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  1.  Great collection!


    Anyone who buys this game should know what they are buying. Its a collection of small mini games that is best suited to party play. I couldnt give this a bad review. Anyone who loved Roger Rabbit as a kid will be happy they bought this game! Seeing the move controller turned into a cartoon tennis racket, hammer, hair clipper, toothbrush etc is so funny! Movement is perfectly tracked and this game shows what move can do in the future of augmented reality games. There will be people that hate this sort of game but if you have a move and want a bit of fun with the family, look no further. Not for everyone but i highly recommend giving it a go.

  2.  A Must Buy!!


    At this price sports champions is a great intro to the move controllers. Perfectly accurate in each game. My girlfriend and I cant get enough. Really shows what the move can do. I am very excited about the future of move if this great collection games is anything to go by. BUY IT!!

  3.  Amazing!


    I wasnt a fan of motion control until now. After a few hours with a wii it was obvious each game wasnt tracking every movement. Playstation move is a whole new experience!! The accuracy is perfect and totally 1 to 1 with your movements. I have sports champions and start the party. Both i highly recommend also. If you cant decide if move is worth it, please just take the plunge!! BUY IT!!

  4.  Amazing 3d in the living room!


    As the other reviews have stated, this film is outstanding in 3d! I have watched this and Monsters vs Aliens and this film blew that out the water. Detail is so crisp and the depth goes on forever in some scenes. A lot of people complain about crosstalk in other 3d content (when the left and right images are seen at the same time, giving a double image) well this film is perfect in every way. A complete joy to watch and i cant recommend it enough. BUY IT!!

  5.  Total insanity!!


    This game is a MUST BUY for any ps3 gamer in my opinion. It is a totally epic experience that wont be matched for quite some time. I was so shocked at the scale of this game i couldnt turn it off and ended up almost finishing the game in the first play. It takes a good 10-12 hours to beat the game and there are no dull moments to be found.
    A true masterpiece of gaming, sony santa monica are gods!!
    No one will regret giving this game a try. JUST BUY IT!!!



    Metal gear solid 4 is the best game you could possibly buy if you like any type of action game. The whole intro section needs to be experienced by everyone. No other game out there gives the same amount of realism, passion and pure genius. Please buy it now!