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  1.  But we are in the UK, Fanboy!!!!


    This is great value... In the UK the PS3 costs £299... This is over £100 CHEAPER! The variety and price of XBOX 360 games is larger than teh PS3 . It may have superior graphics powers but this has yet to be demonstrated in any game! It doesnt have a blu ray drive ...but signs are that though HD DVD didnt win the war, Blu ray isnt being taken up at any great rate either anyway...

    Oh yes... and the 360 had a rumble controller from day one.. and Silver online membership is FREE... Its only the gold that you pay for and even PS3 fans agree that the 360 online beats the hell out of the PS3 version...

    Dont listen to the PS3 fanboy... this is a great deal...

    and yes... I have all three next gen systems.

  2.  Ohhhh... She's got it ALL wrong....


    Great series... great second series...Set up nicely for Effie to take a lead in third series (could not agree LESS with the negative three star poster in here). Brilliantly written, superbly acted by all cast. Emotional sexy and downright addictive... For gods sake woman! (Bekkah or whatever your name is) Chris died in the SECOND TO LAST EPISODE RIGHT AT THE END... these characters wont appear in the next episode apart from..... EFFIE! Therefore requiring and episode of her own (which was great by the way). Very sensitive... very good A***

  3.  Erm... no


    harrsco... what are you on!!

    DS Lite is the top selling handheld because of its variety of games... Stop being a fanboy!

    The PSP is very nice... like all sony products, but ultimately falls short in the games area. Think of it as a portable ps2 with a hugely reduced catalogue.

    I have both... I like looking at the PSP but I like playing with the DS which stomps all over this as a games machine. I'm not a little girl by the way... I'd like to be quite a few years younger but sex change... erm... no thanks :)

    My advice.... Buy a DS for games... For MP3 buy a Sony MP3 player... if you want movies either get a Creative Zen Micro or a portable DVD player (They are cheap enough these days). The PSP is the worst of all worlds but a mighty pretty thing to own!

  4.  Utterly Superb


    Classy, so beautiful, a rare thing... An MP3 player (and so much more) that you can actually see in bright sunlight. I've owned the previous Sony incarnations and a Creative Zen Vision M. This has a smaller screen but.... Everything about it just seems so right! The sound is excellent and the interface is to die for...

    4gb is lots of space... and I have always loved ATRAC (Allows me to listen to my multipart prog epics without the annoying space between songs).

    It is quite simply.......... adorable.

    GO ON.... BUY IT.... Get the 8gb if you can, but this one is an absolute peach!!!