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  1.  Amazing phone, poor battery.


    I love this phone to bits..
    Without a doubt the best phone i've ever experienced using..
    Looks outstanding in black or silver. I have black..
    Easy to use.. A very simple and user friendly phone.
    Shame about the battery, but the phone itself made up the fact the battery goes after about a day..
    But still
    If you don't want all the fancy stuff, and just use your phone for loads of texting, and phone calls. This is the phone to have.
    And even better..
    Its £70 !!!!!!
    Most good phones i've had are £300-500 !!!!



    Well, great phone got it for my birthday
    chuffed with it, loaded up some music for my birthday
    and well, first tryed the music, the earphones poped straight away, not the best start, so then bought new headphones, second pear, not bad. then after a while, after putting this phone in my pocket, the buttn, just came off like a bit of paper, ruined, so rang vodafone up,a nd they imideatly sent me a new phone back, got and the button fell off again!, in the end i gave up, got a refund and bought the SAMSUNG U600. hope this helps people into not buying it!.

  3.  Hmm


    Ok, Im not like wow!
    I mean, i had this phone for what, 2 months
    great!, loved it, and then well, it went tipped lol
    One day at school, it fell out of my pocket at school, and smashed half the screen BROKE!, then the next day the other half, i mean to be honest, the screen is usless, and to add to that the blumin cover broke. to be honest, it was my fault, but my old W810I got dropped etc, and it was fine! i dont see why the screen is so uselss, oh well, the phone is an overall, 7/10, love the phone, shame about the quality, hope this helps, thanks, just dont drop it!