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  1.  Brilliant!


    The best call of duty yet. Cant understand the negative reviews, I wonder if most of them have been left by Infinity Ward staff, considering the last game they made (Modern Warfare 3) was a total flop!

    Treyarch have done a fantastic job, the multiplayer is excellent, decent maps and different weapons. Not to mention Zombies which I am sure will get even better as the new maps are released. Music's quality aswel, gets you right in the mood, improved graphics (although the graphics could be abit better). Decent campaign mode aswel, well worth playing.

    I definetly won't be buying the COD games that Infinity Ward develop and release, after being let down so many times since COD 4!

    Well done Treyarch! Keep up the good work...

  2.  Excellent game!!!!!!!!


    Bought this game not expecting much to be honest after reading some mixed reviews, but I knew I couldnt go wrong buying for this price. For £5.99 its an absolute bargain.

    Been playing since yesterday and the controls & gameplay are quite easy to get used to once you start concentrating. The only reason I have given it 4 stars out of 5, is because today its crashed 3-4 times while loading. Not sure if this is a problem with my ps3 or the game, but it doesnt happen with any other game, so I assume its an issue with this game.

    The other slight let down, is the commentry from John Virgo, He's a good commentator but on this game he's constantly dropping silly jokes, that get seriously annoying after playing for a few hrs. Comments like, 'Oops I've lost my pen, OH NO there it is'. Its so ridiculous.

    But overall its a very good game and a must for any snooker fan. Not sure if it would of been worth paying full price for it though. Glad I bought it however, very happy with the game & price!

    Play should do offers like that more often!

  3.  Good game!


    This is a decent game, well worth £24.99 however probably not worth buying for any more than that or you might be dissapointed. The gameplay is more Arcade style and like Most Wanted & Carbon, and is alot more fun to play than Pro Street was, which I very much prefer. The only dissapointing thing is the graphics, which to me seem like ps2 graphics or maybe a little bit better, but still no where near as good enough for the ps3 or any other next gen console! All in all a good fun racing game to play and worth buying for the current price play are offering if for (24.99). Grab a copy!



    This game is addictive and absolutely amazing. A must for any gamer and especially Tomb Raider fans. The graphics are awesome, the gameplays great as the developers have found the right balance between exploration and action. The puzzles are top quality and not too hard but at the same time not too easy either and keep you interested throughout.

    At times it can be really breath taking, and you just have to pause the game to calm yourself down, lol. When reaching the end of each level I found myself having to sit back and think to myself 'wow what a game'. It really is amazing.

    The developers have brought back the feeling of isolation throughout the game, as its just you and Lara (except the cutscenes & boss fights) as you exlplore ancient environments and find yourself fighting wild animals and monsters.

    Legend was abit too much of an action game for me and at times felt more like James Bond than TR due to all the action and gadgets, but this is much more like Tomb Raider, which is the way it should be. If your after a hardcore action game than this probably isn't for you, but for gamers who are after an adventure game where you spend most of your time exploring, then this is the best that money can buy.

    I recommend this game to everyone, especially new comers, as its a remake of the original TR1, its a good place to start Tomb Raiding!!!! **************