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  1.  Zombie killer with a pulse


    If you have read my reviews in the past you will know I am a fan of on rails shooters - mindless trigger pulling without the added hassles of having to move your character around, just shoot whatever is put in front of you as quickly and an accurately as you can. HOTD Overkill is just this kind of a game. Based on the B-Movie theme the script and plot is cheesy but that is the whole point. The language is definately adult and if you are thinking about buying this for minors you should be aware that the content is not suitable. If you are old enough to drink then plug in and play. The story is basic - you can be either an Agent or a Detective (or both in 2 player mode) investigating reports of missing people when you discover the walking dead and feel the uncontrollable urge the blast them into ablivion. There are several levels each with varying degrees of difficulty and numbers of zombies with a Boss Fight at the end of each one. The more points you get the bigger prizes you get in terms of upgrading you arsenal. The scratchy visuals and excellent sound track give you a real Pulp Fiction feel. The game is compatible with the Wii Zapper but my preferred choice is the Nyko Perfect Shot. This game has loads of replay attraction and should keep you popping caps into the undead for months to come. Top game!!

  2.  Excellent Addition


    After purchasing the Wii Zapper I really got into the on rails shoot-em ups. Whist the Zapper is a great gun I wanted that Dirty Harry/Lethal Weapon experience that you just don't get with the former 2 handed version. Before you all start screaming "Oh God, why don't they shut up!" - I am left handed and find the Zapper slightly constrictive. The technical parts of games such as manouvering around, zoom etc require you to use your more fine motor skills as such this leans towards my left. Unfortunately as the Zapper is two handed this means I have to use my right hand as the trigger hand which does not sit perfectly. The Nyko Perfect shot eradicates this problem. Not only does it give you that bad ass, pistol popping feel but with the nunchuck adapter in the base of the gun's handle it means that you choose between left and right. This gun is great for RE Umbrella, Ghost Squad and in fact pretty much any quick fire game. Great gun at a great price and adds another dimension with the hand gun feel.

  3.  Aim for the head and the zombie's dead


    I love on rails shooters and this is by far the best I have found on the Wii. If you are not familiar with the films the story is pretty basic. A corporate company has spent millions messing with genes in order to create a super being and ofcourse in doing so they have created zombies and other demonic creatures. Your job is to get in and take them out before they destroy the world. This game is fantastic for sit back and blast away fun. As an on rails shooter you do not need to worry about moving your character around a mine field of levels as you are taken on this journey by the game. To add some extra fun you can collect weapons, files and health additions on your mission to improve your play. As with all shootem ups once you have destroyed dozens of various zombies, drooling creatures and the like you have at the end of each section a death match with the worst kind of enemy who is far harder to kill. The game has several levels and several chapters to complete and will keep you entertained for days if not weeks. As there are always options: turn left, go right.... to choose from you can go back and play it all again but differently. I can't recommend this game highly enough if you enjoy some frantic lead pipe cruelty on the walking dead. Can be played singularly or as couple. Superb game at an excellent price!!!

  4.  Rock On!


    Having had this game a while now I can say it is great fun and a great pick up and play game. The concept is fairly simple; play the right notes at the right time and the crowd will go wild. The game has 2 main themes - quick play where you choose individual songs from the play list and pluck away or career mode where you embark on a tour of various venues playing playlists pre-chosen by the game. In order to progress in the career mode you need to play well. You are further rewarded by getting paid peanuts (to start with) which you can then use to buy locked songs, upgrade your guitar or clothes etc. The further you progress the more songs and options open up. The game has 3 standard levels of Easy, Medium and Hard as well as getting harder the further you progress within each chosen mode. As I am not an expert on music by any stretch I was not familiar with all the songs but you don't need to. My only complaint is that I am left handed and as such need to play the guitar upside down. As I generally play this with my wife who is right handed and we only have the one guitar it is a pain to keep swapping the options on the guitar. We generally have to take turns by playing 3 or os songs and then switch in order to make it worhth while. A second guitar would take this problem away but at around £40 it is another investment. In short this is a great game with lots of replay so plug in, strap on and enjoy the ride man!!

  5.  Roll up, roll up..........


    This is a game for all occasions. Single play, group play, young and old should be able to get fun out of what is basically a very basic concept. As the title suggests the main premise behind the game is to go around the carnival/fayre competing in the various games and stalls to win prizes and tokens that will open up hidden challenges. You will get to grips with all the games in a short time but the challenge lies in getting the bigger prizes to open up the hidden games which is not as easy as it first looks. Despite being somewhat repetative at times the game has enough to keep you going especially if you judgement is scewed by a few beers with your mates. Solid party game and great for younger gamers.

  6.  Great to see the old cars in 2008


    I got bought this as a present and have had a lot of fun with it. It is the usual driving game with no frills, no drug dealers, no guns just cars and tracks. The real pull of this game is the cars themselves. Strap yourself into a range of British Classics such as MG's, Triumphs, Coopers etc and away you go. The graphics are ok and certainly won't blow you away, the soundtrack average but the courses can be really challenging. The control part of the game can be unforgiving and each car reacts very slightly differently to the next which keeps you on your toes. What I love about this game is that you can't crash out. You can stack your vntage car into as much as you like and the little thing just keeps on going. Great British engineering ~ if completely unfeasable. Solid game that can be bought at a good price.

  7.  Rooting, tooting cowboy fun!


    There really aren't enough Western based games to choose from but this one is by far the best. With several game options to keep you busy for days and side plays along the way you will not get board with this game in a hurry. The basic story leads your character through towns and Bad Lands looking for answers that could affect the rest of his life. During this journey your get to shoot a lot of bad guys, ride horses, blow things up and generally act tough as you pick away at the clues to give you the answers you need. There are Indians, Sheriffs, Gun slingers, Padres, Saloon girls and all matter of A-typical cowboy fun. The graphics are great and the sound superb however there are glitches in the system. At times the game crashes and if you haven't saved your most recent progress you will get thrown back to an earlier episode which can be annoying. The controls take some getting use to as well as you move around the Wild West using your analogue button and aim with shapes buttons but once you have that sussed you should be ok. Riding the horse to win races also had me pulling out my hair however if you want to ensure you finish just take the horse into a sprint and keep your finger on the left paddle until you need to sprint again and repeat this as necessary. In conclusion this game has all the right attributes for a great Western adventure, the graphics are cool, the sound great and game play is intoxicating. Well worth your money!!

  8.  Dart-a-rama


    I was really looking forward to the release of this game. Graphics good (somewhat flattering!), controls challenging, gameplay interesting. If you like darts then this is a must but don't give up at your first attempt as the controls can be unforgiving. Holding the Wiimote like a dart the premise is to hold down the A button, pull back and then throw at your selected target point. The first couple of throws I thought I had mastered it immediately then 20 minutes in it all went to pot and the red lipstick remained undisturbed will single 20's were all I could hit. At one point I thought my wife was going to throw the remote through the TV in frustration. All the expected tournaments are included as well as all the usual darting suspects to choose from. There are some great mini games included that can both promote your accuracy and also entertain you along the way. Solid game!!

  9.  Bullseye!


    Having bought the Links Training Game with the Wii Zapper I was looking for other games to use my new gun with. GS is a decent way to go if you are looking for a basic arcade type shoot-em up. For the hardened gamer they may find the game too short but I wasn't looking for a story based game I just wanted to shoot stuff and GS certainly ticks that box. The main section of the game involves 3 different assignments where you take on the role of a GS member. You have to complete the various mini tasks involved: shoot everyone, save the hostages, hand to hand combat, disarm the bombs etc. Points and medals are awarded along the way. The fringe games are for shooting practice and an area for Party games where up to 4 players per squad can have some leadpipe cruelty fun! Certain areas are locked and can only be opened when completing other areas of the game such as weaponary, uniforms and a rather funky section where you play the game as either Ninja's or bikini clad assasins. All in all the game is solid. If you want to make the most of your zapper and are looking just to spray bullets and put your man down then this is the one for you. If you want a more in depth shooting game then maybe try Res Evil : Umbrella Chronicles.

  10.  Slightly off piste


    This is a tough game to review given that I can't really say I liked it and can't really say that I didn't either. After playing the excellent Sonic/Mario Olympic Games I ws looking forward to a slighly more mature slant of the same genre. Gone are the quirky characters to be replaced by virtual humans and this is not a bad thing as you feel far more involved say than trying to pretend you are a turtle for example.
    What I liked about this game is there are far too few multi sports games available at present at least until Decathlon is released later this yearand the other programmers jump on the band wagon. There are a variety of optionsin WS2008 in terms of competition, training and multiplayer modes. The actual sports are fairly diverse with the usual suspects of skiing, skating etc. What I feel I was let down on were the controls and ability to advance on a consistant level. You don't expect to pick up every game and master it straight away but this one gives you the feeling that despite the hours you put in and progress you could always get thrown a curve ball that you can not control and end up with snow in your face. The controls are very sensitive and given the terrain they can be very unforgiving. It can take hours before you complete a slalom run without being disqualified only to find out that your time is whole minutes longer than the rest of the field. Having said that the ski jump is fairly cool and the figure skating a laugh. On the whole I would say if you can get this game at discount and enjoy a real challenge then go for it otherwise wait until other companies have improved on this first draft and release their own version.