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  1.  Average, but still better than a lot of stuff out there


    Over the last 12 months I have discovered Dexter and watched every season. Season 3 is by far the weakest season so far, which is a shame as Season 2 is probably my favourite, so this was a real let down. Michael C Hall puts in another brilliant perfomance as Dexter Morgan, but the plot just sort of plods along, never really kicking into high gear like the previous two did. Another disappointment was Jimmy Smits as this seasons bad guy. I understand they were going for a different type of baddie in this season, but it didn't really pay off as you never get the sense that he is a real threat to Dexter. You never get the sense of 'Wow, what is he going to do next?' like you did with Ice Truck Killer in S1 and Doakes and Lila in S2. Though despite all these criticisms, this is still a perfectly watchable season of Dexter, although don't get your hopes up about it beating the first two, cos in my opinion, it falls way short. Season 4 however, thats a different story, but that's for another review...

  2.  Best gig i've ever been to, but 4 songs missing??


    OK, i was at Wembley for the Saturday night gig and was totally and utterly blown away. Apart from the Foo's, my 2 favourite bands ever are Queen and Led Zepplin. Last time I saw Foo Fighters, 2 members of Queen made a special appearance, which i thought could never be topped. But Dave Grohl went one better for this, and out came Led Zepplin for the encore! Just the perfect gig, i truly cannot fault it in any way.

    Now as such a big fan of this gig, i will undoubtedly get this dvd on release day. Although I do feel a bit let that some songs that were performed are not included! This Is A Call, Let It Die, and most importantly, Big Me (which is the first ever Foo Fighters song i heard and got me into the band years ago!).

    Cannot wait to relive the experience again, but this dvd should have included everything from that night.

  3.  One of my childhood favourites FINALLY makes it to DVD!!!


    I cannot wait to see this film again. Used to LOVE it as a kid when i taped it off the tv and was traumatised when my dad taped over it with Singing In The Rain!!!! OK, its not the best film in the world, and i bet the special fx look totally crap now. But as a fun, cheesy 80's sci-fi comedy its gonna take some beating!!!

  4.  Fun rom-com but Peggs weakest film yet


    First things first..this is NOT a bad film, its just not as brilliant as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz (Pegg's previous 2 films). This is probably because the spoof element which i enjoyed so much of these two films are not in Run Fatboy Run, its just a simple comedy/rom-com. And for the most part it is very good, if slightly predictable (but then again what romantic comedies arent??). Pegg puts in a strong performance as does Thandie Newton and her new live interest (cant remember the actors name! lol). A fun way to spend a couple of hours. Oh and Pegg's landlord is brilliance!

  5.  Great fantasy film!


    After seeing the trailers, i realised i hadnt seen a good fantasy film since Lord of the Rings (which remains one of my favourite film trilogies ever), so i went to see this expecting a film aimed at kids (thats what the trailer looked like) and was surprised to find a very entertaining movie.

    The story, while predictable like a lot of fantasy films, holds together well with a mostly strong cast. The only two characters who drag the film down are Evain and Ricky Gervais's character (I was excited to hear he was in this, but sadly his time in The Officed means he's been typecast into another similar 'comedy' character here, I'd like to have seen him play a more serious character). But these are only small faults as there is so much else in the film to enjoy!

    Oh and Robert De Niro reached true legendary status in this film. He just steals every scene he is in. We knew he could do comedy from the Meet The Parents films, but he really is something else in this. His flamboyant pirate character is absolutely hilarious and probably my favourite film character of last year!

  6.  Album of 2007


    I've only got into Foo Fighters properly in the last year or so, but i've known their biggest hits for a long time. Saw them in London a couple of months ago and was totally blown away so went and bought this the day after the gig.

    The album kicks off with my favourite song of the year, The Pretender, which is fast turning into one of my favourite Foo songs. The only song i would regard as 'nothing special' is Summer's End, the rest is just a brilliant mixture of hard and acoustic rock. When i heard that Home was a piano ballad, i was sure it was going to be a disaster. However it is one of the most beautiful songs i've heard in a long long time. Everything on this album just seems to work, even the instrumental Ballad Of Beaconsfield Miners. If you know the story behind it, it is a really nice track.

    Sadly i couldnt get tickets for the Wembley gigs this summer, so look like i will be playing this for a long time yet, screaming my heart out!

  7.  Better than GH2, not as good as GH1


    After i passed on the painfully average looking songlist for Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's I was really looking forward to getting this for christmas. I was expecting more of the same and thats exactly what it is but with Boss Battles which add something a bit different to the game.

    The tracklist is fairly good with a few rock classics and a few i hadnt heard of but have since downloaded and love. While better than GH2, the songs are not as good as GH1. Another thing is that this is harder than the previous 2 games. Your fingers have to be a lot faster on the later songs on Easy, and all on Medium. Raining Blood on Easy is a lot harder than most of the songs on Medium were in GH1 and 2. But because its more of a challenge, its more satisfying when you clear a chunk of songs to unlock the next few! Because of the harder difficulty, i can see myself playing this for quite a while yet!

  8.  Weakest of the trilogy but still damn good fun!


    When i saw this at the cinema i wasnt too impressed with Pirates 3. Too long, a bit confusing, and pointless plots. Upon rewatching it on dvd i found it to be a lot more enjoyable but still flawed. I still think that they could've easily cut at least 20 mins from the film, including most of the stuff involving Calypso being 'released'. Seems like that whole plot was solely for the reason of creating a big CG whirlpool thing where the final battle took place. Its also at times hard to keep up with who is on what side and why everyone wants to be the one to possess Davey Jones's heart.

    Performance wise, as always its Depp that steals the shoe, and Geoffrey Rush is also excellent as Barbosa (so glad when he came back at the end of the second film!). Keira Knightly tries her best but i've never seen her to be a particularly strong actress, and Orlando Bloom is also a bit weak.

    But if you can look past all that you will find an enjoyable pirate film, just a shame its not as good as parts 1 and 2.

  9.  Such a letdown but still a solid superhero film..


    After the way Spiderman 2 blew the first film out of the water, i had high hopes for this. Although there is a fair bit i liked about the film (mostly special fx, action sequences), there is even more wrong with it. Too long, Tobey Maguire gives his weakest performance as Parker to date, and some of the humour was just embarrassing. When Peter struts down the street i actually had my head in my hands thinking 'What the hell are they doing???'.

    Its still worth a purchase at £6 but i sincerely hope they dont drop the ball like this again for Spidey 4!

  10.  Good, but not worth the hype it got...


    The amount of hype when this film came out let it down a bit. 'Better than American Pie' they were saying. While it is a funny film, its not the funniest of the year by a long shot. It just felt a bit too long, and even though he was a great characters, i got bored with McLovins adventures with the two cops. I much preferred Knocked Up to this.