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  1.  What are you waiting for?!


    There's no boom tizz of Hollywood here, no big grand soundtrack. What we do have here is pure solid gold, THE definitive WWII documentary. If anyone has seen the original series will know great work has been done here.
    The whole release oozes quality & respect to the subject matter, playback alone is a commitment as it'll take you a while to chew through this lot.
    This is a gem, best money on a Bluray release I've spent to date.

  2.  What a release!


    First of all i'd like to say WOW! A brilliant release for the money, it's stunning!
    On to the quality. Not the best visual I've seen & certainly not the best DTS Master Soundtrack i've heard although the filmscore itself is very good...Got to love those synths.
    But after that I put the whole thing into perspective. What you do get for your money is....A superb release, presentation, content etc. On the whole the Audio & visual performance is WAY better than my U.S DVD Import, so all in all it's WELL worth the megre sum of money that Play are asking for. Classic.

  3.  Looking good @ 3 & a half


    Interesting film this. Firstly as others have said it looks fantastic the overall control that Natali has makes it, the sound is also crystal. Splices subject matter made me feel slightly unsettled as well as one specific scene did (Watch it & you'll understand) Personly I think it loses it towards the end in an effort to tie up the story, but I can't help but feel they should have been braver & thought maybe a longer cut or, because of the relevance of the subject matter a trilogy. A sequal could be a good thing or (more often than not) a very bad one. It is a good film & any Sci-fi fan should'nt miss this.

  4.  Round 2.


    Planned obsolecence is what makes the western world go round & that's for everything it seems. Spielburg & Lucas have been doing it for years & why not if you have a good product to sell? (How many times have you bought Starwars?)
    So here we have the second Avatar release. There's no point reviewing the films picture quality, no point reviewing the cripsness of the soundtrack & filmscore is there? It's stunning to behold.
    So what does this new realese give us over the the first.?
    There's three cuts here to chose from which is nice, the additional footage adds (I think) a little more substance to an otherwise generic redemption/love story. But lets face it, its the world that's been created here & the very cool, nice & lengthy addition of the "Making Of" gives you an insight into the effort put into this by the various individual artists, craftsmen & the team as a whole. There's alot more on offer as well as a 3D easter egg which is pretty cool....Round 3? i'd bet money on it.
    So I release my hard earned cash again not as a sacrifice to the fatcat studio execs & the western world, but out of respect for the good people that made this film.

  5.  Sweet


    A bit of an oddball this...In a good way. What starts off as a pritty cool futuristic thriller turns into almost a full on warfilm! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?! Picture quality is a stunner. The soundtrack & the score are as tight as a drum.
    Alfonso Cuaron has raised my eyebrows a few times now. Prisoner Of Azkaban is still my favorite Potter film. Watch out for this guy in the future.

  6.  Ol Painless.


    First things first. Arnie + Silvestri + Stan Winston = Awesome. The film is a classic NO question. The transfer is shocking though, there're scenes where there's some nice detail, but all you have to do is watch the sequence when he falls into the water to feel ripped off. I cant help but feel a little cheated. I only gave it 3 stars on the films merits.

  7.  True Grit.


    I have many regrets, one of them is not going to cinema to see this on its release. Saving Private Ryan has to be one of THE finest war films of all time. I felt I must let go of my cash as second time for this film & so bought this Bluray release (The least I could do) & was not dissapointed. Anyone who has seen the DVD will know that it's grainy to, but its grainy on purpose. Paying homage to those great WII cameramen & their kit, the film looks as though it could have been original footage. Behind the grain lies beautiful detail that has a real feeling of depth & texture. The remastered soundtrack & score are superbly done. The Omaha beach scene alone caused a visit from my neighbours. Any self respecting fan of war films should not be without this, give your DVD copy to a friend, sell it, whatever. You need this.

  8.  Turn Around.


    Fims are so subjective, it's a good job I didnt listen to the critcs that said it was dribble. If I had, I would of missed a truely enjoyable film. It's not a remake as some have said & rather than "Ripping off" I think is a homage. There're are similarities but very much a different film. The release it's self is a gooden. Picture quality is what you'd expect from a new film & that it's brilliant & the DTS Master sound track & score are top notch. I even like the return of some of the original film score by Silvestri..Nice touch (I think) But hey I thought that Aliens VS Predator Requiem was good fun...Blatantly awful! But good fun. Take from that what you will. Enjoy Predator fans.

  9.  Treat yourself.


    Straight to business-
    Alien: Picture is jawdroppingly good, yes there's some grain but people without huge bits of wood up their rears will get over that. Sound track & Goldsmiths film score are superbly done.
    Aliens: For me the star for sentimental reasons. The picture is presented in 16:9 which will fit your whole screen & again the overall picture quality is stunning. The sound track & film score still put the fear of God into me.
    Alien3: Personlly I think hugely underated, a worthy addition to the franchise. The transfer has come out really well & I think the best picture quality of the lot....& thats saying something. Sound track & film score are extremely engaging.
    Alien Resurrection: I wish I could be enthused by this film, but i'm just not. It has it's moments i'll admit but on the whole I think they should have sold the story to Darkhorse comics as it feels very seperate to the other three. Picture quality is good & the soundtrack's nicely polished.
    All-in-all a stunning release. The overwhelming thing for me was the attention to the soundtrack & film scores, it's been given the DTS Master treatment, just magic.

    Oh & 60Hrs of special features. One of THE essential releases.

  10.  GREAT SCOTT!!


    Anyone have a warm fuzzy feeling when you watch these films? I do. This trilogy is surely the film equivalent of chicken soup. As I saw in another review there's no point reviewing the films. So what does this new fangled Bluray treatment do for us? The image quality is up there with the best of them, you certainly can see the love for these films, you can also here it, sporting a new DTS Master soundtrack that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end & made me feel 6yrs old again. You cannot put a price on that!? Well, you can, it's currently below 30 of your hard earned pounds. Do yourself a favour.