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  1.  Resident Evil 4 Expansion pack ?


    I remember asking for updates when I first saw this game way back....A robot assasin with clips of other guys with guns set in the future and (at the time) amazing facial expressions - I wanted to know more. Unfortuantly the game released is nothing like those first clips...what we have as an end product is Resident Evil 4 done in a really bad way - go on break open those boxes, talk to the black market trader lets move around with the 'over your shoulder perspective' and where Resi Evil 4 made you think you forget it was a set path Dark sector is so ridged and tight with only one way to go - this game makes you feel like you've already played it - dissapointing to say the least - dont bother buying, rent it.

    Oh well only 23 days left till GTA IV comes out :)

  2.  Dont buy it - a complete waste of your hard earned cash.


    This is a really poor and dissapointing game - repetitive maps , boring - each mission the same as the last, terrible story, awful script, most forms of vehicle have been removed before games release, the whole army of two thing is gimmicky and the game 'path' is completely set in stone.

    This game was my first PS3 online game , me and a friend were very much looking forward to playing this until - in a short period of time we discovered that the blind fireing is more accurate than precision, that the melee attacks were crap and repetitive and it seemed the enemy has to be facing you to perform these attacks ?(why have a knife and not use it, just for show?) we had save problems on each other machines etc etc. I could easily go on - to be honest this is a ps1 game with better graphics, it does nothing for the powerhouse ps3, I you have played this just stop and think of the actual potential for this game and then look at the disaster that is army of two.

    Stick to COD4 or wait for GTA IV but for the love of god leave this alone.
    P.s My mate Darren completely
    agrees with me :)