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  1.  Amazing Prelude to the Series


    This would probably be my favourite Silent Hill if the second one was not such a classic game with an amazing plot. It is the first Silent Hill to be made by a non-Japanese studio and I was afraid that it might be ruined, but thankfully it was not mistreated at all!

    This Silent Hill is definetly the most scariest one that I have played, and I am a great Silent Hill fan. It gave me the chance to listen to all of its eery sound effects and mental monsters through earphones, which was an experience, and for a game for a handheld console this does not disappoint the player whatsoever.

    I was also happy that Akira returned to perform the soundtrack. It would not be a real Silent Hill game without him.

  2.  Classic Series


    All fans of anime have, or SHOULD witness this anime. It is one of the most greatest and popular anime classics ever made! Literally speaking. Even non-anime fans love this one.

    This was one of the first anime series' that I ever saw and it really did persuade me to buy more. It is just full of gun-fights, fist-fights, space-chases, explosions, drama, blood and comedy.

    Each episode represents a different mood and culture, which was quite interesting, and were all named after classic song titles too. It is amazing and will always remain a personal favourite of mine. It certainly leaves its mark with all that watch it.

  3.  Mesmirising!


    I found this Ghost in the Shell production to be greatly more better than the original. The animation was absolutely amazing, mixed with the other 3D designs and layouts.

    The plot itself was very interesting and some of the scenes in it were brilliant and epic. The screenplay and directing was definitelty the best I have ever seen in anime. Mamoru Oshii it truely a genius. The characters were also reflected on well and it was good to see a new partnership between them.

    I am not the greatest fan of Ghost in the Shell but this is definitely one of the best animated and most impressive productions that I have ever had the pleasure in watching.

  4.  A Unique Masterpiece


    Being an honest and great fan of these peoples' previous production, Excel Saga, I personally found this to be amazing.

    It is absolutely insane and fast-paced, but I assume, being a fan of Shinichi Watanabe's other works, that this is exactly how they wanted it to be. It is extremely rude, inappropriate, perversed, and crazy, but I loved it.

    Fans of Excel Saga would love this, although they should be warned that this the same level of "rudeness and atrocity" as the most imfamous final episode of Excel Saga was. Nonetheless I was never personally offended by it whatsoever but instead found myself crying with laughter through the majority of it. It is not as offensive as it is advertising itself to be. That is the type of anime it is and also the type that is good to watch every once in a while.

    Puni Puni Poemy is totally irrelevant to anything and is the most random anime that you are likely to ever see, as its plot is always twisting to the unexpected, but it is a unique masterpiece!

  5.  Excellent


    This is one of the best possible editions of the wonderful adventures of Alice. It contains the the classic, original print of the story written by Lewis Carroll complete with all of the original and beautiful illustrations by John Tenniel.

    The extra introduction at the beggining of the book, prior to the actual story, was very good and interesting to read as it presents a very in-depth description of the life of Lewis Carroll concerning his relationship with Alice and the other Liddell sisters, which is of vital relevance to the story itself in some ways. It also reveals other events of his life revolving around the creation and, finally, the release of the book itself.

    The story itself is wonderful, it being full of mysterious events and 'nonsense'. It also has its own way of twisting the english language, which is what Lewis Carroll has always been known to do. The dreamy plot of a young girl who goes through odd changes and meets odd people and animals is also very fun and humourus to read, as well as interesting and simply wonderful.

    I am most satisfied with this item and could not ask for a better edition of one of my most favourite novels. Other fans of the book, and even people who are new to the story, would greatly appreciate this book.

  6.  Most Beautiful!!


    This production is one of the best that I have seen, not only with regards to animation, but overall! Quickly and easily became a favourite. Very epic and extremely clever.

    It consists of everything: comedy, romance, science-fiction, drama, and that is not to mention the amazing art and designs. It was a truely amazing movie, and it was made interesting to watch the wonderful events which occur be repeated over and over. It was very smartly made concerning time-travelling.

    The characters are all greatly adaptable, as is the entire atmoshere of the film. It is a very happy and emotional film that has everything in it to make it an overall amazingly beautiful and heart-warming production.

    Personally, this is the type of movie that I look for, but I would most definitely recommend this to any anime fan.. and anyone else for that matter. This should not be missed by anyone! It is simply astounding! I am already looking forward to watching it once more.

  7.  Absolutely Amazing


    If you are a fan of the graphic novel of hellsing (the manga) then I would definitely highly recommend this anime. As opposed to the original TV series of Hellsing, this one in particular follows the manga almost perfectly. All of the events and order of which they occur is the same as in the manga, instead of that 'Incognito' stuff.

    What is more is that the animation is amazing, among the best. It is what one would expect from a full-length anime feature, although each Hellsing Ultimate episode does run for 50 minutes, roughly. This is definitely great to buy even if you have not seen the original series or read the manga, as it is something completely new.

    Personally, being a fan of the manga, I would say that this is better than the TV series of Hellsing. The art is so dark and gothic, which is a perfect atmosphere for such a horror production. The music is also very vampiric too. There is some bloody violence, which is to be expected I suppose but it is a lot more violent to the prior series, which is good in a way as it is Hellsing....a full near perfect adation to Kohta Hirano's Hellsing manga too, that is.

    I will most definitely be seeing this entire series to the finish!! An easy five-star production from me. Alexander Anderson was also amazing in this one, more demonic and crazier than he was before.

  8.  My Favourite Anime Movie Production. Amazing Film


    This production was made and aimed at middle-aged female audiences, although its popularity proved to attract more than that. This film was really cute, emotional, and cheerfully epic. It has proven a success along with the other Ghibli titles and was just wonderful to watch.

    It really does depend what ones preferences are, but this fit mine perfectly! What is more is that I am just simply an adolescent male. 'tis most definitely one of my favourite films and is also my favourite Studio Ghibli film. It managed to get above Howl's Moving Castle with regards to my favourites.

    I personally would highly recommend it, especially if you like drama and looking back on childhood memories.

  9.  Death Note


    This is truely an amazing anime, one in which has risen in popularity in quite a short period of time, which is understandable as it is the work of a genius.

    The characters and the way that they are portayed is perfect, as is the actual plot. Not just the story, but the animation is also simply beautiful. I have seen a lot of anime productions and this one has earnt a high ranking from me. It deserves to be in any anime fans collection, most defintely!!

  10.  "Mononoke-hime"


    This was the first film produced by Studio Ghibli that I ever watched and it is still one of my most favourites to this day. This was the anime production in which made the Ghibli Studio start being noticed!

    The artwork in this anime movie is beautiful and the story is amazing. It is very epic and heart-warming and also has an amazing cast of characters. It has a lot of action in it, yet at the same time, a lot of drama to make the actual production a lot more enjoyable and great to watch.

    I simply adored it for its plot, music, characters, and how much thought was put into it to make it what it is. A movie aimed for anyone, both children and adults. I personally do not think this should be a film to be missed, especially by any fan of anime.