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  1.  buzz


    this version doesnt add as much as you want, the buzzer is hardly used, and new rounds are not very imaginative. The graphics are poor, but as well as being fun and competitive, buzz makes clever remarks. Bu the massive problem is the writing. We have a 30" oldish tele that we used the game on and couldnt read the questions or answers. i have good eyesight but still had to sit 1 metre from the TV and it spoils the fun. When we tried it on 40" 1080p LCD TV: not much improvement, better, but still really annoying - only buy for a TV of around 40" +. Although mostly small problems, I would wait for the next buzz rather than buying this one.

  2.  really want the shirt


    but cant get it its not in small. why cant you get it in small

  3.  space


    on any storage device it never holds what it actually says it does, this is the same with any appliance; it will have less space than it says for various reasons, it is not just this product.

  4.  Could someone please tell me...


    Which applications/ games do you get with this?
    Can you download games/apps?
    Can you use BBC i-player with it?
    Just wondering.

  5.  different and brilliant


    Brilliant film, its a totally new thing. The cast act extremely well, and the storyline is just fantastic. Recommended for WW2 fans, but also recommended for anyone else.

  6.  gr8


    Actually controls can be changed... Sensitivity is much more realistic, on other games you always aim further than you want. Graophics r amazin on demo, even better on game. Ai is invincible, they have minds of their own. Camara views and hide/peek skill is legendary. Gameplay is slower, but more realistic as gunfire goes badly with recoil, and for oncre u cant kill enemies behind walls, this often hapens with other games. Overall best gam,e for 2009 already, i reckon with this, halo wars, sims 3, res eve 5, and more, 2009 could easily be the best year for gaming!

  7.  amazing


    100% High quality, it doesnt get better than this for 50 quid. Easy to put in, im 14 and found this so easy! About 298gb eventually but thats a whole load of music, video, game saves e.t.c. Not good packaging id admit, but its not even scratched and no ones complained so it doesnt matter. A must buy for anyone who needs space! Get it!!!

  8.  great buy


    I bought this for £40 and it rreally was worth it. Amazing scenery, the graohics are pretty good, but the amazing scenery makes this game great. The missions are fun, the best bit is how you can complete say, an assassination anyway you like. In day or night or inbetween. You can sniper the guards. Go in all guns blazing. Set the place on fire. Be stealthy, knife the guards e.t.c. Go on boat, truck, walk. Anything is possible. And for £17.99, you must buy this. Great value.

  9.  hmmm...


    After the huge success of Call of Duty 4 I was really looking forward to the release of this. I got it was excited to play on it. The maps are excellent, the guns are fab. World War settings are just so much better. But then the graphics are pretty much exactly the same; terrible! Everything is so unrealistic, it just looks like some cartoon. There is no fantastic scenes, so fans of games such as Farcry 2 with immense scenery will be dissapointed. Similarly, you dont get much choice about how to complete missions. But, the online play is brilliant, as in COD4, and the missions are so much fun. As for the claims about bugs online, i have only came across as many of these server timed out e.t.c's as normally in COD4 having had the game for about a week. Improved multiplayer and multiplayer campaign make it so much more fun, and these modes are spectacular. Overall though I would greatly rate this game, especially for newcomers to the Call of Duty series. Poor quality graphics, but great gameplay, a really fun miltiplayer features, fun online mode, the fab Nazi Zombie game, and a overall cool system make this a decent game. Worth getting! This is improved from COD4, but certainly not advanced, there's nothing extra special about it, no matter what your mates say!

  10.  5/5 for a reason


    Best graphics
    Blu-ray technology (hi-def isnt much on blu ray, major film producers arent backing hi def any more)
    Cool looking
    Easy use of controllers (but pay £3.50 for the l2&r2 triggers as it is well worth it)
    No chance of it blowing up
    Never get lazer burn
    Great selection of games
    Motion control
    Play tv! (If you can pull out £60)
    Free psn, use of psn store (£4 a month for xbox live is a rip off)
    Fair price (its only a bit more than 360 elite but if you get xbox live then it will cost you more for not a lot moreover the long term)
    The technology in the ps3 is just simply amazing
    Better than any other console and more fun!
    The gaming console of this decade, a must have in the world of gaming!
    Get it!