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  1.  Fantastic! =)


    Im 25 - and absolutely LOVED the other Toy Storys, so have been waiting for the 3rd since it was first announced!! I saw it in 3D - it was BRILLIANT! I enjoyed every minute of it, and plenty of laughs! Cant wait to buy it as soon as it comes out - definetly one for the collection! A MUST SEE! =D

  2.  Fantastic.


    Very powerful film, and Michael is fantastic, as were the other characters. Its very sad knowing that this is how society is today.. *sighs* - still, a great film!

  3.  Amazing! =)


    I moved away from home over 5 years ago - so when visiting my family this December for Christmas, I bought one of these to take with me... We absolutly loved it! It took off quicker than we expected, but it was amazing to watch it float away, higher and higher! - It was really lovely and different! Me and my partner have bought one to do on Christmas Day... cant wait! =]

  4.  Brilliant - and very addictive!


    After buying the new PS3slim, I decided to give little big planet a try, as all my friends have raved on about it in the past - and wow! i am absolutly loving it! I could spend hours on the 'make your own level' section - really enjoying it, 10/10 from meeeee!

  5.  Really good! - very different!


    This isnt usually the type of film I watch, but after a few recomendations from friends, decided to watch it - and I really enjoyed it. Its really slowly paced - but in a good way. Thought the two young people were ace, especially Eli. watched it on Blu-Ray and the picture was incredible, beautiful snowy scenes, even if they did include grim reasons. Brilliant film, something very different!

  6.  Very funny - and very rude!


    Saw the 18 cert version, and it was brilliant! Me and my best mate were in tears of laughter! there were lots of naughty bits in it! heheheheee. Love Sacha, and what he does. Fab!

  7.  Brilliant! =)


    I loved the shopaholic book series, so this was a definate watch for me - and i really enjoyed it! Isla Fisher is fab! Great film to have a cosy girly night in... Sometimes, you just cant help relating to Rebecca Bloomwood! =D

  8.  Brilliant! =] -x-


    Watched this in the cinema today - and it was absolutly awesome! There are some extra super cute characters too! Sid (My fave!) is hilarious as usual. Super funny! go see it! Cant wait for it to come out on DVD! =D x

  9.  Brilliant!


    Saw the song track for this and I bought it quickly! Packed with fab songs to be bopping along to! and a great CD for the car too! great!

  10.  Addictive!


    Bought this for my partner, but found myself hogging it! Brilliant game and found it very addictive! My partner whizzed through the games, but I found some games where I needed a little help from him haha.. but overall, a brilliant game!