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  1.  a classic chick flick


    Love this film!
    must see
    ive watched it again and again and again
    (we all wish we could have that lifestyle hehe)
    plus Paul Rudd as 'josh'
    is lovely and cute! (also seen as 'mike' in friends)
    Is pure chick flick goodness

  2.  lovely mug


    strange that the mug isnt in the photo...
    its like the tea one also on this site...
    but strangely enough has coffee coffee coffee written on it.... (in the pattern ofthe coasters in pic)
    my coffee mad friend loved it
    bargain for 2.99
    great stocking filler

  3.  brillant!


    bought for friend as part of his birthday....
    not much of a shock at the start... (maybe it was warming up?) then he tried it again and he swore! lol....
    i refused to do it cos im a wimp
    so he was teasing me with it and then stabbed it into my leg....
    i swear i saw a spark
    get one as a stocking filler now

  4.  Love it Love it Love it


    a rare occasion where a sequel lives up to the first film
    i love it
    have watched again and again for a feel good laugh

  5.  i Love this book


    Amazing book
    such imaginative ideas
    yes its american and some ingredients arent that easy to get hold of
    but reese's are in some supermarkets
    or just use a alternative
    be creative
    which is exactly what this book is about
    just bought the sequel 'whats new cupcake' cant wait to read it

  6.  what needs to be said?


    toy story speaks for itself
    everyone loves it!
    and i picked this up for 12.99
    total bargain

  7.  pretty good


    loooks good from a far, dont let people get too close.
    coloured one is better
    great for fooling friends, or beefing up your boyfriend ;)

  8.  fun joke gift


    bought as part of a wedding gift for my sister an my new brother in law. all taken with a pinch of salt, great bit of fun :)
    good quality
    paid 2.99 (so thats 1.50 a mug with free p+p! ) bargain!

  9.  great!!


    i use this 30 minutes a day 6 days out of 7
    its made a great difference, not just weight loss, but more flexible and toned.
    i have set routines that i do, but i also love the mix of activities. so you dont get bored. and your always trying to beat yourself.
    graphs of weightloss and bmi are really encouraging! you can see your hard work paying off :)

  10.  great for family occasions!


    thoroughly enjoyable, for all ages ( from 12 upwards)
    we play at family get togethers, the cards have lasted a really long time, we still havnt got through them all.
    simple instructions
    very fun!!