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  1.  *hitman


    This is not a very creative game, linear, unoriginal and boring. Currently the only competition to the Assassins Creed franchise (which totally blows as well, for the same reasons listed above). Much like the FPS, which has been ruined by CoD, the stealth action game has become a repetitive genre. But as the consumerist drones we are (i'm guilty as well), we religiously buy into this trash thinking it's going to be the shizniz, we send them millions of pounds year in year out, and what do we get in return, cheap imitations and countless mediocre titles trying to revamp past classics. The only good stealth game is Metal Gear Solid and maybe Splinter Cell 1.

    In conclusion whatever this game is called, Assassin's creed...is that it? Totally blows.
    Gaming is going down the pan with this tent-pole franchises.

  2.  No just...no


    This game is freakin' awful. There's no relation to survival horror, it's straight out action...done badly. Despite it's failings, at least 5 was a little more subjective. This just doesn't get the user emotionally involved, I remember the days of 3 when I'd be brickin' it whenever I heard the voice of Nemesis saying "S.T.A.R.S". Oh and also, way too cartoony, zombies shouldn't dissolve when killed. LAME LAME LAME GAME. I do like the story though...

  3.  The most overrated game ever.


    The game is good till you reach about level 30. Then you realise how much time you've wasted on it and think, jeez I have better stuff to do than constantly hack at a dragon, or make shed loads of leather armour just so i can get my smithing skill up.

    The environments are good but after a while you don't really care for walking places as it's all the same, just look out your window if you want good scenes. Eventually you just start fast travelling everywhere, like you get a quest that in reality would take quite some time cos you have to walk there but nah, just fast travel grab whatever's in the cave and blurt. max time of about 15 minutes, try doing that 100 times, get's kinda boring.

    I'm level 40 odd now and regret asking for it for a bday gift cos i'd feel bad trading it in. It's so boring at this stage, nothing is a challenge and I don't even have the best equipment. All I find myself doing is shouting people off cliffs cos it's kinda fun watching them fall down.

    Not forgetting the countless glitches, and the annoying way your character kinda slides across the floor cos walking is just to uncool for this game.

    yeah basically not a very engaging game after a while and you'll regret the hours you spent playing it when you could be getting some real action. I actually give it two stars.

    Peace x

  4.  AMAZINGly bad


    Graphically this game is a huge downgrade, it looks like a disney cartoon, it's slightly better than WaW but that aint saying much.
    Online campers are worse than MW2 , I dunno maybe I just suck online, but if you not one to sit around in a corner of a map while you're getting a semi on the couch then you'll just get rinsed. There are connection issues a plenty too.
    Story mode sucks balls, played for about 2 missions and was well bored. Zombies is the only thing that's ok, and that gets old very quickly.
    Treyarch just aren't as good as Infinity ward.
    This game just doesn't have anything new going for it.......

  5.  Fit


    The characters in this game are so so fit, that's a good enough reason to buy it.

  6.  Error


    So many glitches in this game it's so poorly made.
    One time I played it wouldn't load this guy I had to get a quest off and I was stuck from there. What a Load of bull.

    Get Fallout 3 when it comes out, way better.

  7.  Insanely good


    This is without a doubt the best game to grace this earth. If you had a PS1 and 2 and played the old ones but now have a different console or none at all, get a PS3 for this game you will not regret it, it ends magnificently and you want to see it.
    This is the just sooo freaking good i have nothing bad to say about it, no game can compare to it. I just want to go back in time to the first time I ever played it and experience the joy from playing it for the first time again. This game will never get old.

  8.  Without a doubt...


    The best game that is going to be out on the ps3 since its release, until metal gear solid 4 comes out.

  9.  Better than Oblivion


    Graphically nothing on the PS3 can beat it, baring in mind the size of the game, it's outstanding. Oblivion was sooo bad the graphics was awful and this is almost as big. Gameplay can get repetitive but you have just got to think of more elaborate ways of killing your target. Escaping is the best part, scaling walls and diving through merchant stands, I am yet to find a single building that you cannot interact with. If you want something different and a better single player game, defo go for this, this is soooo much better on your own.

  10. PES 2008

    PES 2008


    2 New from  €19.78  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €1.97



    I'm not the biggest fan of football games but I did take a shine to the previous PES games, especially 6. I decided to buy this as my friend was also and thought it would be good online. Turns out wat I thought could have been good was bad gameplay at its finest.

    They have completely tarted up the offside rule, it's obsenely bad, the ref blows up so much you can barely have a smooth flowing match. The dive technique is so pathetic, the goal keeping is crap and there is no point in a defence if the goalkeep just fumbles the ball so much.

    Now online is so poor the only good thing about it is that itfinds you a challenger quite swiftly. In a match it's sooooo laggy and it's a complete shambles, the ball teleports to the other side of your player, you take a shot it's going in, oh wait no, its at the feet of your apposing teams striker. BAM!!! They score cos of a crumby network.
    In conclusion this is the worst PES game to date I duno if it's better than FIFA but neither of them are worth it as football games aren't that good. You want a good online sports game go for NHL 2008, no lag and generally much more fun.