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  1.  enter "the thing!"


    first off, visually the blu ray quality perfect and there's a few moments that use the surround sound well. the movie itself is great as either a stand alone or as the intended prequel to the 1980's the thing, the acting is great and the story well paced, with some good action/violence to boot. the effects are good but not perfect, though personally I liked this as it was almost a nod to the less than perfect effects of it's predessessor. all in all I liked this movie and would recommend it to fans of:

    super 8
    the faculty

    finally, three things I learned from this movie are:

    1) mary elisabeth winsted is gorgeous (though I already knew that)
    2) flame-throwers are awesome (I already knew that too)
    3) prequels aren't always aweful, sometimes they can be great!!!


  2.  has received overly hard critisism


    ok so SKYLINE, firstly this is not INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! no will smith with his cheesy (typically black) one-liners, no president giving over-the- top gung-ho speeches & no jeff goldbloom defeating aliens with his laptop. what it is, is a lowish budget invasion film in the relms of war of the worlds/cloverfield/district 9 sort of genre. yes it could have more action, yes it needed a bigger budget, but NO it is not as bad as people are saying, I personally liked it, the acting is not as cheesy as I'd heard and the CGI is decent, the BLU-RAY transfer is pretty good and over all I enjoyed watching it. this is not the best film i've ever seen but it is a LONG way away from being the worst!!1 films like TRANSFORMERS 2/G.I.JOE/TERMINATOR SALVATION/CLASH OF THE TITANS all have much bigger budgets and are ALL FAR WORSE!! give it a chance...

  3.  GREAT!!!


    Denzel Washington preforms brilliantly as ELI, and Mila Kunis is good also, thr story is well told, perfectly paced, with good action sequences space throughout. the soundtrack is eerie and overall I enjoyed the two hours I spent watching it, it has been compared to THE ROAD but personally I found it far more enjoyable and interesting. The BLU-RAY transfer is excellent quality for both sound & visuals.... RECOMMENDED.

  4.  ... my mind is going... i can feel it.


    there are lots of reviews for this film mostly positive all of which i agree with so just sit back & enjoy this 40+ year old film in glorious HD and prepare to be dazzled at the quality of the picture, its amaziing.

  5.  awesome!!!


    one of the best war films ever made. if you've seen it you already know that & if not, treat yourself. the blu-ray transfer is wonderful, coulors are vibrant and it looks amazing concidering its age... great film.



    well I cant believe this fim has so many people raving about it, it has nothing intelligent to say and the very two dimensional characters stories only intwine ever so slightly in my opinion. the film is far too long and i found myself bored at several points. honestly dont know what all the fuss is about, truly an overated film.



    first things first I think some people has h slated this film a little unfairly, it's not the best movie ever or anything but it's also nowhere near the worst. the 3-D is not too bad adding nice depth in most parts but works better in some places than in others. the acting is fine and the story while basic, is pacy enough and keeps you geussing till the last 25 minutes where you still have 3 suspects to choose from. the front of the dvd claims "the blood seems to fly off the screen!" it doesn't it looks to fly onto the screen only once and on the back it claims teeth are wrenched out... no. maybe a deleted scene? anyhow I gave it a kind 4/5 to make up for some very overly negative remarks and personally found it at least a watchable film.

  8. Spun



    20 New from  £4.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.28



    I'd neve bother seen or heard of this before I bought it and was very suprised by it. the film is somewhere between trainspotting and fear & loathing in las vegas and is more enjoyable than either of them. it is quirky, energetic and has some nice trippy visuals, and is quite funny in parts. overall I'm glad I took the time to watch it.

  9. Nightmare


    Avenged Sevenfold - CD

    27 New from  £4.38  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.85

     R.I.P. REV


    another great album from A7X, I've been a fan since their early days and love the direction they've taken as a band. this album is as good as any other and is a must for fans new and old.

    R.I.P. Jimmy, you will be remembered foREVer.

  10.  ABOUT TIME!!


    I can still remeber the first time I saw this film when I was young ! I thought the gunslinger was the coolest bad guy ever coz he scared the living daylights out of me! brilliant film! and it's about time it came out on dvd!