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  1.  Just Bought Another


    I popped the full size SDHC into my Sanyo Exati CG20. I was warned that the card should be formatted prior to use and that the card might not operate correctly if used in another camera etc before.. It worked straight off for both videos and still photos. Playback from the camera to my TV was seamless. Perfect. It did the job for me. So much so with the price as good as it was I bought another.

  2.  Slower Than Treacle Coming Out of a Pepper Pot


    89 minutes was too long for this film. I just did not enjoy it. The story could have been thought provoking but it just did not work. It even made reasonable actors look mediocre. Not for me.

  3.  5 star for price and storage.


    I received one of these as a present and I know that it cost £10 more. I have never seen it cheaper anywhere. The product itself does the job but it is what it says 'basic'. For the amount of storage the unit is small.There is an auto shut down but I do not hold a lot of faith in this method of isolation. I switch it off at the mains.(There is no power switch on the unit.) From past experience this protects the power supply along with the drive. The power supply comes in the form of 13amp 'brick' plug. Useful if it fails and should be easy to replace.The drive itself is silent. Transfer rates are up to spec for USB2,however in practice with such a large drive the movement of large multiple files does take a while,best to switch it on and leave it to do the job while you do something else. A Sata connection would certainly help but for the money what can you expect. Anyone looking to store all their music,pictures and video files should look no further.

  4.  Worth it for the money.


    I bought this and the 2 unit case. Both have been given 5 stars and I would buy another of each for all they cost. This soft sided case has a zip fastening but has nothing to allow you to attach it to anything. The extra large tab you can see in the picture is just that. It is attached to a small ring so it would be possible to hook something onto it for extra security. I easily fitted 4 drives into the elastic and net retainers. It is designed for small to medium drives. However without any adverse effects I fitted an older larger Sony drive with a small drive opposite. I looks like a small purse and would comfortably fit into a pocket or a bag. If you are looking for something to hang from a belt go for the 2 unit case. This unit would made a nice addition to a laptop bag and would keep all your USB drives together.. It fits well into the Case Logic range and has the same quality appearance as their other cases. For under £5 it is certainly worth it for anyone with several drives..

  5.  Cheap and Useful


    Great for the money hence the 5stars but it is not without fault. With all but the smallest drives it strains to hold them. This is both a bonus and a problem. The bonus is that they will never move. The problem is that with the velcro fastening only at the curved end it is all that holds it shut .This means the unit does not fully close all the way round. With only one drive in the unit it looks better.(Sandisc Cruzer for example).When the velcro is undone you slide the drives into either side and they are visible through the clear plastic which does not close or have a flap over. The stretch of the material holds them firmly in place. The case is attractive and will best suited to being clipped to and hanging from a belt etc. I also bought the 4 unit case which has a zip fastening and if you want something for a pocket or bag I think this may be a better option but it is almost 3 times larger than the 2 unit case.
    All in all it does the job is better than nothing at all. I would certainly buy another one at this price and would recommend it to a friend. It certainly looks and is a lot better than 2 drives hanging loose from belt etc. and will offer protection to them.

  6.  Excellent Device


    Nicely crafted 1" portable hard drive. It is about the size of 2 very small USB flash drives. The supplied software is very good but you do not have to use this if you do not want to. I have used it on both Vista and XP and it has worked flawlessly. It comes with a padded drawstring pouch and a USB extension lead. It looks the part and for £17.99 the price is excellent. It should be remembered that this is a small hard drive and not a flash drive and therefore will not stand up to the same treatment solid state flash will.
    Overall an excellent made product with good transfer rates at an excellent price.

  7.  Speed Boost Enabled


    I totally agree with the other review. It is worth mentioning for anyone running Vista That this product was shown as speed boost enabled when I used it with this operating system. It is therefore fast. When I used it with XP I had a slight problem as it did not operate the first time I plugged it in although it was seen. I think that this was due to it trying to install the software provided and already installed on the drive. The second time I plugged it in it worked. The USB is extended by pushing forward a clear plastic switch which illuminates when plugged in. It was shown as 2 drives on XP and Vista which is down to the software installed. If you do not want to use the soft ware provided you can still simply drag and drop files. It has a small hook at the back which can be attached to a key ring. It is extremely light and portable. It is still great value despite a slight price increase since I bought it.

  8.  One of the Best


    It is also excellent value with all of the games on offer. With out a doubt 5 stars. A must buy game. There are so many games you never seem to get fed up. with them.

  9.  As good as Sony


    Put this into a Sony W300i mobile phone'and it was recognised immediately and worked flawlessly. Can recommend this product , service and price. I think it should work with all the new Sony mobiles with up to date software.