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  1.  No blu-ray in 1979. Surprisingly.


    Lots of people keep banging on about the sound on Alien not being very good.
    The reason alot of the dialogue in Alien is quiet is that Ridley Scott wanted to the films events to feel more plausible to the audience, he intended to play out the script in a way that made it feel more natural and almost akin to a documentary in its stylings. Often the characters argue and speak over each other, and lines are mumbled so you sometimes have to listen closely to what is said. This is both to show the strained relations of the crew on board, and to amp up a tangible sense of tension and dread which hangs over the film. All of this is intentional.

  2.  Time for bed, peanut! B-movie paradise.


    I think its only fair to assume this film should not be considered as a credible sequel to a film as revered as Jaws was, and is.

    The story line is ridiculous, the performances are questionable, The Shark looks more rubbery than ever, and almost spends more time out of the water than it does in it, Michael Caine phones in a performance that is indictitive of a man doing a low brow film to pay for a nice new house.
    However, its the most enjoyable of the Jaws sequels for these reasons and more.
    Its a big brash studio B-Movie, with a dodgy Oedipal sub plot involving Ellen Brody and her big bearded son. Im surprised it got made but im glad it did. Its fun to watch.
    I saw it at the cinema when I was seven ( it was a PG, Ahhh the 80's) after convincing my sister she really didnt want to see the travelling rodent animation, An American Tale. I was right.

  3.  Who could possibly have a problem on a day like this?


    Many of the horror films which came out in the 1980's are largely forgotten because they don't have the successful elements which this film has in abundance. And also, didnt have the 1980'S Spielberg touch.
    Spielberg's obsession with extraordinary things happening to average people from small town America is again evident here, and he does it so well you invest in the characters right from the beginning. His considerbale input into a film which is , only really in name directed by Tobe Hooper, makes it comparable to E.T and Close Encounters in its look and feel.
    The family in the film are perfectly cast, with Craig T. Nelson and Jo Beth Williams both outstanding in their roles, when weird things start happening your already with them, with all their flaws just making them all the more realistic.
    The Subsequent poor sequels will never take the shine of this classic Haunted house thrill ride, and its unlikely there will ever be another film quite like it.



    I saw this at the cinema with my girlfriend, and both us and the rest of the cinema howled with laughter throughout. Its Hilarious.
    The ridiculous story line, and the cartoon character subversions of racial stereotypes was a sight to behold. There was actually a Frenchman called Jean-Claude carrying a Baguette under his arm! Genius! Seriously if you want a laugh buy this and it will show you how dumb and offensive to other countrys or 'Europe' as we are collectively known in Taken, Hollywood can still be. A Laugh Riot.

  5.  A Bold, Thought Provoking Film.


    I felt compelled to write this after reading the only other review for this film, where the reviewer felt that the last ten minutes let the film down.
    I can honestly say , I can't understand how it flaws the rest of this film , when the last scene in the film was the one which was the most effective, haunting , and stayed with me the most.
    The More I thought about it, the better it became, and indeed gives the film a clearer moral message in a refreshingly creative twist, which leaves you with a hell of alot to think about.
    Ryan Gosling is frightengly good in this, a performance that defies his age and underlines why he is one of Hollywoods most interesting, versatile but frustatingly underatted actors of his generation. If you liked American History x, but want a film where the moral questions arent as black and white, and takes things from a more unusual perspective, The Believer could be for you.

  6.  Alien on earth , without the alien, meets Silkwood!


    This interesting debut by Taxi Driver scribe Paul Schrader, has a few genuine points of interest. Mainly these are the performances of the brilliant Yaphet Kotto ( doing another turn as a disgrunteld manual worker, but this time not on the Nostromo) and a captivating, straight performance from Richard Pryor, who still manages to interject a great deal of humour into a role which also demands a fair amount of seriousness.

    Many Elements of this film reminded me of the Meryl Streep Film Silkwood, in that the big corporate cover ups in both films, show themselves in the break up of the charcters work, and social alliances, but in many ways this has less of the slight sugary feel of Silkwood, and in some ways often recalls the strained , cramped and paroanoic relations of the crew of the Nostromo in Ridley Scotts Alien.
    The story of this film, is less than exciting but the depiction of the grim working class lifestyle on a car production line, where the three main charcters fight to escape, or just maybe keep their head above water, make it quite compelling and in many ways thought provoking about what people will do when their pushed into a corner.

  7.  no improvement : why?


    After the rather confused and mute reaction to the Ang Lee Hulk film, I had high hope for this , especially with Ed Norton and Tim Roth signed on. Unfortuantely this film is largely underwhelming and fails to deliver the punch that other comic book movies did this year ie Iron Man and The Dark Knight.
    Norton is unappealing and Liv Tyler ( surely on a carreer down turn) is simpering and dull. Tim Roth is mildly engaging but overall looks like hes acting on autopilot. The CGI heavy fight scenes might hold the attention of a 11 yr old but surely not enough to sustain the attentions of an adult audienece, unlike the sucess of the aforementioned other summer blockbusters. After seeing this, the Ang Lee Hulk seems much more appealing and is certainly not as bad as you would be led to believe. This is o.k watch once, but surely at a second attempt , and with the acting talent involved this should have been a lot , lot better.



    A truly excellent little film. Whilst the budget is obviously meagre, Carpenters knack for creating such strong atmosphere and suspense shines through the majority of the films duration, showing that he can make the maximum impact with the minimum of fuss. The obviously Howard Hawks inspired elements of the film never attributes to a loss of Carpenters own distinct visual style. He shows the early signs of his future directorial development, especially when making the faceless criminals laying siege on the Police station seem weirdly like a supernatural force. Carpenters ultra cool, and Memorable synth score underpins the majority of the slow build-up of tension.

  9.  sweet reason this is a shocker.. its terrible.


    I think you lot must have been watching a different film, a dillusional ape could have made a better movie- it looks like a bad student film with a multi million pound budget. The Original shouldnt even be mentioned in comparison with this terrible mistake of a film, becuase its in a totally diffrerent league. I couldnt even make out what was going on half the time, not that i cared after about 20mins anyway. a true stench of a movie.