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  1.  worth a shot


    Formed in 2001 by members who were no older than 15-16 at the time, Unsanctum have shown that they are capable of breeding a hatred for everything pop since the very beginning. With Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh, Mistress) behind them, they anxiously recorded this debut album. Some of their influences include bands such as Mayhem, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, and Slayer, all of which are evident in theyre sound. There are many young metal bands out there today, some of them good and some of them not so good. With their roaring mix of hardcore and deathcore, thrash and black metal, Unsanctum are well on their way to declaring themselves as one of the greats. As far as aspects which stand out on "Ignite the skies", I definitely have to go with Tom's vocals. Extremely rigorous, not a second goes by that he doesn't sound like his vocal chords are on the verge of ripping themselves in half, ofcourse, this should be taken as a compliment. Sean, I find is very precise and is well on his way to becoming an accomplished drummer. Whilst, Paul's sound is remiscent of older works by Metallica. Unsanctum raise an uncanny amount of hell on this album, and I am anxious to see what the future holds for them

  2.  everything really is illuminated


    Brilliant! firstly - the soundtrack was really interesting.... wood was amazing.... the story ranged from laugh out loud funny to black comedy to deadly serious.... I watched this with a crowd, at first there were some doubters, but by the end, everyone was captivated! seriously good film, not too long and not too short.

  3.  good watch!


    Great storyline but bore a strange similarity to Coach Carter with the absence of Sam L ofcourse. One particular aspect I liked was the use of original quotations, separated this film from the million other 'true stories' out there. Shows the Rocks diversity as a serious actor, everything from walt disney to action/adventure. Chuckled throughout the movie, highs and lows. One criticism would be that I had expected the movie to be a bit faster paced, perhaps not for someone who expects to see the Rock all guns blazing, then again, i still enjoyed it, unsure of how likely I am to watch it again though, particularly given its similarity to Coach Carter.

  4.  One to watch!


    awesome film! full of subtle lines, funny from start to end, a comedy with twists, not sure about the end, but its definitely one i'll watch again! Simon Peggs american accents convincing, I always find it difficult to differentiate David Schwimmer from Ross, a good actor but not the most flexible

  5.  WOW!!


    no idea how people could have been confused with this film?! the plots so simple.... avoiding spoilers, theres a target, a reward, and a bunch of assassins competing for the prize kill, naturally theres twist and a few subtwists along the way.... the trailer portrayed the film wrongly, possibly attracting the wrong audience, the story is actually fairly straight forward but could be complex if you expected something completely different.... think lucky number slevin.... not quite as good, but definitely up there and having purchased it, i'll be rewatching...

  6.  awesome


    so glad I didn't listen to the bad reviews of this - brilliant film!!