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    Got this at 8am this morn and its a great game the 4 wireless controllers feel abit fragile but once they have the batteries in them they feel ok

    There are quiz packs on the PSN already but the choice of questions on the game disc its self is amazing if you looking for a fun family game or a fun game to get your mates around and have a few drinks with then get this game

    The host Buzz is funny as ever 5 Stars

  2.  Ignore him!!!! they are great


    These little beauties are great the fit snugly on to your PS3 controller and for some reason they just make the PS3 controller feel a little bit chunkier

    It's great for sports games when you finger slips off the trigger and bam you tackled also tried them with battlefield bad company and they work great no finger slippage at all

    For £3.50 the are worth it and you not going break the bank

  3.  Very Nice


    Got this wallet yesterday and the quality of the wallet is amazing, its made very well and looks fantastic

    The design is great with a clear panel for any type of I.D and on the other side there are 3 card holders also there and 2 pockets behind each side

    Over all for a tenner you can't go wrong with this


  4.  Glad I Didnt Buy It


    I and so glad I only rented this film.

    To great actors in a very poor story very predictable and no real climax just stutters to an equally poor ending

    I wouldn't recommend this film

  5.  Great


    This film is great it has you thinking form start to finish with an excellent twist at the end

    I would strongly recommend this film and Anthony Hopkins is great in this film

    "My Dick Is Good"

    At points I found Anthony Hopkins wit very funny

    If you like crime films with a twist then this is for you

  6.  Great


    This film has some great opening scenes and the story is great. The acting is very good and the story really hits home there's is something for everyone in this film action, drama, emotion

    I really did enjoy this film and I really would recommend this.

  7.  Great


    Got this game over the week end and I'm really enjoying it the graphics are amazing and the cars look very nice. The driving is really good and crashes and fun to watch to a point. It's nice that you can drive around and do you own thing

    If you looking for a nice racing game then I would get this

  8.  Its good


    I got this game on release day and I was pleased I am really enjoying it never play a rainbow six game before and this is a nice little game but it lacks in a story line like others have said I find my self fighting though the scenes but not really knowing why!!!

    I am going play it till the end and then have a go on the multi player as I have heard there are a few problems with it.

    If you looking for something to tide you over till GTA then get this

  9.  Glad I only Rented it


    Seen this film on the shelf and it looked great read the back of the box and thought this looks really good

    Then I watched it!!!

    Like others have said it starts off great jumpy scene girl running around with a monster after her. Then it just gets stupid my advice would be to leave well alone it was so bad that we turned it off 30 minutes in


  10.  Gripping


    I found this story very gripping and interesting

    Another excellent book from Chris Ryan at the price you can't go wrong.