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  1.  Authentic


    I recently spent 6 fantastic weeks in Japan staying in Osaka and Tokyo and this game just brings back so many memories. The attention to detail right down to authentic produce from the shops and the fantasticly accurate and kitsch Karaoke minigames is outstanding and really gets the Japanese vibe spot on. I guess this game would appeal to anyone into 3rd person action games with a fighting system that can be basic or in depth depending on your skill level. Be aware that this has Japanese language and English subtitles and that the majority of cut scenes are dialogue boxes rather than spoken word, I realise this may not be everyone's cup of tea. But for me this game was perfect, an over the top representation of Japan that really captures the feel of actually being in amongst the bonkers chaos of Tokyo's busy streets....just with more fighting!! Superb.

  2.  Genius


    There's no way I could ever give this game anything less than a perfect score as it is a pure masterclass in gaming. Regardless of whether it's an RPG, an action RPG, a shooter with RPG elements it is, at its heart, a no holds barred rollercoaster ride. The storytelling on show is magnificent, the characters rich, deep and engaging, the locations, scenery and attention to detail are second to none and the whole package is stunning.

    Nothing is ever 'perfect' though and I really mourned the loss of the seamless transitions from ship to port and even the elevator loading screens in ME1 kept you immersed whereas now the immersion is broken with constant loading screens...leaving through the Normandy airlock was a highlight for me making it really feel like your character was leaving this vehicle, now you just magically appear outside via a few loading screens and the odd cut scene.

    But these are minor gripes in what is the first truly AAA title of 2010, GOTY contender for sure and by far and away, in my opinion, the best action game on any console ever made, BioWare can do no wrong.

  3.  Genius


    I'm not a Trekkie, I like some of the motion pictures (2,4 and 6) but this blew me away. There's nothing I can add to what's already been said, it's a piece of expertly written, lovingly crafted, well executed and intelligent science fiction. It's fun, funny, exciting, adrenaline fuelled and just heaven, you need to own this film, make it so.

  4.  Life Sapping


    This game is impossible to sum up in this short space, it truly is an RPG masterstroke by the daddies of the genre BioWare. Not for everyone as it is very involving and demands a lot of customisation to really get the most from it, but if you dedicate the countless hours to it you will be rewarded. A benchmark in console RPG's, a much needed return to form for the swords and sorcery genre and a rip roaring ride. Fun, funny, challenging and engrossing, one of the best RPG's ever made period.

  5.  Phenomenal


    There's far too much in this game to summarise in a review, it improves on the original in every way and ramps the rest up to 11. If you had even a passing interest in the prequel then this game will blow your socks off, truly astounding in every respect and my contender for GOTY, much better value than MW2...astounding.

  6.  Broken


    How this game got the review scores it did beggars belief, the basic game mechanics are broken, plain and simple. It feels like the car's got a boot full of bricks, the back end always steps out, drift mode is an uncontrollable joke and the whole career mode is disjointed, uncohesive and just plain dull. If you want a first class, perfect track racer look no further than Codies' excellent GRID, how they can release this mediocre trash in the state it's in is beyond me, avoid!

  7.  Wow!


    I have to say that this film took me by surprise, I caught it one night on Sky and it blew me away! At first it seemed strange and like a kids film, the chimp initially struck me as weird but the more I watched it the more it made sense and the ending totally sold it for me. I immediately bought it on Blu-ray and the picture and sound are nothing short of exceptional, I can't recommend it enough, the Wachowski's have hit their early Matrix form again, amazing fun!

  8.  Pleasantly Surprised


    Like other reviewers I approached this film without knowing any of the details. I have to say that I disagree with the harsh and negative reviews for this film, I think the premise was intriguing, it kept me gripped and the ending was, as someone else so expertly put, pure science fiction. I am sad it won't do as well as some no-brainer blockbusters but if you have a love for the genre and some very striking visuals then check it out, you won't be disappointed.