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  1.  What's going on??


    Ok, I know what everyone's thinking whenever Nicholas Cage makes a film nowadays. What kind of ridiculous wig is he going to wear for the film this time.
    I'm afraid that's as intriguing as it gets about this film. The plot has been done many times and adds nothing new, the sub love plot is just so unbelievable you just don't care what happens to them. The action are your sub standard fares, in fact, I really can't find anything good to say about this film because we've already seen the wig Cage wears before. Avoid!

  2.  I'm all alone.


    Maybe I'm all alone out there but this second part of season 7 somewhat disappointed me. Having started off so strongly from the first part, they seemed to have ran out of ideas in the second part of the season. Don't get me wrong, I love all the CSI series and particularly this original set, but you just wonder if they've exhausted all the posible ways to kill somebody and just recycling some of the older ideas. The miniature murder case was an anticlimax that merely served to end the season on a cliffhanger while the Ending Happy episode was something that's been done before, it felt cheap and devoid of ideas back then, and it's even worst now that they've recycled it again. The developement of the main characters is virtually non existent while Grissom and Sara's love tangle just gets more and more frustrating to watch. We've had 5 seasons of tension already, just how much longer does the writers think they can drag this out for without coming to a definite conclusion?
    This could have been the best season with such strong stories from the beginning, but I think the writer's strike probably disrupted the flow half way through the season and it showed with a few episodes that seemed out of place. Let's hope they can get back to form come next season.

  3.  One for the fans


    A weapon based fighter is not that common even at this day and age. Shattered Blade, strictly speaking, isn't really a pure fighting game. It feels a little too gimmicky. The controls is a nice touch, you use your remote the way you would with a real weapon in hand to attack and block, and shake it like a mad man when your special move power meter fills up to unleash a special attack. The animation is great annd brings the anime to life.
    This game isn't really for the hard core beat'em up fans as it lacks the finer details that makes up a great beat'em up. The characters are big and bold and moves smooth enough, and there's plenty to choose from, 32 in total. The game mode is your normal anime fare, battle mode and story mode with bonus story contents to tie in with the anime.
    This is by no means a bad game, just not for the hardcore players. But if you're a fan of the anime like myself, this game will be a lot more like an old friend and certainly worth your investment. But if you've never seen or heard of Bleach before and just want to look for a good beat'em up, this game will give you instant gratification, just don't expect it to last for more than a couple of day's play.

  4.  Great western film


    If you're like me, then you wouldn't have heard too much about this film when it was released on cinema. Not being a big fan of western, I wasn't really expecting too much from this film, so I was really surprised at how much I liked this film. The storyline is your typical western plots filled with honour, loyalty and integrity. It started off slow to set the characters in place but soon picked up, Crowe and Bale both gave great performances as the main protagonists and it's a story about these 2 man coming to grips with who they really are and earned mutual respect. They fed off each other well, even with the film being nearly 2 hours long, there wasn't really a dull moment. And I do agree the ending could have been better, but then again, there wasn't really an alternative that would have made it any more believable. The extras on the DVD is quite good and gave a history of the infamous cowboys which was quite enjoyable if too short. Great DVD to own, don't miss out!

  5.  Mayhem


    For those of you that have an Xbox and been playing this game from xboxlive for £5, you might think Nintendo is stitching you up asking £20 for what is a £5 game. But not everyone has an XBox and certainly not many can afford multiple consoles, and for £20, this game is definitely worth every penny.
    Basically, this is a purist's shoot'em up game, a frantic shoot'em up at that. You shoot what comes at you, you shoot some more, and there are more things to shoot. there are different planets you can unlock by picking up the geoms left behind by the enemies you've blown up. the only gripe I have with this game is that, it moves so fast, sometimes when enemies pops up behind you, you don't really have time to dodge it before you're killed, but for a £20 game, you'll be able to look beyond that and welcome this game with open arms.

  6.  Another dull Sandler comedy


    The basis of the storyline in this film should have worked and yet it didn't. The casts in this film should have worked, it didn't. The problem seems to be Adam Sandler himself. His brand of comedy is so formulaic, everyone can predict what he's gonna do or say next. There are certain comedy actors out there that never gets old and reinvents themselves over a period of time, but Sandler seems to be standing still from his Billy Madison days. When one of your central character is so predicatable, no matter how much good work the supporting cast do, the film will ultimately fall flat on it's face. I think he should give serious acting more chance, his performance in Punch Drunk Love and Reign Over Me was superb and this film just doesn't do it for me. Mind you, Rob Schneider totally stole the show with his brief preformance.

  7.  I had a dream


    Back in 1996, when Sega was in direct competition with Nintendo over the N64 and the Sega Saturn for the berth of King of Consoles.
    Sega's original NiGHTs into dreams came head to head with Super Mario 64 and left battered and bruised in it's wake. It still had a cult following with it's fresh and original approach to a new genre, but Mario's genre defining platformer was too much for any games to take on.
    More then 10 years later, NiGHTS: JOD comes face to face with yet another ground breaking Super Mario Galaxy. Although they're now both on the same system, you can't help but want to see what the outcome will be this time.
    I was really excited when they announced the release of NiGHTS on Wii because I was a big fan of the original game on the Saturn and felt the Wii remote would be the perfect controller for such a game.
    JOD stayed faithful to it's predecessor in every aspect, from the parallel mission structure to it's glorious soundtrack and backdrops. But one thing that really surprised me was how bad the Wii remote played on it, it won't be long before you want to swap it out for a gamecube controller or it's classic controller. The other annoying thing is how unforgiving the game can be. For example, after slogging your way through 3 flight stages and faced with a boss, if you're not quick to adapt and learn the boss's weak points and defeat him in the strict time limit, you'll be looking forward to doing the flight stages all over again. The new addition of earning masks to transform your titular clown into a new form gives the impression the programmers only put them in just so they can say they've added something to the original. You'll only use it when the boss fight demands it rather than to enhance or change the dynamics of the general game play.
    Having said all that, this is still a beautiful game to play and reminded the old NiGHTS fans of what was so special about this game. It's only spoilt by the over zealous programmers trying to evolve a winning formula and created more problems instead of enhancing it. Still a fine game in it's own right and should be given a chance to shine.

  8.  Great for kids


    This game is just an extension to the Nintendog theme. You get a dolphin instead of a dog to look after. This game won't really appeal to your teenage and adult gamers, but kids will love it. You raise your dolphin like a pet and train it to perferm tricks, what more can you ask? Although there really isn't that much to do in this game, it serves it's purpose and there's certainly a market out there for these types of games. If you're lookin to buy your 6 yrs old kid a DS game, this is a competent little game and does exactly what it says on the tin.

  9.  Zelda Classic


    If the title has the name Zelda in it, you can be pretty sure it's going to be quality. I know every Zelda games are hyped by magazines and websites as such, and rarely do they disappoint.
    This little gem is another classic Zelda fare. It borrow the cel-shaded graphics from it's GameCube cousin, and what it gives is details of expressions on Link's face and works perfectly on the DS. And the use of the touch screen to control little Link is so intuitive, you'd have forgotten you weren't using your convention method of controlling him before long. Just don't over do it on the sword thrust, or you might break your screen!
    The game is just what you'd expect from a Zelda game, your usual puzzle solving and run around in lots of dungeons, as you progress in the game, you will get more gadgets to help you navigate the dungeons annd for those purists, you can always go back to previous dungeons you visited before and get your hands on some of those out of reach chests that was previously impossible to obtain.
    There are a couple of side games involving shooting cannons from ship and shooting arrows, each will reward you with something very useful if you do persevere with it. Then there's salvaging treasures from the bottom of the sea, although you can skip these but when you play a Zelda game, the point is you will want to discover and obtain everything in the game.
    This, by far, is the best Zelda game to date on a handheld, and I'm really looking forward to the next instalment.

  10.  Subjective


    The thing about any Moore films is you'll either agree with everything he says or totally against it, there's just no in between. His views are so strong that he leaves no room for subjective arguments. This, along with all his previous films, will please his fans. But if you're not a fan, this won't change your mind about him.
    It's so easy to just paint a picture of negativity and condemnation, but in my view, he could have put his point across more subjectively and not so in your face. This film will please his fans but will be a bore for those who like to look at arguments from both sides before deciding for themselves what's right or wrong.