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  1.  No pleasing


    You just can't please some people. After reading a few reviews I decided not to get the game as it sounded terrible, however I randomly changed my mind, so I got the game and have played up to getting in the Ministry Of Magic, whilst some parts of the game are very repetitive (they basically all are) I really can't see how some people are moaning about this game, I have really enjoyed it. Graphically it's not the best (graphics wise Ghostbusters is awesome), playing wise I really enjoyed it, I like the new way to cast spells, although be wary as the spells with the longer name takes an age for Harry to say then cast, I think the third spell you get takes forever, by the time it's cast it's probably all over. However I have been using "stupefy" which is quick and basically gets the job done well so far, saying the spell just adds to the realism of the game, much like when Harry is under the invisability cloak you can hear him trying to breath all the more quietly, the stealthiness under the cloak is rather annoying baring in mind other magic dudes shouldn't be able to see you (hence the invisability thing, although it kind of adds more fun to the game) so far I think it's a great game, I do expect it to be a very short game which is why I only do little bits each day (trying to keep it going longer) I would recommend this game to other fans of Harry Potter, I already look forward to getting Part 2.

  2.  Good film


    I rather enjoyed it since watching the first one, so I was really looking forward to this one, however it wasn't as jumpy or as good as the first, there were some good bits in it. It's worth watching just for the extra story for the first film, only I thought the ending of this film compared to the end of the first film was rubbish.

  3.  Awesome


    Watched this film after recommendations from work (the girls were petrified of it) so I gave it a go, some bits people might think are abit boring however those add to the feel of the film, admittedly this probably my favourite ghost films. If you really like ghost films I fully recommend this one.

  4.  Not what I expected


    To be honest after watching the whole film I was very disappointed, I was sitting there wondering whether anything scary was actually going to happen. If you like psychotic films or wierd cult type films then this will be good, however if you want an actual ghosty type film then don't bother with this one. I really wasn't impressed.

  5.  Awesome!!!


    Personally I love watching this, Meat Loaf may not hit every note exactly perfect, however I would love to see some "fans" sing these songs as good as Meat Loaf at Meats age! If I wished to listen to every single note hit in perfection I would simply listen to the albums (it's what they are there for) I love and watching this purely for the entertainment, seeing Meat Loaf doing what he does best, rockin' the stage bringing a totally electric performance to the stage.

    Don't forget some of the songs sung within this concert were first sung back in the 70s going on 80s so clearly now being in the 2000s Meat Loaf is not going to sing exactly how he used to!

    The effort Meat Loaf puts in is seriously worth it, if you are a real die hard fan and you love Meat Loaf you will love this!!! The only slightly bad point to this tour was Aspen Miller, she is hot and good looking however the on-stage relationship with Meat Loaf and Patti Russo is alot better then with Meat Loaf and Aspen Miller. Aspen Miller is hotter and younger then Patti Russo however I think Meat Loaf and Patti are better than Meat Loaf and Aspen.

  6.  100% awesome and very addictive


    I found out about this album a few months ago, so pre-ordered as soon as I could, annoyingly before release this was advertised as a CD and DVD set, the 2 disc being the live version of Casa De Carne, Blickling Hall I went to so I was really looking forward to it. I was a bit dissapointed to discover it was an audio cd rather than the DVD, that aside it's still absolutely awesome two albums. Three songs in Hang Cool Teddy Bear have swearing in them, which normally I am not too keen on, yet for some reason I am able to look past that. All I will say is, if you are a Meat Loaf fan this is a must have awesome album that you will want to listen to again and again and again. So addictive I have been playing this album repeatedly since I got it

  7.  At last


    I own a few different series which the first boxset always tend to be different from the others, so with this in mind when I enjoyed watching Dr Who I thought it would be a good idea to wait for this kind of thing to be released, now it has I can get this boxset :) all I wonder is does this boxset have the special episodes? David Tennants last ones, I doubt it but just want confirmation really.