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  1.  The original Hot Pursuit - Reborn


    Another one of my straight up honest reviews, for the gamer, from a gamer.

    This game does not attempt to be a new NFS Underground.. its different its Hot Pursuit... its not about free roam, its not about modification - the best modification that youre going to get out of this is the colour of your car. This game is about pursuits, cops vs racers - expect high octane thrilling chases, escapes, scathes, scratched, bumps and busts... !

    If you liked/bought NFS Underground because you love modding and tuning the cars then I would have to say that this will not be for you. Expect tracks with some shortcuts to find. No free roam whatsoever. For those that remember the original Hot Pursuit you will most likely remember it was awesome... Well, you will not be disappointed, its even more awesome. Single player (career mode) lacks some of the special uniqueness that I think it needs. All you need to so though is get online... online mode (if you have the connection) is addictive fantastic and brilliant in almost every way. Lots of cars to choose from, and lots of tracks. The game has an XP system but do not expect it to be as advanced as say COD Black Ops XP system but still keeps the thrill of pushing on. To mention this game has stolen some of my COD Black Ops game time is not an unfair comment. Which says a lot in my opinion.

    The bad points - crashes are disappointing, only because the physics are all wrong, expect to clip a car side on and come to a crashing halt about 3 feet from where you hit... Even so, despite this flaw, it doesnt impact the other A plus features.

    Final Review Notes:
    Worth buying: YES
    Chance of Trading in: LOW
    Single Player: Average
    Online: SUPERB
    Choice of Cars: SUPERB
    Handling Realism: High Arcade to Accurate (between)

    Cautionary Notes: NFS Underground owners, do not expect any free roam or modifications.

    A definite one for the collection, and a must have for any NFS Hot Pursuit original owners.

    Overall 9/10

  2.  Worlds worst pre buy video, Worlds best game....


    When I watched the above Forza video, I was nearly sick, in fact i did do a little sick up but was able to keep most of it down. The most unrealistic spinning of cars I have ever seen, childish music, childish car handling. I thought I must have clicked on the Disney 'Cars' video by mistake or somehthing - but I had not. It was indeed Forza. Fortunately the actual game is nothing like the pre buy video, and its amazing. It will suit all drivers - amatuer to pro. Fully custom, amazing graphics, spot on sound and handling. Buy with confidence, you will not be dissapointed.
    If however you are going to watch the above trailer, please have sick bags on stand by. Its the worst pre game trailer you will ever see in your life. I think maybe soem 5 yr olds won a competition to make there own game trailer or something... oh god I just watched it again - got to go to the loo! Enjoy the game though 4* A+ Genius game. I had to gove a 4 star due the someone allowing this video to have ever been released into the public domain.

  3.  Ditch your friends and family, you dont need them...


    Its so good you dont need friends or family anymore, immerse yourself in true brilliance. You will not be able to stop, your p45 will drop into the mail box and when you open it you realise you havent been to work for weeks, nor have you eaten or gone to the loo. This is without question the best game I have ever played on xbox360 in all my life. Awesome offline, Awesome online... Overall rating: Awesome. Must buy...SPECOPPSALPHA

  4.  Your the next Maverick...


    Love this game to bits, but there are a couple of very small issues with the online - all I can say is damm the 'high g turn', by pressing the top two trigger buttons down you can perform a high g turn which basically very rapidly changes your course of direction (with the risk of stalling though), im not disputing that this is a real functionality of a figter jet but for on line you can basically avoid any missile heat seaking or not, just by performing this high g turn. The only way you can actually get caught out is if about 4 enemy planes fire on you at the same time and then, well as you would be in real life would be in trouble. But I have had countless game after on line game where the scores are: Killed 0 / Died 0 / Assists 0 = boring, its more like an air show.

    Find good players and they disallow high g turn and then the online gaming becomes so awesome sometimes I pass out and have to await emergency recovery, whereby I then pick the controller up again and the impending passing out in sheer joy circle goes round again.

    Final rating:

    Single player: Very good
    Online: Very good (try to play with firends and disallow high G)

    Overall story line: Cheesy, but ok - but then japanese games always produce incredibly cheesy storylines.

    Graphics: Mind boggling

    Playablility: Unlikely to get added to your trade in pile. one to keep in the collection.

    downloads: well supported - extra planes, wing designs, and no doubt in the future extra maps.

    lagging: good servers, little lag even if your running a slower broadband. (even 512 runs perfect with no ping issues), recorment 1.5+ as always though.

    Happy gaming, enjoy a safe purchase on this one.


  5.  Hail Halo


    This is your wildest most awesome dreams burnt onto one little disc. Who would have though a combination of plastic and metal could bring to your world so much joy. This game is superb, the single player mode is outstanding, multiplayer is well thought out well designed smooth and has a good feel. The soundtrack is worthy of an award in itself. If Play.com were asking for your soul as payment for this game I would give it. 5/5

  6.  Blazing Squad...


    Not too impressed with this:

    It would appear that there are some fabeled aircraft in this game, classified planes that were not designed until after the war anyway. Then I move on to the jet noise of the planes, oh my god... its terrible.

    Propella planes sound like RC aircraft despite the real counterparts having 800bhp royles royce engines in them.

    Bit boring in terms of capture the flag on line.

    BUT... Its a laugh shooting down your mates.

    Buy if you have some spare cash hanging around. Even buy it for the comedy sound effects if you need cheering up.

    Buy with caution

  7.  Average Jo 3.5/5


    If you have call of duty 2 and 3 then you may find this a bit boring, not because the game play is bad, because its not, and not that the graphics are bad, because there not. But just because weve seen it all before, there are no exciting original features added to this game, just more cheeky Germans bobbing there heads up and down.

    Its a good game if you want some more WW2 levels to bash out. But dont expect a gaming revolution.
    Good all rounder though. Buy with confidence

  8.  Did you select the titanium ash tray?


    This game confuses me, if you want realism then this is the game for you, but expect extreme realism. Ive heard people call this game borza motorsport because you end up spending about 3 hours choosing all the setup for your car, choosing wether you should go for the titanium ash tray or not.

    But all in all its good fun, online is also good fun. Watch out for the fanatics online, they make you laugh when they start boasting about there cars vs you.

    Buy with confidence, you will enjoy it.

  9.  Good apart from the relentless team killers...


    This game could be so much more... (but its still not bad)

    Offline its fairly run of the mill, straight forward stuff. Dont expect anything to original.

    Online, its good fun, the only thing though is the vehicles, i cant believe what people will do for a vehcile! On maps there are helicopters, everyone scrambles to them in the hope to get on them, fair enough I guess. But most people will shoot you dead just so that you cant get in the helicopter but they can, then someone else shoots them so they cant get in, then someone is in a jeep running you all over so you all cant get in the helicopter, then the guy in the jeep gets RPG'd so that he cant stop the people getting in the helicopter so that he can, then the guy finally gets in the helicopter takes off and gets RPG'd by the jelous guys on the ground and the cycle then begins again. Meanwhile the games over because the other team (without the helicopters) captured all the flags.

    Its so funny watching these guys fight over the helicopter, they must be avid helicopter fanatics who go to airshows and airports just to watch them.

    When someone kills you you can vote to kick them from the game, dont bother wasting your time, due to the fact everyone is team killing no one bothers voting. Expect to respawn on average every 3-6 seconds due to this.

    If you can join a clan then the game is truley awesome on-line as the people actually know how to play the game and dont cry on their mums shoulder in their bedrooms when they cant get in the helicopter!!!

    Buy with confidence if you can get into a clan.

  10.  Not bad, but I prefer my wired headset


    Bought this hoping for so much more.

    Its adequate, it does the job most of the time, but sometimes you can hear the other people, but they cant here you.

    This unit appears more subsepticle to interferance than the controllers are, everything seems to interfere with it, even a cat...

    Looks good, nice without the wires though. Must admit I think the sound on the wired headset is clearer and louder though.

    Buy if you have some spare cash to throw around, but dont expect to be lost in the world of clarity they promise.