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  1.  good game


    this is a great game. the online is fun the graphics are good the only problem is that you can't have the cockpit view for the 800 old cars but you can with the 200 new cars. but dont let that put you of this good game.

  2.  GREAT even if your not a pop fan


    i have never played a pop until now and it is brilliant! this game is kind of hack and slash but very fun. im not a fan of hack and slash games and i love this game. if you like assassin creed type games then you will like this

  3.  one of the best psp games


    This game is different from most 3rd person shooters as you can aim in first person and also use the gun's sight/scope. This game is much better than the MGS + because it has a story but the the online experience is not as good as MGS+. There is also a decent amount of weapons on the game (20-25). These range from RPGs ,Knives,sub-machineguns,assault rifles,shotguns,pistols and there are also lots of items to collect. There are thermal goggles medikits rations etc.. I recommend this game to all of the people that like infiltration/stealth games.

  4.  Bear gta!


    this game is a very funny and exciting game although there are a few problems. The aim of the game is to do the mission. the missions vary from running away from other bears, killing every single bear, getting a certain amount of naughty points. This game is a lot like grand theft auto but bear style which makes it hilarious. But when you trap a bear in trap and it squeals for help you have to feel sorry for it (so i usually put them out of there misery and break there necks) . there are only 2 or 3 problems with this game 1 is the missions are very similar (kill a bear go and kill another etc.)2 is that the camera angle and graphics aren't so good and 3 i is a very hard game. i bought this game expecting to just butcher bears but they attack you aswell. there are also ninja bears bears with uzi's and others that are hard to defeat. I would definetly recommend this game to heartless people that like killing cute fluffy bears mwohohahahaha

  5. MAG



    8 New from  £7.04  Free delivery

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     one word...... awesome


    this is better than cod by miles, maps are huge and it is much more detailed, hundreds of people online, best online game ever.

  6.  best flight sim game on psp!!


    if your into flying military planes or giant jumbo jets then this is a game which you must by. you can do lots of missions or just fly on free flight