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  1.  Thanks Yanks


    Can I just say, thanks to the Yanks, that in effect ended up beta testing the intital release, but that's the price you pay for getting it early. Another case of release date pressure & not being ready for us punters, Yanks or not. A patch was available for the UK realease date so by the time I got from work the patch had been implemented. Apart from a few stutters & a few crash to desktops it's exactly what i've been chomping at the bitt for.... more Fallout!!
    Thanks also to Play for getting it to me on release day, I was beginning to doubt you.

  2.  It's medication time


    Word is that Jack begged & pleaded to play this part & it shows in his performance. In my opinion his best by a long long way, the supporting cast also shine brightly.
    The picture quality is OK & sound track is a bit lacking with a standard 5.1 Dolby Digital mix, but then again this film's about the scirpt, it could be in black & white & in mono for all I care.
    But try as I might I cannot give this release anything more than 5 stars. Those of you that have it on DVD don't feel you need to venture to this one, but if you've never seen or dont own this & you can play Bluray....Don't hesitate, buy this, because it is slightly better than DVD.

  3.  Oh dear, oh dear.


    I remember the original with fond memories. So when I heard a remake was on the way I embraised it with open arms...only to have them cut off!
    Apart from a few scenes (rescued by good effects) the film was a BIG dissapointment. They had the story, the budget & the cast, whats the problem? The whole film felt like a very rushed affair in my opinion (& it's only that).
    Last but not least, i'd of welcomed the return of Bubo the owl & not the cheap wisecrack at his expence.
    On the plus side the film looks & sounds good in both DVD & Bluray format, but that's about it for me.

  4.  Lo-co


    I remember watching the original, it was bad, but it had charm which goes along way in low budget flick so much that i enjoyed the badness. The remake doesn't have any charm, but it doesn't need it becuase it's got a bit of money behind. What we have is a good Horror/Thriller that doesn't dissapoint. If you've watched the original you'll love it, if you haven't you'll love it.

    No brainer really.

  5.  Stunning


    Something I see alot of is reviews before the release. The review should be about the film yes but it's not going to tell you how it looks & sounds in the real world. I've just finished watching the Bluray version & i've had a gander at the DVD version to.

    1. 4/5 for the film. The story is cliche yes but it's not pretending to be anything else than a Sci-fi fantasy flick & that's a damn good one. The box office takings speak for themselves there.
    2 5/5 for the master. Picture Quality is stunning & DTS Master track is nothing short of breath taking.
    3 5/5 for value, offering a DVD which also looks & sounds great as well for an all-in 15 quid......Brilliant

    It'll be interesting to see what happens with 3D later this year & the Avatar 3D release & the value for money, but the first release here was worth every penny. Grab it now.

  6.  Bourne Beater? Not quite.


    I got this through the post from Love Film, after watching it I ordered it. It is unbelieveable, but it never loses track of what it is...& that's an action film. I found myself on the edge of my seat cheering on Neeson as he chews his way through Paris's scummy underworld.
    Morel is in complete control on the chair, as a veteran cinematographer he knows how to make a film look good. The action is top notch as you'd expect & the sound production is again very good as the DTS HD Master presentation will test a system to its full.
    A brillant film & one i'll enjoy watching again. My only hope is that they leave this little gem alone...please no sequals. though if they did i'd have to watch it. S.Darko all over again.

  7.  Into the breach.


    Napoleon feels like either: The game that Empire should've have been(Cough, Multiplayer campaign, cough) or the mother of all expansions, it could happen remember Kingdoms? Napoleon is graphically superior & those of you that could run Empire well will be pleased to know that Napoleon's not that much more demanding on the old resources.
    There's quite alot to chose for the single player. The Napoleon Campaign is very cool, my poision is the Coalition campaign becuase amongst all the other nations you can play as, for me it's good old Blighty, there's also a very cool historical battle campaign that's worth your time. The campaign map is smaller, it's only Europe really, but the game doesn't feel smaller because of this. The risk style part of the game has been simplified which could be seen as refreshing rather than a step back. The in battle graphics & affects are lovely to behold & the naval battles look even better with more lavish details. The Ai is still weak, however for those that want more of a challenge there's a "Drop in" feature which allows a random human player to connect to your single player campaign & fight you....Brilliant!. Multiplayer is better all round with the ability to do 2 vs 2 seige this time around. But for me it's the Multiplayer campaign, that's where myself & friend go week at the knees. no kinding we were playing for a day solid, no kidding & i'm married (not for long)
    It's sad that more & more titles that have a huge potential for the PC are ported from consoles & as a result are NOT fit for purpose. But Total War has always....ALWAYS been for the PC users. As soon as that changes (God forbid) i'm off to them hills.
    For now they represent all that is good & pure for us PC users. A MUST MUST have & at a stupidly good price.

  8.  We're in some real pritty s**t now man!


    Do you remember when you bought a game, you'd install it & play it & enjoy? (Mostly) Do you remember when you didn't need third party software to run it? Do you remember being able to play online, having a clear list & choice of which server to go for & if someone dropped out it didn't cause the game to suddenly end? Do you remember when there was no need for patches, fixes, trawling the internet for hours reading eveyones ideas about how to get the damn thing working? Only to find out that it wasn't really finished in the first place, becuase there's an endless stream of patches etc being developed. Well here we go yet again.
    AVP, im a big fan of both Alien, Predator & the AVP franchises so not buying this game was NOT an option. It is of course a console game, even though how they expect you to control an Alien with those pads is anyones guess, it's beyond tedious. So mouse & keyboard it is then. Praise the lord It is soo much easier with a mouse & keyboard, I also upgraded my PC to a damn good spec, it looks fantastic, the atmosphere is spot on, in the Marine campaign the first time you come across a bug is great, the Alien & Predator campaigns feel like an nicley polished after thought because the IA is the funniest thing you'll see for a while. My main gripe is the random stutters, freezes that sometimes brings the game back, sometimes back to desktop sometimes locking my whole PC up. Getting a stable & lasting match online is also bloody annoying.
    I bet it works fine for the consoles & yes I understand that working with clone hardware & software makes it easier to develop but, PLEASE release when it's ready. I don't mind waiting for a game that'll be "Fit for purpose" which i don't think AVP is. So I think.
    4 STARS for the game. I love it.
    2 STARS for the fact i'm having issues getting to play the damn thing!
    1 STAR for Play not being able to get it to me on release date, even though i pre-ordered way in advance.

  9.  Stunner


    A truley refreshing Sci-Fi pic, you wouldn't think that next to the big boys the megre 30 Million budget would cut it. It certainly goes to show what a good story, a damn good director, strong cast & sweet effects team can do.
    The Blu-ray release is brilliant, a nice grainey look, that suits the story to tea & you've got to love the DTS Master sound track.
    A must for any collection

  10.  Maths?!


    I'm came across this guy purely by accident...I'm soo glad I did, the guy's a genius......No really!
    A must see DVD & a must see live too, if you can get the chance.