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  1.  Great Songwriter !


    Thank god for Mason Jennings, it's been a while since ive heard a good songwriter that holds depth with simplicity, it's so cool. At first i thought Mason was sounding a bit too dylan but after listening I was quickly charmed by his words of Love, religion, his beliefs and outlook. This album is a keeper, the songs seem to just glow and light up what this world of music is missing. He's a very talented man and he surely holds something special in his lyrics and narration. IN THE EVER is a superb album too. MASON JENNINGS- go spread the word.

  2.  Oh dear !


    Oh dear! What a shame this album isn't the coldplay of old. Like everyone else in the world im really let down by this poor effort. Too much like x and y which was awful. This album has such a weird vibe to it, tracks 6 7 and 8 are ok but nothing special. Ive made myself listen to this album 12 times now hoping it will grow on me but unfortunately it's not any good. If you listen to the lyrics carefully you'll hear that they don't mean anything and don't actually make any sense. I think if Chris martin writes something he just thinks it's amazing because he's written it but in reality it doesn't match up to the first 2 albums. Viva La Vida lacks passion, voice, poetry, heart and most of all GUITARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad.

  3.  The true coldplay!


    When this album first came out i avoided it like the plague but once the hype cooled down i slowly got into it and then one day i awoke to hear its brilliance and it became one of my all time favourite albums! God put a smile on my face is one of the best tracks written in years, listen to the lyrics of each song clearly and take in the true coldplay. Sadly this album was followed by X&Y! After listening to this album you'll agree they should have stuck to this formula.

  4. Chinatown


    The Be Good Tanyas - CD

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     Beautiful from start to finish


    How such an album hasn't sold millions world wide is behond me! The sounds and lyrics are from the depth's of the true woman. This is real girl power at its finest and no other girl group has such an edge as the tanya's! From start to finish each song becomes your favourite and by the end of the album you will be left with the feeling that you've just been graced with something special and that greatness has just luckily visited your ears. Keep this album close to your heart and only share it with the one's that matter.

  5.  Feeling freewheelin!!!!!!!!!


    Such a beautiful album this is, bob really woo's us with this lesson of love, antiwar and real fresh air. Bob's gift of lyrics blows true and clear wind with such songs as masters of war, dont think twice and corrina corrina. If your looking to get into bob don't go out buy the greatest hits. This is the true bob dylan with poetry echoing in the what truly matters department. Great album, great lyrics. purchase this album and meet your new oldest freind. Dylan Knows Best !!

  6.  AT LONG LAST!!!!!


    How in the world has this performance only just been released on dvd? Why has it taken so long? I guess courtney must be running real low on cash again. Anyway- this is the most greatest unplugged session mtv ever showed. As a young 17 year old when i first watched this i was well taken back. when I did have it on video tape i made sure all my freinds watched it and now today thanks to me they are all great nirvana fans. This is a must for anyone's music dvd collection. Buy it now and own somthing timeless! FANTASTIC.

  7.  Rubber soul searcher!!!!!!!


    This album is a true beatle classic. from norweigan wood to my life, this album has its own flow and shows the true beatles. Four legends just jamming and enjoying themselves! each song is completely different to each other, you can't help but listen to this album from start to finish. Purchase and be proud that you read this! RUBBER SOUL. Thank me later!

  8.  James Skelly the legend!


    Thank god for the coral! This album came around just about the right time. The british music scene was crumbling to bits and then this little beauty arrived from liverpool. Great songs, great band, great taste in riffs and such a great edge to each of there songs. James skelly tops its off with amazing vocals! His voice sounding like its coming from a different time, a different place. His deepness in lyrics echo'd in his back from the dead legendary voice. The guy is a hero of our times! If you get chance to see this band live, make sure you do, for they are part of the BEST that is. Purchase this album and forever have somthing to rely on. MEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9.  A classic acoustic tale of what could have been!


    What an eye opener for a seventeen year old lad! Back in old 1994 i first watched this on mtv and was blown away by its raw honesty. I latter purchased the album and realised what nirvana could have been and what other bands could be if played acoustic and moody. It shows the depths of songs and how they can be stretched so that even the words may have different meanings. God only knows what would have happend if kurt was to have stuck around to streched it some more!

  10.  Weller is the word! Classic and MODern.


    What a fantastic collection of songs! Weller is the man. Every song tells a story that either makes sense or will do in the future. Brand new start is my most loved track! but each song is just as good as eachother. Its a must have album and theirs no better weller album by far. Do yourself a fava buy this album and be cool just like me!