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  1.  Slick, quick, it will take you!


    Taken: I Will be honest it took me by storm-for the sake of being cheezy I am taken with it.
    Very slick fast moving film- you have to restrain yourself from blinking-the action is so quick- no time for boredom- with a story line which grabs the attention, possibly because of how real an issue the sex industry is.
    Would not watch with those who are under 16 though (I know it is an 18) But dont let your 14 year old son watch it- that would be a big mistake.....great for you and the mrs (or mr) but not one for the whole family!

  2.  Terminated


    We all know its a great action movie, very entertaining with some good effects, nothing special though or groundbreaking!!
    This special steelbook edition as the review below pointed out is a little disappointing.
    However if like me you have bought it simply peel off the back cover, mine was falling off anyway and you get the original steel box picture which makes the overall image a lot smarter!
    At the price- Good buy!

  3.  Time to be critical


    Don't get me wrong, I am a huge 24 fan! HUGE! And although as seasons have gone on its gone downhill due to a lack of storylines, season 3 being the pinnacle! 24 redemption is too predictable although it has the feel good factor. For the 24 thing alone it gets three stars and its ok as action movies go. Worth a buy if your a 24 fan, if your just into action movies buy something else for I fear you may be dissapointed!

  4.  A Surprise!


    Now it was hailed as the new "Gone With The Wind" so when my wife asked to watch it I was quite hesitant, I knew it would be long with the potential to be soppy, and there are better ways to spend your evening!
    BUT Guys and girls, its great.....nothing like what I thought it would be, entertaining, comical with an outstanding plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Yes it is long, but well worth it and as far as Im concerned I feel it will be a hit for a long time!!!!!

  5.  EA SPORTS- Its in the game


    Now I used to be a fifa man, classics like fifa 98 road to world cup had me playing all the time, and then along came pro and for a while I turned to the dark side, however fifa 08 grabbed my attention and now fifa 09.
    First up its fantastic im still a little unsure about the be a pro mode but im just getting used to it, gameplay very realistic shame about one or two things involving the referee, but the introductions of delayed bookings for fouls earlier in proceedings I think is great.
    If your a pro evo kinda guy or a Fifa guy this is the game for you.
    I bought it recently and i cannot stop playing it.
    5 stars

  6.  Great humour once again....


    The fresh prince on dvd. Now i bought this series a while back and was not disapointted. Firstly the price-great value for money especially for an entire boxset.
    Secondly this show just cracks me up, i dont believe there has been an episode in this entire series where i did not laugh, so if you need cheering up this is the series for you.
    5 Stars!