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  1.  Awesome Stillness


    What an amazing book. Precisely and exquisitely written this book, despite troubling subject matter, manages to be peaceful, calming and joyous. Although the real world intrudes on the periphery of the story I especially like the way the story could have been set anywhere at any time.

  2.  More of the same, and that's not a bad thing


    Once again I find myself reading a chick-lit book and once again I find myself enjoying it more than I feel I should :) a good fun read for the holiday

  3.  Very Alan, Very Funny


    This is by far the best "in character" autobiography I've ever read. Capturing the essence of Alan in all his deluded glory. I nearly only give it 4 stars, as I'm not sure how it would read if you don't know the character but then thought, no people who don;t know the character will then have the joy of discovering it for themselves.
    Also worth noting it is available in audiobook read by Steve Coogan in character

  4.  A nonconformist classic


    The outsider is a splendid example of a story where you can empathise and engage with a totally unempathetic and unlikeable character.
    Meursault's lack of remorse for his acts are both chilling and repellent while at the same time you can have sympathy for an outsider who cannot engage with society and it's rules. Think of A Clockwork Orange, Hannibal Lecter or even Lobo and add to your list of favourite sociopaths.

  5.  Gritty and Tense "young adult" book


    Aimed squarely at the teenage market this is a surprisingly tense story of bullying and peer pressure, an uncomfortable reminder of how bloody unpleasant school could be sometimes, but gripping and significantly more thrilling than many adult thrillers

  6. Room



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     Oddly engaging


    A not very nice story told through the innocent eyes of a child, engaging and enthralling and a good illustration of how children accept what goes on as normal as they know no different. Looses its way towards the ned a bit but still a compelling read

  7.  Stick to his main work


    Simon Pegg is one of my favourite actor/comedian/writer types and would heartily recommend that anyone who hasn't seen Space, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz or even Paul should stop what they are doing and seek them out. Now. However this book while diverting enough is not in the same league and should only be read by uberfans.

  8.  An Early Christmas Buzz


    Enjoyed this, it's a book with no real suprises and does exactly whay you would expect of it, but in a warm and engaging manner. Even made me feel Christmassy in November.

  9.  Good but no Micro USB


    Works well and good at the price, but it really needs a micro usb adaptor

  10.  Inexplicably awful


    Sorry, I know everyone else seems to think this is the best thing ever, but not for me. A potentially interesting idea spoiled by stock characters behaving badly in predictably irritating ways. Ignore this book, go read "Starter for ten" which is lovely