This game will always be a keeper, and i am still not bored of it. Achievements are really hard to get too!

  10.  why o why


    This game is moderatly good. It contains good gameplay, bad graphics and alright controls. Some of the levels are pointless, but it is quite challenging. it is a very long game!