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  1.  Good but needs more for the money


    This is a great game to waste time with, the castle building element is... ok but to be honest anno has more in depth take on this, also its EASY... no I mean VERY easy, within an hour I had a pretty large castle and over 1000 of each resource, the game isn't very challanging and some of the dialogue and characteristics make it seem like its aimed for 9 year olds (probably is but based on the fanbase of 20 year olds I asumed otherwise)

    Another issue is the crashing, the game randomly crashes and freezes at certain points which distracts from the overall feel,

    And my final point has to be on graphics... they look like they are from 2006, not a bad point, its playable and the physics are very good but it just feels last generation in many aspects, sound is good however but graphics need a serious overhaul, they are currently ps2 level.

    Overall I give the game 3/5 its a great game as said to waste your time with but gets boring quickly unless you play the campaign, also the free play mode is dull and time consuming and misses alot of the campaign elements like combat and exploration, its good to build your own large castle but after an hour or two when your caste has walls a developed army buy no enemy to fight.... sort or makes the army useless.

  2.  one of the best games i own!


    this game is brilliant,I dont know what the reviewers were drinking when they reviewed this game but I found it like the other 5 reviewers here fantastic!, it was riddled with depth, exciting gameplay and brilliant realistic retro 60's feel, not only that the game is set over 10 years meening the first 5 chapters of the game are set in the late 40's with very old fashoned cars then in the 50's everything starts to modernize and you actually feel as if you are in a living developing world, even if the cars look old to us now in the game you feel as if your driving the latest tech avalible,

    this game is a masterpeice for any game fan to love, i havent played mafia 1 but why would you need too? this game is far superior in graphics and as far as my friends are concerned gameplay as well.

    My ratings:

    -graphics: 8/10, the graphics in this are amazing, sometimes i forget im playing a game and feel as if im playing a movie, expecially in a car, the reflections and ambient lighting are brilliant.

    - sound 7/10 its very good but the audio when driving and walking down he street can seem a bit shallow and lacks the depth of a real city, sometimes my character is standing in the heart of the city and i can hear myself think!

    -gameplay 9/10 this is one of the best storys i have played to date, its nothing like gta 4! its far superiour, in this you feel like you are in the mafia, not just a rambo wannabe like in gta 4, not only that you cant really compare a game made for teens and kids to a game like this...

    overall its a must buy for any gaming fan, and looking at the games that will soon be relesed i say this is a good contender for your money for the next few months, the only negative I really have about this game is the length, its long but not long enough, I completed it in just over 3 days, it took me a week to complete other games in this genre such as gta.

  3.  brilliant!...for a while


    while this game shows potential and promise it sadly fails to deliver, the system gets old pretty quickly and you cannot fully use the customizable features unless you "unlock" things which takes a loooooooooooong time!, played for 2 hours today and realised after that this game isnt worth more, its too long winded (things that could and are simple in other games are seriously stupid here) and the actual missions and gameplay as said die out pretty quickly, there are only about 5 different game modes! which you can do on this apparent "multiplayer" i have only played and many others with about 3 poeple every 10 minutes and for a game which is ment to be "multiplayer" this isnt all that good!

    then we come on to the playability, the controls are good but you need to slow your mouce down a bit, next thing are the graphics, they are good but so badly optomized, it felt like my pc was trying to play crysis maxed out with not even close to half the graphics crysis acheives,

    so basically yes... this is a "good" game but nowhere near brilliant, i got bored after 2 hours, unless you have alot of time on yor hands with no real game then by all means get this, i will try and get into it next weekend, until then this game will always be good but needs improvement 3 stars

  4.  Great game but very repetitive


    this game is one of the best games to be relesed this year, the grapics are stunning alough there are huge gaps in this, the atomsphere, map and main characters are very well designed with alot of detail, however most of the "background" cars and characters (which you see most of the time) are not, a great example of this are the citizens they look like something out of a ps2 game,

    next up are the physics, to put it simply, they are terrible, driving a car is like driving a barge, the turning circle is apauling and at high speeds the smallest adjustment will send your car spinning into some dramatic movie style crash... very unrealistic!, then there are the gunshots, shooting an enemy with a pistol is the equivilant to shooting them with a tank! they fly all over the place like theres zero gravity, once again a fail for a next gen game

    then we come to the story line, as many reviewers have put it, DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY, seriously the storyline is terrible, its an example of "its so bad its good" which is true, you get to points in the game where you think to your self "are they making this up as they go along" like when.... actually i wont spoil it for you lets just say it involves the island from the series lost...

    overall this game is good, not brilliant, its a very entertaining laugh which will keep you tied up for hours like i am, the main story line is short however, lasting little over two hole days of play but the sub missions invovling the overthrow of the gooverment are longer and will take probably a week to complete (i havent finished them yet) so my overall ratings are as follows:

    -graphics 8/10 brilliant most of the time, but do lack severely in other areas

    -sound 6/10 the sounds are all the same for most ai and vehicles annd get very repetitive

    -gameplay 8/10 this is purely for the "its so bad its good" the gameplay cannot be taken seriously but is very entertaining and comes straght out of a 8 year olds dream

    -overall i give it 4/5 star, the gameplay though repetitive is still entertaining, and i would reccomend this to anyone who likes the idea of a cross between red faction gurilla and far cry 2 (which is pretty much what this game is)

  5.  great game but arrived DAMAGED!


    well as the title says its a great game with hours of gameplay and fun, the graphics are spectacliar bla bla bla you get the picture, what annoys me though is that it arrived damaged, i know this is the royal rubbishes fault because they have gone so far down hill but its still an annoyance receving a game you pre orderd months ago damaged because some low life from the royal mail stepped on it

    so as my ratings usally go

    gameplay 8/10
    graphics 10/10
    royal mail -1/10

  6.  brilliant!


    This is one of the best games i have played in a long time, it sucks you in and you can easily end up playing for hours waiting to discover the mystery at the end of the game!, if you like a good long game with stunning graphics and action then this is for you, im getting the 2nd one for christmas and it will be the first game i play on my new 5870x2!

  7.  i think this is the game that got lost behind the sofa!


    After playing this game halo 1 has brilliant graphics, the gameplay is complicated and frustrating as well as very time consuming and feels as if it belongs in 2003, seriously they could have invested alot more into this game, you really have to buy it to beleive it, so in my personal opinion the ratings are as follow:

    Gameplay 4/10 (too complicated and poorly optomized but the reaserch the only thing i can do is good)
    Graphics 3/10 (they are so apauling i thought i was playing somekind of free cheezy online game until i enterd the battle simulator when they wre ok but i only receved around 2 fps!!!)
    Game engine and playability 2/10 (you cannot, i repeat cannot go into the battle simulator, it is too slow, and for a game thats based on "war" its seems a bit stupid)

    In all 3/10 for a game that was relesed in 2008 i would have expected at the least the graphic quality of halo 2 but this game is so poorly optomized i cant really say if its good or not because i can hardly play it let alone get the feel of it, and i have way way over the reccomended specs, i mean a 4870 and a 3.2ghz quad core that can play crysis on ultra high cant play this game hmm...

    Also just for the note this game was actually made in 2004, do i need to say any more?

  8.  sc4 only 1400ad


    brilliant game, great fun with loads of features, i have been playing it for over 2 weeks and its one of the best games i own, the game really sucks you in and you can end up playing for hours, however the travelling times are way too long, it takes almost 5 minutes for a ship to reach another player and pick up res, apart from that great game

  9.  well what can i say its RUBBISH


    after playing the sims for a few years i was hoping this game would be good but sadly no its not, sure the graphics are good and the gameplay is even more babyish but at the end of the day thats the problem this game feels like your in some kind of weird pg comedy for toddlers, its no where aimed at 12+ more like 6- not inpressive, also the clothes and haircuts are terrible expecially for children there are only 2 realistic styles the rest are just poorly made,

    this is the first ea game that i can say feels manufactured unlike the other sims in the series, the sims needs to be aimed at all ages not just toddlers who just like mooving pictures, that and the fact modding this game is near inpossible, i understand there covering there backs from the previous epesode with all thoes adult mods but what about the 90% of us modders who arent perverts and like modding our game for fun? , im sorry but unless they do some radical "growing up" they wont get anywhare with this game, im looking forward to the sims 4 dont bother with this rubbish unless your planning on letting your 6 year old daughter have it or someone whos blind and deaf

  10.  great game if you know what your doing


    i dont know what everyone else is going on about, you see this game is like grid, you love it or hate it, the mission editor is amazing if you know how to use it, thats the main selling point of this game and im dissapointed that play.com didnt emphasize this fact, i managed to create a huge war with over 1000 ai, just look on youtube and type arma 2 1500 ai and you will see what i mean,

    so in a nutshell if your just buying this game to well buy a game and dont get into it you will not find this game exiting but invest some time in the editor and single player and you will soon see the light,

    also i must say this is NOTHING LIKE CALL OF DUTY, if you get shot you die like real life, you dont magically recover your health like in cod, you die plain and simple, in my opinion if you want to be rambo and never die even after being blown up, shot in the head and chest then play cod, but if you want a real shooter that feals REAL then go for this game

    also a final note this game is VERY power hungry, forget the "reccommended" specs you need at least 3ghz quad core to run this game at med high settings smoothly and a decent graphics card, well have fun and forget the cod fans making rude silly teenage comments below me