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  1.  Curve The Bullet


    Unlike most movies that are advertised as having non-stop action, this one tell's the truth, from the opening assasination and shoot-out/ car chase to the final effects filled killing, this movie lets up. So forget about an oscar winning story and enjoy this over the top action packed thriller.



    This is one of the best british series that has been on for a very long time. This reimagining of the classic Jekyll and Hyde story is a gripping story and one of the best changes is how physically , Jackman changes very little. James Nesbitt is fantastic as both Jackman and Hyde and Michelle Ryan finally looks like a proper actress, plus Gina Bellman is also amazing in this. Once you have seen this everything else on tv will seem inferior.

  3.  Fantasic


    This movie is fantastic, this is how movies should be made, this actually feels like this could be happening, most sequels usually go downhill but the Bourne trilogy just keeps going from strength to strength. With blistering action and moving along at break-neck speed this is a must see for everyone.

  4.  Say Hello To Hellboy


    When i first heard about this movie i wasn't to bothered about it, part of this was due to not knowing of the comic books, but after i watched this i was hooked. So disengage your brain and enjoy an action packed movie.

  5.  I Wanna Play A Game


    To begin with, this movie is rare, a thriller that disguises itself as a horror. This film unlike it's sequals doesn't rely on blood-shed and rather a plot around why these two men are trapped in a bathroom together. A Definate watch.

  6.  FANTASTIC!!!!


    This show is absolutly fantastic, my dad first introduced it to me and now i am hooked, not only is the kung fu incredable but the storyline's are also amazing. Looking at the date that it first aired many people including me will wonder whether the show would look to dated or not. It definatly does not. So if you like action and drama you've got to watch this.

  7.  Fantastic


    This movie is absolutley fantastic, this film is proof that Tom Hanks is an amazing actor. The story is really strong and everyone of the actors makes the story really come alive. This is also the first movie to make use of NASA's "vomit comet" to film the movies zero-gravety scenes. A must have for any Tom Hanks fan.