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  1.  a novel in dvd form


    Heavy rain is closer in nature to one of those chose your fate childrens books than an actual game. As the story progresses you make via quick time event choices that will affect the out come of the game. This is both the games strength and weakness. Playing the game I never felt in control of the characters because of the poor control interface. The six axis cannot convey proper motion in situations were quick choices need to be made. . Often I would wonder if (were it possible) this game would of been better on the WII using a true motion controller. The story is compelling with some great reply value thrown in due to the different out comes based on your choices. The graphics are lush but are still not at the point of convincing realism. An interesting experiment let down by a poor controller and interface.

  2.  just like a reunion with an old friend


    This is by far the definitive adaptation of the classic books by Kenneth Grahame. The animation is so perfect in its style and pace and with an amazing range of voice actors that fit the characters to a tee.

    The perfect antidote to all this fast paced CGI rubbish that our kids are subjected to nowadays. Sit your kids down with this and watch their faces light up with joy.

    A true classic

  3.  A must for all transformers fans


    This film is a huge part of my life. I went to the cinerma in 86 to see this (showing my age now) and have owned every version of it on video, dvd (and the cd sound track -twice) and now blue ray.

    The transfer onto blue ray is far from perfect, i would say just above better than dvd, but it is nice and clear and the sounds good, but for a 20 + year old film what can you expect. This is the version i will play over the last dvd copy i bought since on that they alterd the sound and added stuff that did not work.

    Great story, awsome pumping sound track and sweet animation. One word of warning kids under 7 might find this more than a little upsetting. Their is a lot of violence and one case of mild bad language. The ratings wrong on Play, its not a PG its U on the disk but it should be a PG for the above reason.

    If you want to get some one intrested in the world of the Tranformers then sit them down with this and not the live action mess of a movie that Bay screwed up.

    10/10 for the movie 7/10 for the disc.

    ps buy the sound track!

  4.  Game of the year


    Once again Valve have knocked it out of the park. This is all the horror fps genre games rolled into one and boosted to a factor of a million. Ignore those that say its lite on content, their missing the point. This a stripped down stream lined monster of a co op game that will keep you coming back time and time again. And thats were the fun is.

    Single player works great, the Ai works well and your team wont let you down but consider single play your training, co op is were the fun is. Playing as the survivors or the infected is such a blast and in this game you have to work together or you wont last long at all.
    And the best thing about left4dead is that no game is the same twice. The Ai (called the director) monitors your play and adjusts the conditions. So your team is doing well the Ai will throw more Infected at you or your getting whipped the Ai will slow things down.

    An awsome game that i hope will be supported with more maps and future upgrades (not that it needs them)


  5.  A shiny ray of light in a sea of sci fi trash


    Firefly, a shining hope from the fertile brain of the chap that gave us Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel. After much interference from the networks only thirteen episodes were made, but each one was a gem. Real people in space with real issues and real dramas. A cast of characters not clones with perfect ideals and nice teeth. No warp drive or star gates, no phasers or people with lumps on their heads. Firefly was a breath of fresh air and the network killed it.

    Fast forward three years and Serenity is born to the big screen. In every way a continuation of Firefly (with out even needing to see the series) with the same cast note perfect and in every way a far superior film compared to any thing seen since the first Star Wars films. The story is amazing; the special effects work well with out being over bearing and the actor's shine with out over stepping each other.

    Serenity is a fitting end to the Firefly series.

    A solid gold must buy.

  6.  dont trust the next gen hype


    Lets get this out of the way right now...the PS3 is not the wonder machine Sony claims. Like the Xbox 360 the PS3 is a stop gap no more. The PS3 is a multi media platform, Blue ray,games and internet all rolled into one shiny package, but oddly only the Blue Ray player really shines (more on that in a sec).

    Better sound graphics and game play thats what we were promised. Graphics and sound oh yes indeed in spades! The PS3 can throw around some amazing visuals provided you have the right gear to help it on. (side note: my review is based on the fact im using a Samsung 50" plasma with a stand alone surround sound audio set up). But the games! man oh man we are being feed the same stuff as we played on the PS1 and the PS2 just buffed up and made shiny. You will not find any thing new in the current crop of games lining the shelf that i promise you. The same tired racer/shooter/first person games that populate every system with better shiny graphics and sound. What in the name of captain Kirk were Sony thinking when they lumped their next Gen console with a last Gen controller??? and took out its rumble feature! and!! shoe horned the dreadful six axis tilt and slide thing which does not work....at all! honestly could Sony have been any more transparent when Nintendo produced the Wii remote? None of the games ive played use the Six axis in any good way. Its like trying to play with dead fish stuck to your hands while skipping in a barrel full of greese. With Sonys vast cheque book and amazingly smart R&D dep and this is the best they can do????

    So to the Blue ray player. This is the PS3's strongest selling point. Good mid entry player that works amazingly well and will play some of the most unloved dvd's (my collect of *cough* scratched adult movies work fine on the BR player) and it remembers you postion on a disc after you take it out! how good is that?

    So the upshot is if you want a pure games console buy a Wii,(avoid the Xbox 360 with all your might!) if your new to games then this will suit you fine and you will get a nice BR player in the bargin for a good price , but dont expect any thing new.

  7.  A jolly good scare


    After all the hype and every one and his dog telling me that the blair witch project would make my bottom munch a hole in the chair i just had to see this at the flicks. Lets get this clear this is not the exorcist nor is it friday the 13th. If you want blood or boobs or gore and wakcos with burnt faces then move on this is not the movie for you. What you have here is a film that works on pure fear, fear of the dark, fear of the unseen, fear of the people you know or think you know well but are the same as you ..scared people. This worked for me, infact they had to peel me out of the chair when the house lights came up.

    Buy this, turn off the lights and unhook the phone. And make sure have a flash light spare...just in case.

    Filling your pants o'meter: Their will be stains.

  8.  amazing


    Ah mister Hauer you will allways hold a special place in my hart for starring in this movie. The Hitcher is one the best road movies out their and a real cult classic in every sense of the word. The best way to watch this is alone at night in the dark with the rain hammering down outside!

    Forget Tarantino and death proof, the Hitcher is the one you want, But please please dont watch the sequal or the remake!

  9.  A much darker place......


    We find Mulder and Scully in a much darker place at the start of Season 2. Mulders quest to find the truth will cost him far more than he realises and will have far reaching consequences for Scully and for the future of the X-files.

    This season ups the stakes while introducing new supporting characters and story lines. Also the writing and acting are stronger and show a series willing to take risks.

    Episodes to skip: Firewalker

    Scully sexy o'meter: warming up well

  10.  it begins.....


    The X files was a true phenomenon. A perfectly timed window into the mistrust and paranoier of our age. Its a credit to the talents of the writers and actors that from the very start we care about the characters of Mulder and Scully, that we want to follow them to all the dark places in their search for the truth.

    So if your new to the X files or and old friend seeking reaquaintance this is your stating point.

    Episodes to skip: Space

    Scully hotness O'meter: wet fish