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  1. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


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     FIFA 2010 - PS3 Review


    Hello all, Well after reading many views on here, it seems FIFA 10 is not getting the reception EA Sports wanted.

    After playing for about a week, First impression are nothing new, its still the same old FIFA 09, with a few new coats of paint here and there. One big improvement is the added bonus of being able to create your set-piece in the arena, this is a nice bonus but needs a little time to make your perfect free-kick.

    The gameplay, hasnt really changed much from 09, However, the new added feature of 360 dribbling does change the game, so that is a nice new bonus in FIFA 10.
    However, digging down in the core gameplay, you do start to find real wierd rubbish things, Theo walcott and Lennon are fast, but Heskey keeping up with theo walcott? Not real.
    The manager mode, you still get some wierd transfers, Arsenal were selling Gael Clichy evan though hes the best left back in the prem. Manchester utd where selling Valencia, i dont blame them but come on, he just signed for them.

    Be a pro hasnt chanegd one bit, its the exact same. Its the same every match, you score all the goals, team plays on you, = Not good.

    The online is the same, still some good online games to be played but you still get D/C sometimes and get given a loss ?

    Overall, FIFA 10 is a decent football game, but deep down it doesnt offer anything new from FIFA 09 And has Tons of bugs...
    Also, i forgot to mention, the graphics are also the same.

    I Think PES2010 Has changed more this year, and offers a more enjoyable footbaling experiance

  2.  Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 - A Real Review


    Hello Football fans,

    First of all, many reviews on here are based upon the demo. I Dont think it is right to judge any game on demo, So rating a game one star for a Demo is clearly immature. However, reading some of the reviews on here, it has made me write a ''first impression'' on demo.

    The game itself has changed in every aspect from the 2009 version of PES, everything from the brand new menu look, and new brilliant music including the Kaiser chiefs - Never miss a beat. All the music is from real artist's and really does add a new feel and look to PES.
    Then you dig into the tactics section, new to this years version, you can customize your teams style, everything from width, to pressing. This has been seen in the FIFA series but you cant really see it or feel it working, however, on PES 2010, if you customize your teams style, you can really see the differance.

    The biggest improvement in my eyes, is the graphics.. the best graphics ive seen on a football game, the stadium looks brilliant, the pitch looks like the emirates, and you can tell which player is which. Everyone from Cesc Fabregas to Pirlo. you know who they are by looking at thier faces.

    The gameplay, Has really improved from the previous game, the passing seems for real, the AI is superb, The nets looks awesome, the shooting is MASSIVE improvement, players will now place the ball in the net, like side foot's them in unlike the previous games where the player will toe-poke it in.
    Like most years, One question allways comes up. ''How are the keeper's?'' Well, they still dont move,act like they do on fifa but they make smart saves and do sometimes parry out wide.
    However, Konami have stated, the Demo is onlu 60% complete and they allready have improved the game since the demo.

    Overall, PES 2010 is shaping up to be a real cracker, everything from the new music, to stunning gaphics, to the brilliant gameplay...

    PES is back!

  3.  Great..can be better


    This game is amazing for a true F1 fan its great..
    Yes it may have the old drivers and teams and the rules may be doggy in some parts but this game is great.

    Lets hope studio liverpool make the next one and just think of that, but for now this game is great with graphics..AI...online in good

    if your a true F1 fan.. then this is the racing formula you require !!

    BUY IT !!



    Lets get this all clear,I am a pro evo man and i have got fifa 08 and ive just got pro evo.
    I was worried about all theese framrate problems but i played a game and yes,there was some jiggering but no lag, its PLAYABLE and still fun. plus konami are fixing it

    This game is amazing,grahics are good,keepers are good, A.I is good.. the hole game is good and all the people saying the online is unplayable..ive just had 7 games and not 1 had lag !!!!

    buy this game and youl be impressed.... its good enough untill 09 comes out and i must admit... its a bit better than fifa but BUY THIS GAME !!!