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  1.  The Imperialist


    This is a good game for the DS, the graphics are excellent in DS terms and a classic Metroid adventure from the 2D games transfered into 3D is quite exciting.
    The best part of this game is the multiplayer which is worth buying the game for. With Wi-Fi you can just spin around in morph ball mode but the best is owning download play Samus with the Imperialist.

  2.  Like a Surgeon


    This is a really cleaver game because it is just another puzzle game but it gives you a life or death edge. This is a really fun game with great graphics and great use of the touch screen.
    This game can get really hard and there can be a awful lot of talking between surgery but its all worth it after you save a patent by pulling a 9inch piece of glass out of there hart.

  3.  Oh NO I'm Thinking in TETRIS


    This is an ultimate game for tetris fans and beginners with plenty of cool modes it is one of the most addictive games for the DS.
    My only problem is that its so addictive that when your not playing you are thinking about how those mystical blocks fit together and even looking at objects in every day life and thinking "an L-block would fit there."

  4.  150cc of a great game.


    This is the best hand held Mario Kart by far, with superb graphics and plenty to do this is a great racing game.
    But the staff ghost data is super hard to beat.
    You won't be disappointed with this one.

  5.  A Good DS Game


    This is a good game for the DS but my problem with it is that most of these games you can play with other people with out a looking at a DS screen, like bowling which is allot more fun in a bowling allay. Even playing 4 other people with download play doesn't compare to actually playing these games for real.
    A good concept but a pack of cards is much cheaper.

  6.  Sweet Game


    This is one of the best game of the film games available.
    Think Driver but your a giant robot that can transform into almost any vehicle in the game and then give that vehicle your own two color custom paint job.
    This is quite a short game and the lack of not being able to turn in to a jet until the end is a little bit annoying but leveling up your transformer and finding new sweet cars to transform in to make up for that.

  7.  Ok, not great.


    I got this game as a fan of the T.V. series not expecting a great deal of exciting game play, and that was pretty much what I got.
    There is a lot of detail in the levels and one of the good points about the game is that you can swing the camera around your character 360 degrees but controlling your character with the DS control pad takes some getting used too.
    The main bad point about the game is that it gets boring as you will die a lot and this means that you will need to backtrack and with low health it can be hard.
    Fans of Aang will get some pleasure out of it when you kick Fire Nation ass but it will take you a long time.