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  1.  Not as good as the first


    Its not as good as the first, but its still up there.
    Even though the first one was loosely based on the real life story, if you want to find out what happens next then this is a must..
    Also check out The Legend is Born: IP man - which is based closer to the real life story of IP man. If youre a fan of this particular story its worth getting all three, watch IP man 1, 2 and finally the prequel the legend is born IP man.

  2.  its worth it.


    So the story isnt as good as the first, but watch the extras on the other discs and some of the bad story will be explained.
    that being said, ive seen it twice in the cinema and this film made $500 million in a few weeks. that says something.
    if youre a fan of the first you will like this, the films is a little long but still good.
    remember there was a writers strike during the making of this film

  3.  AMAZING quick and easy


    The best bits of vista and XP. Rmember the days of windows 98 (never havingh problems) 7 is the future, so easy to use. Extremely fast, i was not sure whether to install this, because of drivers not being availible, i have the professional version. AFter install just have a lan internet connection and let windows update do all the work.
    All the correct drivers found and installed, I havent looked back at vista since. The best windows operating system since 98!
    Super light and fast
    installation took just over 30 mins, on 2 different pc's simulatneously.

  4.  its great


    installed it to my pc, installed the edimax drivers (i know there are issues, the ralink site was being really slow). Then vista 64 bit updated the driver its self using windows update, if you want to avoid the edimax driver, use a lan connection and let windows update do the rest for it.
    Works great with the bt home hub.

  5.  great piece of kit


    This hd pvr is perfect for people who capture games etc.
    only one small fault (im not sure if this applies to everyone who bout it), i hooked up my ps3 and xbox 360 to this via the component cables, and when using the output of the pvr the quality of the image is slightly reduced. not by much (on a 32 inch tv), but when i got the pvr connected to my HD projector it was clear that i had lost some quality.
    its very minute and i wouldnt think it would make much of a difference on a screen size of 46 inches and below.
    recodring to pc/laptop is straight forward, the only thing that takes very long is converting the file to another type.
    This pvr codes in MTFS (what ever that is) and to change the type can take a very long time.
    just over 20 mins footage of a gta IV multiplayer game took 1.13gb of my hard drive.
    i still do not know the figure of the converted file type yet, but im sure it will be very large.
    the playback quality it very good and the recording is also.
    i definately recommend this to anyone looking for a good pvr capture card.
    one more bad point is play.com used the home delivery network to send this parcel and that courier service is terrible.
    they aparently had my package at my local depot for 2days, and on both days they had loaded my parcel onto a van.
    it wasnt delivered until the third day!!!..
    oh well i have it know and it works great

  6.  easy to use


    If the xbox is off, i connect it to my pc to charge.
    also once connected to the pc, if the controller is switched on, it can be used as a wired controller. how easy is that.
    charging doesnt take long.
    no need to pay for disposable batteries.

  7.  theyre great!


    definately worth the price tag, you can watch downloaded avi videos using a usb or streaming them from the PC.
    xbox live has no comparison, online gaming is the future.
    playstation is still good, but has online gaming ground to catchup on.
    new xbox's dont get rrod, the new xbox live experience is amazing, it makes the console so quiet when play games from the hard drive.
    cheap and cheerful, great value.

  8.  album of the year


    This album is crazy sick....
    Best rapper alive right now...
    I think the track listing is wrong though on this site

  9.  great


    This monitor has amazing resolution. good value for money
    the picture quality is good, watching videos is good..
    using it as a TV/ DVD player is good compared to my sony bravia..
    all in all very good monitor with many features..
    The tilt works fine

  10.  best in the UK


    You can see why kano is the best...
    sick flo carrier