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  1.  Stunning


    This game is absolutely phenomenal. It is so much better than FIFA 09, the graphics are amazing, and it is a lot faster, often with FIFA it seems like the players are running in treacle, they run so slow but FIFA 10 has completely changed this. Perfect in every department, FIFA 10 is a must buy.

  2.  Alright


    This game is good for families, and mucking about on. But if you seriously want to improve your knowledge this game is not for you. Me and my brother play this in the car and it is good to pass the journey, but sadly a lot of questions appear again, and even the ones that only come up once you easily know the answer, unlike the real show where all the questions are quite difficult even the ones for 6 year olds. Buy this is you want to have a bit of fun, not to test your brain power.

  3.  Good


    This is a good game. When you first buy it, you are addicted... for the first ten minutes. And, once you have completed all the activities once, and want to try them again, Dr Kawashima tells you to try other things as well, not only this one, even though it would say the same for any other event. Overall a good buy.



    I love this game. I got it in America (so much cheaper), and it was so worth it. The action is incredible, the graphics are great even on PSP, the only downside is it is quite repetitiive with the moves. Still a great game though!!!!

  5.  Great but can get boring


    I was excited for days when I preordered this game. It came a day before release day which I didn't understand but I played it before most other people so I was happy. For about a week I was hooked but then it just got boring. The thing to do with this game is play it, then stop and wait for about 2 weeks and then play it again. Then it won't get boring. Still so much better than pro evo. I don't understand why people buy pro evo, it doesn't even have real teams.

  6.  One of the best phones out


    I love this phone. I keep reading reviews about it breaking, turning itself off, freezing etc. Well I have had this phone for two weeks now and have had no problems with it. I suppose two weeks isn't a very long time, but it has never showed any signs of freezing and turning itself off. I suppose it's the luck of the draw, depending on which phone you get. P.S. one other thing, I can't get the "shake to change song" thing to work. Can anyone help?

  7.  Amazing work by EA and Criterion Games


    This game is amazing! I don't know where to start. 250 miles of open road to explore, over 100 races to take part in, excellent cars that you have to earn, this game is simply amazing. It is definately one of the best games I have ever played, and probably the best game I own. You can get cool paint jobs, stop off at gas stations to get boost, and take a look at the nearest scrapyard to see if there are any cars you could buy, get fixed and upgrade. It is just like Test Drive Unlimited, only much better. There is only one disadvantage to this game, they don't have real car brand names, like Ford, Ferrari etc. P.S. don't listen to other reviews which say there isn't Crash Mode anymore, there is Crash Mode, but they have just changed the name to Showtime.

  8.  Fantastic game


    I like battles - that is my favourite thing. I love Coin Runners and my favourite courses on Wii stages are the Chain Chomp Roulette , Funky Stadium and Block Plaza. This game is definantely a yes from me Gamelover12.

  9.  Difficult...but fun


    I got this game about a week ago, and immidiatley I was blown away with how difficult it was. Other reviews say you get used to the controls, but if this is true it will take me a long time to do so!! But otherwise the graphics are superb, there is a huge range of events and it is great to play with friends. On the whole, a very good game.

  10.  It's just like Beijing olympics


    I really like athletics 100m and gymnastics trampoline because when I first got it I kept on coming 8th because it is very hard to come 1st, 2nd or 3rd but wherever I come it is still lots of fun. I also really like rowing because I always come 1st.