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  1.  A Even Better Party Game!


    I got this the other day because i absolutly loved Buzz: Quiz TV and this version is a whole lot better then Quiz TV, more interesting rounds and the 8 player version has been worked on so it lasts longer.
    The characters are funny as ever and Buzz himself is fantastic when he makes fun out of the loosing players!

    This version calls your name out as well this time which adds a whole new interactivity to the game, and he remembers how many games you've won and what your good and bad at.

    Cant reall fault this game because the more players the funnier it is! Definatly a must have party game!

  2.  A Cheesy Funny Horror Movie


    Clearly you can see hints towards the Evil Dead movies that Sam Raimi once made, its not a film to be taken seriously but just sit and enjoy it. People have gone in expecting a pure horror but this is cheesy tounge in cheek horror.

    A good film with a brilliant ending which actually creeped me out abit!

  3.  huh?


    You a fan of the game series? or even the first film? well avoid this load of low budget looking zomibes/puppets.

    The 2nd movie was bad enough with the graveyard scene (made no sence unless they were buried incredibly shortly after they were infected!) but this one lost the plot to the point where fans of the original film and the video game seires want to throw something at the screen lol WORST ENDING EVER!

  4.  'A Cream Egg Without The Cream'


    In the UK we have one console Dragon Quest game, which is on the PS2 'Dragon Quest VIII' In Japan there have obviously been alot more.
    This is the first outing on the Wii and by all standerds they've taken out alot of the great bits of the previous titles, simple things likeexploring vast lands and combining all the many many items you find along the way.
    The best way to describe this Role Playing First Person Shooter is 'A Cadburys Cream Egg, without the cream inside'. The gameplay is on rails, meaning all you to is press forward on the Wiimote control and he goes along his path until enemies jump out of the sides and attack.
    For an obsucre reason the company avoided using the nunchuck wich could of worked well with using it as the shield.
    In the end this is a very hollow game and for fans of the previous Dragon Quest games they are better off waiting for the Dragon Quest DS game coming out later this year. For people looking for a fantasy game for young children however this might be worth a rent.

  5.  Just Like The Show


    I got this the day it was released, it looked great.....2 hours later i felt like i was robbed.
    This was repetitive with gameplay, and you had to face the black smoke like twice! the others wernt scary, and it seemed the characters were reading from a script from behind the camera! no effort of soul into what they say.

    Really it's alot like the series, you start off not knowing what the hell is going on and at the end of the game, you STILL dont know whats goin on....oh and the kicker, all the stuff you do in the game from start to finish meant nothing (watch the ending and you will understnad)

    Worth a rent if your a die hard core fan of this abismal series but otherwise ignore it and let it get thrown in the Bargin Bin

  6.  Touching


    Being a fan of pretty much every Studio Ghibli movie to date this was a instant buy for me, as usual it did not disapoint.
    Though it is a huge leap from other Studio Ghibli movies but thats mostly due to the fact it's based off a novel rather then a original story, so already it's like they've had to keep the story locked in a room.
    Around about halfway through the film there is a song that is incredibly touching and was brilliantly drawn too.
    Also i would like to point out that the English dub like all the other Studio Ghibli movies was utterly fantastic.

  7.  Rivals The iPod


    I recived this after waiting ages for it and i had it on charge for about 4 hours and so far it's lasted me 5 hours with still two bars left.
    The build in speaker is fantastic, it actually sounds like a pro CD player.
    You can change the theme of what the menu's and such look like, from a simple background with selections on the bottom, to the stylish lights forming a music note or a photo etc.
    8gb is far more then most people actually need, i've got 400 songs and that about 1-2gb so thats putting things into perspective.
    The menu is sometimes hard to follow but once you get down with where to navigate to certain things it becomes easier.
    Touchscreen is very good and feels very stylish, though make sure you press the right button otherwise you'll change something you with you did'ent.
    All in all it's a fine piece of equipment and well worth the cash.

  8.  Fantasic Stuff!


    For all these people complaining about the Subtitles, quit complaining cos it is at a fantastic price and the dub is actually quite good!
    Deal with it basically folks and enjoy what you got. =D

  9.  Look Into My Eye


    Got this on it's day of release and it plays brilliantly, the only let down i would claim is that it's got a poor Single Player, theres something not quite right with playing a card game like this by yourself, you really need a friend to play it with. That said you would also need a extra deck of cards (£6.99 on play.com) so you can play against your mate.
    The online mode can be fun, but it's a tedious process to scan in your cards, tell the thing how many are in your deck, find a player, the computer tells you what cards are in your 'hand' (it's all done virtually) which then forces you to shuffle through your deck to find thta card to place down. It's very time comsuming so not really worth it in the long run, not if your a plug and play gamer like me.

    So to sum up, if you got a friend who loves to play this game as much as you do, then add a star to the score.
    If you love to play online, keep it at 4 stars.
    If you don't hae any friends to play with and no online access, give it 3 stars.

  10.  Next Gen Goodness


    I played the recent demo on the US PSN store and i was no let down.
    It plays exactly like the last games but everything was visually stunning, even the hairs on Ratchets head.
    The story sounds brilliant as well, uncovering the mysteries of Ratchets race and does Clank really have a soul?

    All will be revieled in this brilliant PS3 titled game!