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  1.  Lets be honest - its good, not great!


    Some overblown ratings for this film, with expectsations that high it won't loive up to them. Fair to say, it's certainly good fun. Worth a viw, just don't expect pure excellence, just an amusing, well done film.

  2.  Exceptionally good crude fun


    Misfits re-writes the rules on a tired genre and has delivered two excellent seasons so far (please series 3 this year!!!). Not for those easily offended but immensely entertaining.

  3.  Not as clever as it thinks it is....


    I guess after hearing all the great reviews I was pretty excited to see this film. However, only 8 mins in I turned to my mate (who'd already seen it) and said, the obvious ending is 'blah blah blah' and she replied - 'oh, how did you know - it completely took my by surprise'. And there you have it - from then on a complete waste of time, overdrawn, so so acted but nothing new at all. Not as clever as it thinks........It really was far too obvious, especially if you're expecting a twist, the not-so-subtle tell tales make it wasy to spot a mile off.... Suspect many folk can't take off the rose tinted Scorsese glasses...

  4.  A generous 3 stars!


    Having never played any of the PoP games previously I was looking forward to trying out the latest based on the overall positive reviews. It may be the case I'm not looking through rose tinted glasses, but this game is dull. Very dull. It's immensely rare I start a game and don't finish it, even if it generally sucks. But PoP is boring beyond belief. The graphics are generally good, so no issues there, but the game play is just uninvolving and the dull conversations, with the annoying accents are tedious. Sorry, I just can't see what the fuss is about. Feels like a waste of time, better spent on other, far better games out there.

  5.  Good follow up


    Very good follow up to her first album and it feels like a grower. At this stage I don't think it's a good as the first, as it appears to suffer from a couple of samey tunes! However, I would really rate this as a very good album - buy it now.