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  1.  i thought it was rubbish myself...


    Good, infact great acting from the two leading men, but the story was not detailed enough at all, seems as though this film is supposed to be based on the the john dillinger (johnny depp) there was no where near enough detail on the character, you hardly learn anthing about him. The story just sort of jumps from one thing to another with no reasons.

    I got very bored.

  2.  gets boring


    Good game at first, get boring, cant be bothered to even complete it.



    This is one of my favourite films and perhaps the best british film ever made, i prefer it to lock stock, this is essential to anyones dvd collection.
    Amazing performances, funny as hell, and lines youll have repeating to your friends for months afterwards.
    "No thanks turkish... Im sweet enough"

  4.  UNMISSABLE!!!...seriously


    i can remember watching this film when i was younger, i watched it over and over and over again, and nothing has changed up to this point!!!
    i could still sit and watch this film all day long, it never gets old, its funny (chris tucker is a genius by the way), full of action (all thanks to bruce willis), and ONE HELL OF A STORYLINE!!!
    in my personnal opinion, because of all these things it is easily one of the greatest films ever made, and doesnt get nearly enough credit!!!

  5.  Epic, you must own this film!


    If you havent seen this film yet, and are wondering whether to or not, think no longer...buy this film!
    An essential dvd to have in any collection, its cool, slick and an absolute classic! I can understand why some dont like it, especially the girls, because it is a guy film all over. Ome scenes drag on a little, but its totally worth it once you get to the next scene.
    Essential viewing!!!

  6.  Very impressive


    i am very impressed with this game and am very tempted to get the others for the PS2 as i have never played them before. it uses the PSPs abilities to the absolute full and has no frustrating faults, it is however quite short so dont play it all day as soon as you get it!!! this game has restored my faith in the PSP.

  7.  very short and only if you realy like the tv show


    I looove the tv show and so couldnt wait until the game came out, it is a very good game if you like the tv show although it can be very annoying in some places, e.g. running away from the black smoke even though you cant run because if you do the dynamite in your pocket will explode!? lots of riddles also, and you feel very proud when you figure them out :-)
    i completed the game in about a day which was dissapointing, but ill probably play them again.

  8.  Good arcade game with suprisingly good graphics for the wii.


    i bought this game and i thought it was brilliant, but ten minutes later i completed it?! it is still a very good game, but with dissapointing legnth. you can play it again and again and keep taking different routes and unlocking different weapons and costumes, but it can get a little boring as sooner or later you will learn where all the enemies will pop up before they do.
    good arcade game and suprisingly good graphics for the wii.