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  1.  Unleash Hell


    I suppose you could say the DVD release was soo well mastered that who needs a Blu-ray version? My anwser would be er....YES. I do think that some scenes aren't what I expected but on the whole it's magnificent. The DTS Master soundtrack is clean, crisp & engaging as you'd expect it to be, the visuals (on the whole) have depth, an almost tangable look running in 1080p/24p & 100Hz, the colours are vivid (maybe due to the filters used) & detail is clear to see.
    I work in the AV industry, so I have some nice kit at my desposal & I have given this a lot of attention from entry level, mid-range & High end systems.
    I bought it just for the DTS Master soundtrack if truth be told, but at this price it's a absolute bargin.

    Sell or give away your standard DVD copy & buy this, most will not be dissapointed

  2.  Dark.....er


    DarrenA I couldnt agree more, i think you're spot on, now i'm not a fan of 80's music, however for some reason the music in the first film gave me warm fuzzy feeling, that the nature of the film is anything but.
    I hated the idea of a sequel & still spit blood of the idea of trying to cash-in on an absolute CLASSIC that came out of no where, but like soo many Darko fans out there I couldnt resist a look.
    Anyway well worth a watch if you can keep the two films seperate from each other.

  3.  Classic


    The picture quality could be better it's a bit sketchey in some places, but I suppose the original source will degrade quickly, however saying that look at all the good they did with 2001. With that in mind I think they could have done a little better here, however I love this film & adore the score, would be nice to see a Blu-ray release at somepoint, I think it's worth spending some cash on this one & give it the over-haul it deserves.

  4.  DOLBY-TRUE Soundtrack


    Even if you're not a fan of Jazz you have to appreciate this & one thing the Specs have missed out is that IT'S Dolby True, & this is one of it's key features....It sounds brilliant on pritty much any system you sling it into.

  5.  The Man


    Now i might be biased, but I grew up with Sir Dave, one of my earliest memories is Life on Earth. A superb series, stunning visuals, the sound track is only Dobly Digital tho but that's just nit-picking & lets be honest....It's "SIR DAVE".
    Truley inspiring stuff.

  6.  Feeling Dirty.


    This is the very first 18 rated film I watched when I was a kid, I nicked it from my folks room like a ninja while they were sleeping & crept down stairs to watch it..............Had nightmares for ages after that, mmmmm soggy toxic skin!!! Anywho, the picture quality is boardering on dire for me, sometimes it looks awsome, sometimes, dodgy as hell, Anyway awsome film....A must have.

  7.  MEDIC!!!!!!! MAN DOWN!


    The image quality is nothing short of breath taking, the dts master sound track is the best i've heard to date.......& to top that it's proberbly the best ww2 series ever made. Any av enthusiast should not be without this one. Plus awsome value for money. Must buy!!



    I've been waiting for empires with clentched fists & a foaming mouth for along time. So when the demo reared itself, i almost didn't want to ruin it for myself until i had the full game.........who was kidding, i hesitated for all of 5 secs....... It truly will meet & exceed my & your expectations. Got to have it!!!! Also big hopes for the lan campaign. Roll on the 4th.