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  1.  Uncharted 3 = BEST GAME EVER


    I loved the 1st two games and each time they just get better and better and better. I don't know how naughty dog do it, but it is just amazing. The graphics are stunning the story is EPIC and the multiplayer is one of the best i have played on ps3, it has been majorly improved
    10 out of 10
    game of the year and probably the best game EVER MADE
    every1 with a ps3 needs this game

  2.  Amazing


    I didn't like the beat for this game so i was not sure if i was going to get it but... i am so glad i did, this is the best FPS i have ever player

    ITS AMAZING 10/10



    If you liked the other motor storm games, then you will love this
    it is 10 times better than the other games in the series.
    thanks a lot sony.... another great ps3 exclusive

  4.  not bad


    it is an ok console - the 3d is ok ( not as good as ps3 ) the graphics are still not good enough. There is 1 major major problem though..... if you are under the age of 6 - BE CAREFUL IT CAN DAMAGE YOUR EYE SIGHT

    But overall, it could have been worse

  5.  Comedy Genius


    Pure comedy gold, every single episode was just hilarious.... looved little Britain and loved this just as much. I really really hope that they make another series.

    Keep it up, great comedy



    WOW, didn't think that little big planet could be improved but how wrong was i. The game has improved in everyway possible, the graphics, the gameplay and the amount of different things you can do.
    This is a very very strong contender for game of the year - any1 with a ps3, you MUST buy this game.

    This alone would make ps3 better than xbox - well done sony (=

  7.  Greatest trilogy of games EVER !!


    I never played the sly games on ps2, i have missed out. If you have never played the sly series, you really need to buy this, sly is now my favourite game of all time and the best - even if you have played them before, im sure you would love to relive some great moments in the sly trilogy. Sly makes son better then microsoft, glad i am a sony man, not a microsoft man.

    sly 1 - 9/10
    sly 2 - 10/10
    sly 3 - 10/10

    can not wait for playstation move heroes and sly 4 !!

    well done sony another brilliant series of games (=

  8.  Best darts game ever made


    This game is so much fun, everything about it is great. It works perfectly with playstation move and works just as well with a dualshock controller. A lot of world class dart players to chose from including the 1 and only Phil the power taylor.

    There is only 1 fault with this game - when a dart player enters, it does not player there official music, it plays some random song. This however does not effect the game but just would have made it perfect

  9.  Not fun


    This game has tried to copy mario kart and modnation racers but.....nothing will ever beat mario kart, so this game looks terrbile in comparison and it is no way near as fun as modnation racers because there is track editing, car editing and editing your characters.

    Poor game

  10.  Why ps3 Beats Xbox


    This is by far the best racing game on any console. Graphics and everything are 10 out of 10. This is one of the games that show off what the ps3 can do and how it beats the xbox and any other console.

    Brilliant game, possibly the best game of the decade. Simply amazing.
    thanks sony and keep up the good work (=