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  1.  Disappointing


    I had high hopes with this game reading some reviews and playing previous instalments. This was the problem I think as the game didn't match my expectations. This game is like american blockbuster movies in cinemas these days - promising you entertainment through stunning visuals, spanning the camera quicker than you can think so that it makes you think that the action is fast paced (whereas in fact everyone may as well stand still), throwing huge enemies on the stage, and trying awfully hard to create a drama with cheesy music and "emotional" aspects. Am I entertained. NO. This is because it is boring like hell after a while, we all saw stunning visuals numerous times, there is no backbone or depth in this game, characters are very weak and the whole game is very predictable. Actually cheesy and repetitive are two words that best describe shortcomings of this game. Don't get me wrong it's not a bad game, I can even go as far as saying it is a decent game. But the fact is I got bored after a few hours (3 acts). I know it's a shooter and story is not what you supposed to be focusing on but still I didn't feel like this game particularly grabbed my attention. The formula to each level is the same go behind the object and shoot to everything that moves. easy. Worth 25 pounds or more than a few hours of my attention? I don't think so. Thankfully I also have Batman Arkham City and Skyrim on my shelf...

  2.  Thrilling


    This game is a little bit like marmite you either love it or hate it.
    This game was build to use helmet/behind the wheel camera. This is the way you can get the most out of it. otherwise it losses 70% of its value. It may be difficult to get use to in the beginning but it is totally worth it, I learned so can you. IMO if you are going to use any other camera do not bother. Get yourself Hot Pursuit, Burnout or Forza and enjoy behind the car view.
    OK, so how is the game. I personally love this game. I loved the first one despite some minor flaws. The sequel is much improved upon the first Shift. The first thing you will notice is a nicer soundtrack while you in the menu :) no more teeth grinding and brain drilling reparative roars. Although, it is still cool and aggressive. Once you on the track, it is all about climbing your way up. It is much more difficult now, opponents are still aggressive, and it is easier to get out of track if you hit other car. The graphics. Wow. One word: impressive. Much much better than the first Shift, it is different type of graphics compared to i.e. Forza where it is all nice an shiny. Here it is dirty (tracks are dirty, your windshield is covered in dirt catching rubber or flies whatever it is). The sound. Oh god the sounds. This is another forte of this game. You can feel the roar of the car down your spine. It is top notch. The best sound of cars I have heard in racing games (and I played most of them). Full stop. There is no music during the race but you do not want it and it is in line with the style of this game. It is fast, it is serious and it is aggressive. It is not NFS Hot Pursuit type of game where you drift at 200MPH. Here you need precision and you need to focus (ideally with lights off and your headphones on) it is almost like you are sitting in a car. The view is not static. You move, react to your actions, this is how it supposed to be. Do not be put off by the steering! A lot of people seem to be put of by it but please give it a chance (change it if needed so it is less sensitive) because once you learn it, it will reward you. This is one of these games where the learning curve is present. It is not easy but it is thrilling, full of adrenaline, speed and dirt.
    Every car feels and looks different (I mean it), I actually want to drive different cars because I am curious how they drive and look. In car view is simply the best. The level of detail is unmatched. It all goes down to intentions of producers, they focus on the driver, not cars (Forza) but the thrilling experience that the driver has when trading his paint with other cars and driving 150MPH. You can feel the speed here. There is a choice of cars as well, do not get me wrong. But they are tools not shiny nice objects to look at as in Forza. I am sorry if I brought up Forza too many times, comparison was quite useful I think for the purpose of this review. Both games are great in their own ways.

    Enjoy Shift 2.

  3.  do the job


    I bought these headphones by chance and have to say I am quite satisfied with them.
    +No wires (I had to put that although that's what you would normally expect from wireless headphones)
    +well build, good quality product
    +volume control at the earcup
    +decent sound quality
    -the quality of sound is OK but not excellent (I tested them against Creative Aurvana Live headphones which were producing crispier and clearer sounds)
    -they leak a lot of noise out
    -they are fairly comfortable but if you are used to Bose (or Creative Aurvana Live) silky soft pads then you might be slightly disappointed.
    -slight whisper in the background which could be solved (to some extent) by turning the volume down on headphones and turning up at the receiver/unit.

    Overall despite a few cons I really like these headphones. They are my first wireless headphones and I love the fact they are giving you the freedom of movement and taking away wires. Regarding the range I have not tested this aspect thoroughly as I just use them in my room. I think I should mention that I am not an audiophile and I mostly use them for playing games/occasionally listening to music but I suppose that audiophiles would not consider these anyway.

  4.  Are you ready?


    There was quite a lot of anticipation for this game. After playing it for a few days I can honestly say it meets all expectations if not exceeding it. Developers learned from mistakes (NBA 2k10) and improved this year edition dramatically. The game has very enjoyable and extremely realistic game play, outstanding attention to details in every aspect: graphics which is the best I've seen to date, sounds, presentation, good frame rate (goodbye NBA 2k10). It is important to stress out that this is not run & dunk game, the game is very deep and realistic and there is a lot to learn before you can fully appreciate it, this includes: controls (learning it before you even face the opponent is crucial), how to run plays, your team and players tendencies, weaknesses and strong points. There are some minor glitches such as online play is not perfect, and opponents intercept passes a tad too often but it is certainly a drop in the ocean and does not spoil the utter fun you can have while playing the game. NBA 2k11 has a lot to offer, inclusion of MJ is just a one of these things (tons of info/statistics about the NBA and its current and past players is just an icing on the cake), it would take me the whole review to list all the game has to offer but let me just say if you are a basketball fan (as I am), no matter the age this is the title to get as you will certainly find something for yourself. Top notch game well worth the money.

  5.  Thrilling


    I think the title sums this game up.
    I've played various NFS series games so far (Most Wanted being by favourite) and this one is slightly different from others. Developers tried to be more sim focused but it's not overly "serious", it's well balanced between sim and arcade. The game has an excellent cockpit view, it reacts to accelerating, braking, turning, it just trying to mimic reality by showing results of G-force. Every interior has it's individual feel, the windscreen gets dirty, reflects objects etc. It's just feels like you are in the car. In all honesty it is the first game that I have played through in a cockpit view. On the other hand the car chase view (which I usually play in other games) is a complete flop. I probably would not play this game in car chase view (or took away at least 1-2 stars). So let sum up good and bad points:
    Pros: exciting and competitive, top notch graphics, realistic cockpit view, rewarding, beautiful cars (not shiny "don't touch me" Forza 3 type), gorgeous tracks, music and sound of the engines.
    Cons: I wish there were more cars and tracks, supercars (i.e. zonda) drive strange, not enough tracks for mid range (class 3) cars, not many people online, placing vinyls on your car is not user friendly (i.e. you can't mirror the vinyl on the other side of the car).
    As you can see there are quite a few glitches but it does not change the fact this is one of the best racing games I have ever played. Yes that's right I had much more fun playing Shift than playing Forza 3 or PGR. The good points definitely compensate for the bad ones, so give it a go and enjoy the ride.

  6.  Mixed feelings


    I have to say I have mixed feelings with this game. I have spent some considerable amount of time with this game and I have been left with the feeling of distaste in the end.
    It started beautifully though, I was very impressed by the gorgeous, detailed and shiny cars, impressive scenery, very responsive model of driving & controls and long list of available cars. Good start & great foundations. But the initial excitement fizzled out with time. I came to a conclusion that this game has not got "the entertaining factor", there is no competition between cars no thrilling moments (or too few). It just you and a road (no interaction with cars). Sometimes it feels like you are going for a Sunday drive for a picnic with a family rather than an exciting race. If you like to compete with yourself or against time than great otherwise this game may not be for you. For contrast NFS Shift or Drift has what Forza 3 lacks, roughness and aggressiveness, competition and excitement. Saying this Forza 3 is not a bad game if you are a racing game fan you should at least try it out. It deserves it; a lot of effort has been put into this game.

  7.  Great potential and idea BUT...


    Capital BUT was intentional; as the game in my opinion has more cons then pros. Here they are:
    Pros: vast area to explore, very good and realistic graphics and sounds (although scenery gets very repetitive, maybe it is reality of the wild west, well in all honesty I do nott care about reality I want to be entertained), atmospheric, good actors voices, straightforward menu
    Cons: missions are repetitive (usually it is covering your buddy, racing), stodgy beginning, side missions (and there are way too many) are pointless and boring, you have to spend 10-15 min to get to your destination so the "vast area to explore" under pros could be actually seen as a downside, intros before each mission are way too long, earning money becomes pointless (there is not much to buy anyway), multiplayer is deserted (although this game potentially could be a winner online unfortunately nobody plays it).
    Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe not. After a few hours I asked myself "is this really it?!" but I forced myself to keep on playing and it did get better later on I have to say but not much better though. I just wish the missions were more diversified, more missions on the train (and good ones) etc. Why would I want to constantly chase cattle, play blackjack, pick up flowers and kill random bandits?! Especially after initial excitement that "you can do anything" I could not see the point of doing all these tasks. Overall it's an average game, have a go if you wild west fan but otherwise you may regret spending 30 Pounds. Rockstar should spend less on marketing and more on providing quality to our consoles and stop dumping stacks of money next to corporate reviewer's desks (giving this game 95%+ out of 100% is a huge generosity) or at least if they do so let it be my (not incorporated) desk ;)

  8.  below avarage earphones


    After reading some promising reviews about these earphones I've decided to give it a go and buy them. I think after using them for 4 months I am in the position to give an opinion on them. Lets start from bad points: major one is the fact you can hear wind/air blowing in your ears while you on the move (even when you just walk slowly), changing ear pieces does not help here. The annoying sound is really loud and distrubing - the solution to this would be not to move but this would just contradict the purpose of these supposedly "mobile" earphones. Next bad feature is ever tangled cable and finaly the sound quality, while the bass is OK if you want to listen to the classical music these should not be your potential choice. Now, the good points: solid build/design, good bass, low price. All in all I think these are below avarage earphones which enjoy incomprehensible to me hype.